How NOT To Make A Point

MSNBC reported a story earlier in the week about a guy who caused a plane to make an unscheduled landing because he’d gotten so enraged that the flight crew had to call the authorities and have him arrested upon landing.


Because he was protesting the fact that the airline (Jet Blue) only took credit cards for on-board purchases.  He apparently wanted to rent or buy a set of headphones and became irate when told that he couldn’t pay by cash.

While I completely agree that this is a stupid policy, stupid beyond belief in fact, there is no way that I would ever put myself in a position to get arrested, get put on lots of ‘bad people’ lists, and waste the time of a plane full of people.

Seriously, some people need to get a grip.

I hope you’re having a better weekend than this guy probably is.

8 thoughts on “How NOT To Make A Point”

  1. I think the reason they only take credit cards is that way there's no float to worry about, no deposits to make & no worries about employee theft. It may be inconvenient for some people but overall it helps to keep prices on flights down as it takes time to have to deal with cash. And we all know time is money.

  2. I think Jet Blue's policy is stupid too. I have had occasion to complain about crappy products and/or poor service many times. We all have a right to do so.

    Some would say this guy and others like him (including a few I know personally) have a right to make a scene if they want to. That's where I completely disagree. There's a right way and a wrong way to complain. If you're calm, logical and, most importantly, polite, you're more likely to get your point across and get your issue resolved. If you're obnoxious and rude, chances are you're going to create a bigger problem.

    Unfortunately, some people never learn that lesson.

  3. They probably don't take cash because they don't want personnel collecting and holding on to 200 passengers 5 bucks

  4. Thanks to all for the comments. I can understand the reasons some of you mentioned for taking cash out of the equation, but I still can't get out the fact that they're turning away customers with money in hand. Above all that just doesn't seem like the best way to increase your bottom line.

  5. He took it a little too far. What about people with no credit cards? I guess it's their way of making sure that employees don't steal, but still.

  6. I fly frequently and I think all of the airlines have switched to credit or debit cards only.

    I wonder why he didn't pay another passenger the cash and they could have charged his headset?

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