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How to Earn Extra Money Online at Home FastHave you ever said to yourself, “I need to earn some extra money right now!” And, when you said that, were you either sitting at your computer or looking at your phone? You can easily, quickly earn extra money online. You can start today, and get paid as soon as tomorrow.

We’ve sent time looking at the top ways you can make money online, and figured out the tips and tricks for each of these sources and links. You can set your own schedule, work from home or anywhere you want. In a lot of cases, you can earn money just by doing things you might do normally, like play games or watch videos online. It’s really that easy!

You’ll get out of it what you put into it, but you can earn some serious extra money online, and learn how to make quick cash. Here are the top ways we’ve found for you.

Great Ideas If You Need Quick Cash

These ideas are for everyone. They are free to get started (all you need is your computer or phone), and they don’t require any upfront investment or available cash.



Why Swagbucks?

  • Totally free to join
  • Great source of passive income through various methods
  • Generous referral bonus
  • Wide selection of gift cards when redeeming points

Try Swagbucks

1. Watch Videos & Get Paid with Swagbucks.

How does it work?

Simple enough – watch a video online and get paid in Swagbucks. This site has tons of videos in all different categories (like travel, home improvement, current events, or cooking), so there’s definitely something you will like. You watch the video and then you get a certain number of points. They have an app you can download and play videos from your phone (as long as you are connected to WiFi). One trick – you can just play the videos in the background to get credit, you don’t actually have to watch them.

How much does it pay?

With Swagbucks earn points for every video you watch, up to 150 points a day. You can convert your points into gift cards from different retailers, restaurants, and online shopping sites. There’s a maximum per use account of $90 per month.


Survey Junkie

Why Survey Junkie?

  • No fees – free to join
  • Gain rewards and redeem via Paypal or e-gift cards
  • Low minimum payout amount
  • Surveys are quick and easy to do

Try Survey Junkie

2. Take Surveys with SurveyJunkie

How does it work?

Sign up at SurveyJunkie to take surveys on a variety of different topics – new product ideas, advertising and marketing campaigns, public opinion surveys, and more. When you enroll, you create a profile based on your email address which will help you qualify for different surveys. Each time you take a survey, you will earn a certain number of points. A tip – you may want to create different profiles for different interests you have, to maximize your eligibility to participate in as many surveys as you want to take.

How much does it pay?

You earn points for every survey you take. There isn’t a limit to your daily earnings! Points can be converted into gift cards or you can get cash through PayPal. Each survey will have a different point value, check before you start each one.

3. Earn Upfront Rebates for Shopping Sites

How does it work?

Popular shopping sites (we like Ebates and Dosh) offer discounts for purchases, and then you get a rebate on top of the sale price. The best part is that you get a bonus just for signing up – between $15 and $25, depending on the site and when you sign up. Check for different offers before you finalize your registration. You might have to use your rebate on the site for a purchase, but that’s just like getting additional money off the purchase price anyway.

How much does it pay?

Each site offers a different rebate level, but typically between $15 and $25 for your email registration. You can register on as many sites as you want. Each site has its own limit on the number of times you can register.

How to Earn Extra Money Online at Home Fast



Why InboxDollars?

  • Various ways to earn cash – Surveys, Emails, Videos, etc.
  • Instantly get $5 at sign-up
  • Offers multiple cash rewards
  • Get real cash instead of points

Try Inbox Dollars

4. Collect Cash for your Web Searches

How does it work?

You agree to use a specific browser, other than Google or Safari, and you get paid. These sites (look at InboxDollars for a great example) will both pay you to sign up (usually $5-$10), and then pay you 15 cents for every search you complete. You’re going to be on the internet searching for things anyway, so using one of these services, you can be earning money while you do it! The money you earn can be redeemed onto gift cards.

How much does it pay?

You will get a one-time bonus for registration, and then 15 cents for every search you complete. There are bonuses for completing more searches, so look for opportunities to earn more. In a typical month, if you search 10 things a day, you could earn up to $45, plus all the bonus money.

5. Watch television and get paid

How does it work?

