How Not Losing Our Credit Card Is Saving Us At The Grocery Store

A few weeks ago my wife called me and indicated that she couldn’t find her credit card.  She remembered the last place she had been with it, had called, but they didn’t have it.

After checking online to make sure everything was as it should be (it was), I asked my wife to check again.  She looked through her purse but was unable to find it.

She called the credit card company and reported the card lost.  They immediately canceled the card and issued a replacement.

Of course, as Murphy’s law indicates would happen, my wife found the card about fifteen minutes after getting off the phone.  She had grabbed the receipt from her last shopping trip and wrapped it around the card., so even when she was going through her stuff, the card was masked.


We knew that the company wouldn’t re-activate the card, so my wife was stuck without a card for a few days.  This wasn’t a problem at all, it just meant that she had to use the debit card for things that we normally put on our credit card (gas and groceries, primarily) and since we keep an adequate cushion in our bank account, this was no problem.

As it was, the story has an even happier ending.

After getting her new card and activating it, she began getting these awesome coupons at Meijer (the grocery store we frequent).  Apparently, they saw her and her new card as a ‘new customer’ and decided to roll out the red carpet, even though we’ve been shopping there for years.

We’ve gotten a bunch of coupons along the lines of ‘Save $7 off your next purchase of $50 or more’ with varying amounts, or ‘Save 10% off your purchase next week.

So far we’ve probably saved a good $30 as a result of this.  I’ve joked that my wife will have to make losing her card a regular occurrence if this is the case.

7 thoughts on “How Not Losing Our Credit Card Is Saving Us At The Grocery Store”

  1. I don't think that would work with my grocery store unless I "lost" the loyalty card.

    They know everything about my purchase history.

  2. @Leslie – We do 95% of our shopping at Meijer. I used to hate them but I realized after we moved that it was because the store where I used to live was old, small, and not well run. The ones we go to now are (for the most part) great.

    @Kay Lynn- Meijer doesn't have a loyalty card but they use your purchases against your credit card history to track your habits and such, which is why this worked out pretty well.

  3. So it wasn't the Meijer credit card you had replaced was it? Just a credit card you use there frequently? Wondering if I should rotate through my credit cards and see what coupons pop out.

  4. Wow..I guess it's a little scary knowing the kind of information people collect from you without you even realizing it. On the plus side, you do have more coupons now, so hurray.

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