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Our city is part of Recycle Bank, a great curbside recycling program where the more you recycle, the more free stuff you get.

Since the program was instituted in our city a couple of years ago, not only has recycling gone up like 200%, it's also given residents valuable coupons that can be used at local and online establishments.  Your recycling bin is weighed every week, and you get points based on the weight of your bin.  Those points can be redeemed for lots of things.  We've gotten free 2-liters of Coke products, discounts on yogurt, $10 off coupons on our annual flower purchases, and much more.

Lately, we've been taking advantage of a local market offering a coupon for a free gallon of milk.  Both my wife and I drink milk daily, plus our two year old loves it as well.  You're limited to three free gallons a month. We go through much more than that, but three free gallons a month is still pretty awesome.

Note: This post was in no way solicited or sponsored by Recycle Bank.  I just think they're awesome!  If it sounds good, then approach the leaders of your municipality about partnering up with them.  Free stuff plus more recycling.  Everybody wins!