Ever wonder how television networks know who watches their shows? Or how the companies putting their commercials on television figure out which shows they should advertising on? You may have heard of the Nielsen company — it’s a market research organization that compiles all sorts of data on what people watch. You can become a Nielsen household by applying, and if you qualify, you will have to complete a survey about once each month. You get paid for joining their tracking service, and for each survey you complete every month.

How much does it pay?

You can get between $10 and $25 for signing up with Nielsen, and between $5 and $10 for each survey you complete. Over the course of a year, you could earn as much as $145.

6. Test websites for quick cash

How does it work?

When companies put up new features on an existing website or want to launch a new website, they pay people to test it in advance. You can use your computer, tablet, or phone (or all three), at sites like UserTesting or WhatUsersDo. Different tests may require you to have a webcam or microphone. Each test takes 10-15 minutes and typically pays you between $5 and $15. The longer the test, and if it uses audio and video, the more you can get paid.

How much does it pay?

You can take as many tests as you want, and there’s usually no limit other than your time and how much you want to do. If you took one test every day, you could make $200 or more every month! Typical users on these sites make about $50, so just be aware of that before you get started.

7. Track your internet activity and get paid

How does it work?

The same Nielsen company that asks about your television habits will track your internet usage and pay you for it! You can download their app on your phone, or add their plug-in to your browser. They will record all of your searches, and then put your information together with thousands of other people (so you always remain anonymous). You get a one-time payment for signing up, and periodic payments based on your behavior or other activities.

How much does it pay?

You can make $25-$50 when you sign up, and another $25-$50 over the course of a year, depending on how many devices you register, how active you are in using the internet, and whether you take advantage of opportunities to take additional surveys. Figure you can get $50-$100 or more, which is definitely not a bad way to make extra money.

8. Join an online focus group

How does it work?

Participating in focus groups has always been a great way to earn extra money — and now you can do it online! Usually, you have to drive somewhere and spend 2 hours or so offering your opinion and talking with other people that are similar to you. Doing this online is a lot more convenient. If you register with a focus group company ( is one example), they will offer you opportunities to be in an online discussion. It will take place on a certain date and time, so treat it like a doctor’s appointment or job interview. You may need to have a webcam and be visible to the other participants, although not always.

How much does it pay?

Depending on the topic, you can make $10-$75 for 1-2 hours of work. You can do as many focus groups as you qualify for. Tip – sign up for multiple platforms and panels to maximize your chances. And, if you don’t have one already, consider getting a computer or tablet with a webcam so you can get the higher-paying opportunities.

9. Get paid to go to the grocery store

How does it work?

Register with Ibotta and you can get rebates almost instantly on the purchases you make. Check their app for a list of items that are eligible. Once you’ve completed your checkout, take a picture of your register receipt with the eligible items included and you will get those rebates credited to your account. You can choose to get paid through PayPal or with gift cards to different retailers or shopping sites.

How much does it pay?

You get a $10 bonus after you upload your first receipt. The rebates vary, but you could easily make $20 or more each month. Each time you earn $20 you can get credited through a PayPal transaction or other redemption option.

10. Play free virtual lottery tickets

How does it work?

A number of sites offer this promotion, check out Lucktastic as a good example. Basically it’s a free lottery ticket that you digitally scratch off. You can earn cash or gift cards to different retailers, restaurants, or shopping sites. You usually have to register your email, and there are some limits on how often you can play or how many tickets you can scratch each day.

How much does it pay?

Prizes range from $1 to $1000, with the smaller amounts more common. If you play every day, you will probably earn between $25 and $50 a month on average.

11. Download apps on your phone and make money

How does it work?

Many mobile app developers will pay you to download their app and leave it on your phone. Take a look at MobileXpression for a good example. They want you to have the app and try it out – typically for a week or so – and then they will pay you a promotional bonus. Sometimes it’s free credits you have to use inside the app, but often it’s cash or points you can use to redeem for gift cards or other items. Make sure you look at each app’s profile before you download.

How much does it pay?

Usually around $25 in cash or gift cards for each downloadable app. There are typically limits on how many apps you can download. Sometimes there are valuable raffle prizes, like iPads or flat-screen televisions!

12. Turn other people’s junk into your money

How does it work?

