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Many people get an unpleasant surprise when they get a new home insurance quote. The thing with insurance is that the premiums always seem to go up, even if you haven’t made any claims.

However, if you look closely at a home insurance quote, you may find that there are things on there that you don’t particularly want or need.

It’s a question of deciding which features you want included and then choosing whether or not to pay extra for them.

Home insurance is a necessity for most home owners, as you are required to have buildings insurance if you have a mortgage. Contents insurance isn’t obligatory, but often when you get a home owner insurance quote, insurers will offer a combined buildings and contents policy at a discount to individual policies, so you may as well have the baseline contents cover included.

For most people the standard contents cover will be adequate, but if you have particularly valuable items, you should check whether these are covered or need additional insurance as ‘valuable items’. This will increase your premiums, but then again, how much would it cost you to replace them if you lost them through damage or theft?

Then there are additional features that you can have on your house and contents insurance quotes that will give you additional protection, but increase the price of your premiums. One example is personal possessions cover. Many people aren’t aware that contents insurance only covers those contents when they’re in your home, so personal possessions cover is a good way of protecting your phone, camera or bicycle when you’re out and about, but it does cost more.

Any type of insurance is a weighted gamble – how much you want to pay per year against how much you think you’re ever likely to make a claim. It’s down to the individual to work out what they want covered by their home insurance and then to pick a policy that will do all they want it to do at a price that’s right.