How Much Crazy Black Friday Shopping Do You Do?

Tomorrow is a day of football, eating turkey and pie, and giving thanks for what we have.  The day after is when so many others give thanks…for great sales.

I’ve never been a big Black Friday shopper.  The extent of what I do can pretty much be broken down into:

  • Shopping Online – I will look around for online deals for gifts that I might want to buy.  I typically have had not much luck as the sales that I’ve come across either vanish before I have time to act, or aren’t appealing enough.  I know we bought my in-laws a comforter one year, and there was a gadget my wife wanted a couple of years ago that I waited too long to buy and never found that cheap again.
  • Waking Up Early – One year I woke up at some absurdly crazy idea and decided to go look for LED Christmas lights.  We found some at KMart, but have never been too happy with them, and they’ve been relegated to the back deck.  That was before kids because my wife and I both went, something that would never happen.
  • Watching the kids – My wife has actually gone out and braved some of the Black Friday craziness the last couple of years, leaving me at home to happily take care of the kids

This year, I’m not sure if Mrs. Beagle plans on heading out or not, but I know I certainly do not.  I might do some browsing to see if I can find some gifts, or what kind of deals on TVs pop up online.  I will probably watch one of my favorite movies, which I’ve turned into a tradition to watch every year during the Thanksgiving holiday (since it takes place over the same weekend).  That movie: Scent of A Woman.  Hoo-ah!

What are your Black Friday plans?

16 thoughts on “How Much Crazy Black Friday Shopping Do You Do?”

    • Yeah, I probably should get the exercise bike back in gear after the dinner and treats I plan to consume tomorrow 🙂

  1. We might stop at staples to pick up Quickbooks for free after rebate. That’s about it.
    Thursday we’re going to CVS and Meijer.
    No lines for us. We’re just going to get some items that we need for a great price.

  2. I am on the same page with you on the movie idea.

    My wife and I like to stay home and watch “The Family Man,” a romantic comedy with a lot of heart, starring Nicholas Cage (before he started phoning in his roles).

    • Yeah, it’s hard to remember a Nicholas Cage movie that was actually impressive and made in the last ten years.

  3. I plan to avoid completely. The lines and consumerism just flat out scare me. However, I will take advantage of getting all my xmas shopping done online on Monday.

    • I haven’t found that many great deals today but I guess I really haven’t been that intent on looking either.

  4. We did not do any Black Friday shopping. I was vaguely tempted to get an eReader that was on sale, but it wasn’t the kind I wanted and the screen was too small. So meh. More money left in my pocket.

  5. None. Nada. Niente. I’m SUCH an awful curmudgeon, I refuse to get caught up in all that lunacy.

    To the extent that I buy Christmas presents, I try to get them in the mid-summer sales. If they’re the sort of thing that’s likely to go on sale at all. Otherwise, I buy “stuff” when I need it, not when some retailer tries to manipulate me into buying.

  6. I only shopped online this year for the early morning deals. I didn’t want to get out of my bed. I do not like crowds, so Black Friday shopping is not something for me. I would rather poke myself in the eye with something hot or metal.

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