Every week on trash day people put stuff out on the curb they want to get rid of. It’s not all trash, though! Keep a lookout for sofas, tables, lamps, or anything that you can resell for some quick cash. Construction site dumpsters can also be an opportunity, but make sure you aren’t trespassing. Use a free site like Letgo or Craigslist to advertise your finds and find ready buyers.

How much does it pay?

It all depends on the items you can find, how long you can store them (and where), and how much you can sell them for. If you’re willing to put in a few hours a week and some elbow grease, you should be able to make at least $100 a month.

How to Earn Extra Money Online at Home Fast

Great Ideas If You Want A Job or Side Gig

These are jobs that you can do online. The good part is that you can usually start immediately, generally set your own hours, and make as much as you want!

13. Become a Virtual Assistant

How does it work?

Many companies are turning to virtual assistants to help with scheduling, answering email and phone calls, and handling a variety of administrative duties. You will need a computer and phone, and typically have to be available for a set schedule (although you choose your own hours).

Depending on who you’re working for, you might be doing appointment setting, booking travel, or handling other projects. These jobs are typically treated as real interviews, so you may have to review and apply to several before you find one for you. There are 100+ different services out there that hire and place virtual assistants.

How much does it pay?

Typically between $20 and $45 an hour, based on the time you work. It’s the equivalent of making $40,000 to $90,000 a year for a full-time job! But remember, most of these jobs do not offer any benefits.

14. Become a Virtual Bookkeeper

How does it work?

Bookkeeping is very necessary for every business, large or small.  A lot of businesses are setting up electronic bookeeping services (like Quickbooks) to more easily generate invoices, track payments and billing, and comply with tax and reporting requirements.  But these can be time-consuming for a business owner.  If you’re willing to spend some time taking free online training, you can become a qualified bookkeeper and offer your services to businesses, both in person and virtually.

How much does it pay?

An average rate for bookeeping services is $60 per hour, and most businesses need between 5-20 hours per month from a part-time bookkeeper.  If you have one average client, you could make an extra $600 per month – add more clients, and your earnings will definitely add up!

15. Translate or proofread documents for cash

How does it work?

Every day, people write articles, contracts, blog postings, and other content. A lot of the time, they need someone to either proofread their drafts for errors, translate them into another language, or both. If you’ve got a good eye for spelling and grammar — and especially if you are fluent in multiple languages — this could be the opportunity for you. There are dozens of sites for proofreaders and translators, so you just have to sign up. Some of them will ask you to take a skills test to prove that you can, in fact, proofread or translate a document, so be ready for that.

How much does it pay?

It depends on the document and task. Typically you can earn $10 to proofread a simple, 1-3 page document in English and up to $50-100 to proofread and translate a complex document into another language. Full-time, it’s not unheard of to make $50,000 a year even part-time.

16. Design websites on your own schedule

How does it work?

There are tons of people out there starting their own business or setting up a website for a community group, and none of them has any idea how to build one. If you have basic knowledge of web design, that’s a head start, but you can also learn how to build websites very quickly on your own. There are templates available that can help you get started, too. Plenty of sites out there offer the opportunity to sell and provide website design services.

How much does it pay?

Most designers will charge between $50-$200 for a basic 1-5 page website, including 1 round of revisions by the client. Depending on how quickly you work, you could do 10 or more of these projects every month on a part-time basis.

17. Teach English to foreign kids

How does it work?

A company called VIPKID is actively recruiting native English speakers to teach English to children in China. You need to be a college graduate, with some experience either teaching or writing English (they have a formal application process that you have to successfully complete). You teach 90-minute sessions following a standard curriculum, taught using the webcam from your computer.

How much does it pay?

Average instructors make $500 or more every month. You are paid between $14-$22 an hour for teaching, so your total earnings are based on the number of sessions you teach and the level of teaching you qualify for.

18. Start Blogging

How does it work?

If you like to write and share your ideas blogging about them online is a great way to make money from what was just a hobby. Basically, you’re just publishing your ideas online for everyone to read and (hopefully) click on and share. You can then set yourself up to show ads on your blog site, refer your readers to other sites and get paid when they click over, and sell your own products. If you attract enough followers, you can also give access to your email distribution list to other companies and get paid when they use it.

How much does it pay?

When blogging for money, It’s tempting to say “the sky’s the limit!” Most blog sites make a few hundred dollars a month. There are a few that break out and make serious money (in the thousands). No harm in getting started — if you can attract enough readers, you will definitely be making extra dollars soon. Create a blog today and see what you can do.

19. Start an Online Shopping or Dropshipping Business

How does it work?

When you buy something online, a lot of times the site you are buying it from doesn’t actually have the product in a warehouse. They are going to turn around and find someone who has the product and have them ship the product to the buyer. You can earn money online either way – you can attract the buyers and get them to buy from you, or you can stock the product and then ship it to people who have bought it.

It requires more upfront money to stock inventory, and you have to buy the shipping supplies. You make money either on the difference between what you pay for the product and what you charge the buyer, or what the site pays you to fulfill and ship the order. Shopify is the biggest site out there for this kind of business.

How much does it pay?

You can make $20,000 to $50,000 a year operating either an online shopping or drop shipping business, depending on the types of products and services you are offering, and how much volume you do over the course of the year.

How to Earn Extra Money Online at Home Fast

Great Ideas for Investing or Making Money

These ideas are great if you have money in the bank and want it to work a little harder, or want to make some extra income from your house or car.

20. Get paid to save money

How does it work?

If you’ve got at least $500 in the bank, consider opening a new online savings account. There are dozens of providers out there, and they will typically offer to pay you to open a new account. Typically it’s $100, but sometimes you can get a lot more. You have to leave the account open for a set period of time (often 6-12 months) to get the promotional payment. If you’ve got money in a bank account earning low interest, this is a good method to earn more by opening new accounts.

How much does it pay?

It will depend on the amount of money you have to use to open new accounts, and the time you have to spend waiting to earn the full promotional bonus. You should be able to make at least $200 a year from this, for a pretty quick and easy application process.

21. Get paid to lend money

How does it work?

LendingClub is the biggest one, but there are a number of person-to-person lending sites. Basically, you decide how much money you have to lend ($50 is a typical minimum), and you can choose the loans you want to make. It’s all anonymous, so you don’t have any access to anyone’s private information, and they don’t have access to yours either. You have to leave your money in the loan for a set minimum time period (usually at least 12 months), and you can make 5-10% returns depending on the site and the loans you choose.

How much does it pay?

If you have $1,000 to use on one of these sites, you can make $50-100 a year participating in loans from people all over the U.S. There are international sites too, but different rules apply.

22. Rent out that extra room (or your whole house)

How does it work?

Instead of staying at a hotel, a lot of travelers look for private homes to stay in. Through services like Airbnb, you can rent one room in your house, or your whole house, for predetermined nights throughout the year. You can set your own price — the sites will have guides to help you figure out the best way to get people to rent your property out. Keep in mind you need to make sure it’s comfortable for guests. The best way to make a lot of money from this is on repeat and referral business, so you want to generate positive reviews from people that rent from you.

How much does it pay?

In most major cities, an extra room in a private home goes for $100-$300 a night, with some increased pricing around holidays or major sporting events. If you rent out your extra room every weekend, you could make at least $500 a month.

23. Rent out your driveway or parking space

How does it work?

If you have a driveway that you either don’t park in or don’t always park in, rent it out to a commuter or other driver. Likewise, if you pay for a parking space at your work or apartment building, you can make it available for others to rent when you aren’t using it. Pavemint and Parklee are two sites to check out, but there are lots of ways to make money from these extra spaces. People always need to find a place to park, and especially if you live near a major shopping center, transportation hub, attraction or stadium, you can make extra money regularly just by letting someone use your driveway.

How much does it pay?

Usually, you can charge at least $25 a day for parking during the holiday season or for a sporting event. If you rent out your driveway every day for a commuter or office worker, you can charge about $200 a month in most major cities. The sites have guidance for you on what to charge and how to find a renter.

24. Rent your car when you’re not driving it

How does it work?

Take a look at Getaround, which is a way to register your car so that other people can rent it and use it when you don’t need it. You have to pay a registration fee (usually $99), and a monthly maintenance charge, in order to earn 60% of what Getaround charges renters to use your car. They give you a place to park your car so that renters can access it, and provide full security and monitoring to keep it safe. You choose when it is available for rent, so you’re never inconvenienced. If someone keeps your car too long, Getaround will intervene and retrieve it for you. Make sure you check with your insurance company as part of completing the enrollment process.

How much does it pay?

Getaround charges between $25-$75/day for car rentals, depending on where you live, the type of car you have, and how much demand there is for rentals. You get 60% of what they charge, so if you rent your car for 10 days a month, on average you can expect to get $300.

25. Invest in real estate

How does it work?

You want to join an investment group that is looking for opportunities in real estate — but you don’t want to have to do a lot of work, or have to review everything that goes into a real estate deal. Fundrise is an example of a real estate investment site where you can choose the amount of money you have to invest, and the types of properties you want to invest in. They do the rest, and then they take a certain percentage of the return that the investment returns.

How much does it pay?

For a typical real estate investment, if you put in $1,000, you can make 5-10% returns, which is $50-$100. If you put in more money or do more frequent investing, you can make more money.


The need to make more money can be stressful. Maybe you even hate your job, and you dream of leaving it for your online business that’ll one day make you rich. You’re not alone. This section addresses many of the questions you might have when you’re looking to make the transition from the traditional job to working from home.

General Questions on Making Money Online

You might have many questions when it comes to making online, and we’re here to help you. Read on to learn how you can start making money online today.

How to earn money from home?

There are jobs you can have from home, including being a virtual assistant who takes care of office tasks like data entry and paperwork.

How to earn money without investment?

One of the best ways to make money without investing anything is by creating your own digital content. A good example of this is self-publishing your own E-book on

How to earn money fast online?

The fastest ways to make money online is to offer your skills online. A good example of this is offering to edit videos, create animations or other graphics if you’re a good artist.

How to earn free money?

There are a variety of ways to earn money for free. One such option is by downloading apps like Google Opinion, Panel Place and CashPirate to make money by answering surveys.

How to earn easy money?

You can earn easy money online by cold pitching to businesses and asking if they need any help with writing or editing content for their websites. Many businesses will readily hire you to help them out.

How to earn money on the side?

There are many ways to earn money on the side doing small projects. For example, you can join and get paid to review websites and apps on your spare time.

How to earn extra money fast?

You can earn money fast in many places online. One place to start making money immediately is through sites like, where a long list of writing jobs is ready for you to take on.

How to earn money from internet?

The internet is filled with money-making opportunities. One way to make money is to create a drop-shipping business where you sell someone’s product and someone else ships it for you. There are plenty of other passive income investments you might be interested in.

How to earn extra money online legitimately?

While fraud does happen online, there’s plenty of legitimate ways to make money online such as by being sponsored for your podcast or by becoming an affiliate. For more legitimate stay at home jobs check out our other articles and reviews.

How to earn money without a job?

You can make money without a job by creating your own business. There are many online businesses now, such as people who create websites and apps for their clients for very good pay.

What job earns the most money?

Online, there’s no limit to how much money you can make. If you want to make serious money, you can invest in making software you can charge to use, anything from a word editor to an online graphics creator.

What is the best site to earn money online?

The best sites to make money online are sites like UpWork, Envato Market and Fiverr, where you’re paid proportional to your skill level on things like writing, graphic design and even music production.

How to earn money from home without any investment?

You can earn money without investment by offering your own skills, like through coaching. You can coach others in a subject you’re good at, anything from interpersonal relationships to learning to play the piano.

What can I sell to earn money?

One of the easiest things to sell is your own knowledge. You can become a tutor, create a course, or become an instructor on sites like Udemy and get paid for your knowledge.

What is the best way to earn money fast?

Some of the best sites to make fast online money are Qmee, Amazon mTurk, and TranscribeMe by doing easy online tasks for money. Learn how to make 200 dollars fast.

Can I earn money online without investment?

An initial investment isn’t always needed for making money online. One classic approach is making money through dropshipping, where you pay for merchandise only after you’ve sold it. There are also easier ways to invest in the stock market these days. For example check out our Stash Invest review.

How to earn money without investment through mobile?

One approach to making money through mobile is by taking and uploading YouTube videos. Modern phones are now powerful enough to do basic video editing to create amazing videos.

What chores can I do to earn money?

People are willing to pay you to do things they don’t want to do, such as transcribing. You can offer to transcribe long videos or audio into transcripts or even into blog posts.

Can I really earn money online?

Making money online is becoming more and more common, and people can now earn a full income exclusively from the internet. However, you should always be weary of online scams.

What website should I make to earn money?

The websites that earn the most money all have something in common: They help their customers. To make the most profitable website, you’ll have to create a website that’s most helpful to your audience.

What is the quickest way to earn money?

The quickest way to earn money is through offering your skills. For example, you can use sites like Fiverr and UpWork to find clients that’ll pay you for writing, editing and graphic design as quickly as the same day.

What can I do at home to earn money?

You’re only limited by the skills you have. You can be a businesses’ online tech support, a video editor or a 3D model designer. Check out some legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

What are the ways to earn money online?

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. You can offer to edit writing, create flyers, develop websites, sell your courses, do voiceovers – the list goes on and on.

Questions on Making Money Online Through Various Platforms

There are numerous platforms and tools that can help you make money online. Here are some of the most common questions about these websites.

How to earn PayPal money?

PayPal is only a platform to get paid through. You can use PayPal as your payment platform for the business you create. One common option is becoming a freelancer and asking for payment through PayPal.

How to earn money from a blog?

There are a variety of ways to earn money through a blog. One of the biggest income sources can be paid courses when you become an authority in your niche.

How to earn money from apps?

If you’re a developer and know how to create apps, there’s never been a better time to make an app. Anything from a paid productivity app to a mobile game can make you big money. Take a look at the best apps that make you money. Also make sure your phone's data plan supports these apps. Some people opt for an unlimited data prepaid option.

How to earn money from Amazon?

Amazon is all about making money. One of the easiest ways to make money is by creating your own e-book and self-publishing it on Amazon at no cost to you.

How to earn money from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is another form of currency, and there are sites that will pay you in Bitcoin. is one of those sites, and you can be paid in bitcoin for doing small online tasks.

Can I earn money from a blog?

Yes, you can choose to monetize your blog if you already have a good amount of readers. The most common way bloggers do this is by writing their own e-book and selling it online.

Can you earn money online from the google AdSense program?

Yes, you can earn money online through AdSense if you have a big enough audience to click through the ads posted on your site.

Can you earn money from Spotify?

Yes, you can make money from Spotify by uploading your music onto their platform. Spotify will pay you every time your music is streamed.

Can we earn money through blogger?

Yes, you can earn money through blogger by adding ads to your blog. When you do this, you’ll be paid per click or per impression and can earn quite a bit of money if you have a large following.

Can you earn money from podcasts?

Yes, you can make money from podcasts. This can be done by getting a sponsor, becoming an affiliate, or offering your own services or even coaching. Your audience will trust you and buy what you recommend.

What apps can you earn money on?

You can earn money on apps like Slidejoy, where you’ll be paid to view ads on your phone’s lock screen. Other money-making apps include iPoll, SwagBucks and AppTrailers.

Why am I not earning money on AdSense?

You can make the most money from AdSense when your website has a large following. If your website is just starting out, you’ll struggle making any significant money from AdSense.

Can you really earn money doing online surveys?

You can earn some money doing online surveys through sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie or InboxDollars(Read more: Is inbox dollars legit?). The longer the survey, the more money you’ll make. Its possible to win gift cards free doing other activities.

What is the best app to earn money?

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll love Fiverr and UpWork. Both of these apps bring clients directly to you that will hire you for things like writing, editing, website design, graphic design and much more.

What to blog about to earn money?

There are blogs for every subject you can think of. The biggest indicator of whether your blog will become successful is how passionate you are about the subject, and so you should pick a subject you’re passionate about.

Making Money through Social Media

The various social media platforms have millions of daily users, and you can use it to your advantage. When you launch an effective social media campaign, you can make even more money for your business.

How to earn money from Facebook ads?

Facebook ads can be effectively used to bring more money into your existing business. For example, if you offer online coaching, you can use Facebook ads to get reach more people with your coaching services.

How to earn money from Facebook page likes?

While Facebook doesn’t pay you per like, becoming popular on Facebook can be a great opportunity. You can use your audience to advertise your existing business and earn more money.

How to earn money from Facebook?

On Facebook, you can create a page for your business and use it to bring in Facebook users. For example, you can post links to your blog posts to get more readers to your monetized blog. This can be a great way to create residual income.

Can we earn money by uploading videos on YouTube?

Yes, you can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. YouTube will pay you per view, but you can also use YouTube as a place to promote your own products and services.

Do likes on YouTube earn money?

Likes on YouTube don’t earn you money. However, the audience that’s watching your videos do make you money. The larger you build your audience, the more money you’ll make from YouTube.

When do you start to earn money on YouTube?

YouTube pays you for the amount of times a viewer clicks or views an ad. Since the pay per click/view is low, you need much greater than 1,000 viewers per month to make any money.

How to earn money from YouTube?

YouTube pays its users by the amount of views and clicks ads receive while your video is playing. Make money by creating quality content to attract audiences that regularly watches your videos.

How to earn money from YouTube views?

To effectively make money through YouTube views, it’s important to focus on the quality of the videos you make. The greater quality they are, the bigger an audience you’ll attract and the more money you’ll make.

How to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos?

To be successful on YouTube, you’ll have to gather a large audience by offering valuable content. This can range from anything in quality entertainment to informative how-to guides.

How to earn money from Instagram?

Instagram is a great platform to share pictures (and video) of your product. For example, if you specialize in creating comics or other graphic, Instagram is a great way to attract potential clients.

Can you earn money from Instagram followers?

You can use Instagram to make you some money by directing your followers to your business. For example, if you sell photos online, Instagram is a great way to flaunt them and get more people to buy them.

Can you earn money from Tumblr?

Yes, you can use your followers on Tumblr to make money. One technique to making money is placing affiliate links on your Tumblr and get paid every time your followers click through.

Other General FAQ

There are a few other frequently asked questions when it comes to making money online. Read on to learn about making money online when it comes to disability, maternity leave, and other unique circumstances.

Can I earn any money while on disability?

To remain eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you can’t earn more than a certain amount each month. For 2018, the limit is around 17,000 per year.

How much money can you earn while on social security?

If you exceed a certain amount of earned income a year, Social security will subtract money from your retirement check. For 2018, the limit is 17,040 per year.

Can you earn money while on maternity leave?

Yes, you can make money while on maternity leave. The best way to make money is online, doing easy things such as transcribing audio or videos for companies.

Can I earn money while on unemployment?

You can earn money while on unemployment, but there’s a limit to how much you can earn depending on your state. In most states, you can’t earn more than your unemployment benefits.

How to earn money for kids?

Earning money can be difficult when you’re a full-time parent. Luckily, you can start make money online with something as simple as making a blog about parenting and teaching others what you know.

How to earn money as a 12-year-old?

You can earn money as a 12-year-old by using apps that’ll pay you for watching ads (and then have your parents withdraw it) such as AdLove and PerkTV.

How to earn money as a 13-year-old?

Making money as a 13-year-old can be hard, but it can be accomplished by having a parent be an authorizes signer. Alternatively, you can begin building a website or portfolio to make money when you’re old enough.

How to earn money as a 14-year-old?

You can earn money as a 14-year-old by creating a YouTube channel early. Use the energy of your youth to show the world how entertaining you are and start to build a following and get paid.

How to earn money as a teenager?

Teenagers can legally make money if a parent acts as an authorized signer to get a business license and they also sign all contracts (since minors signing will void the contract).

How to earn money in college?

You can earn money in college by using the knowledge you’re learning in college. For example, if you’re studying for programming, you can create a paid mobile game and put it in the app store. You could also use the best website to sell textbooks and get some extra cash that way when you're done with the books.

How will you choose to earn money online? It’s a new day! And chances are you’re already at your computer reading this. Why not start right now? Pick your top five ways from the list above and get to work! Remember, these aren’t get-rich-quick tricks, so stay focused and strive to reach your online income goals. The new year is just around the corner and this could be your new way to make extra money fast from the comfort of your home.