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How to Get Free Baby Stuff and SamplesHaving a baby is one of the most life changing experiences anyone will face. However, babies are quite expensive. So when new parents are offered free samples, they jump at the opportunity to get their free baby products.

With all the expensive clothes, travel gear, diapers, bottles, and everything else that goes along with a baby, all of the costs begin to add up. In a study from the USDA, an average American household will spend over $12,000 on each child.

With expenses like that, it makes sense that new parents are doing everything they can to save money. However, the baby market can be quite competitive. Companies know that new parents need all their baby basics after their child is born. Once these companies hook a parent in, they know they've made a customer that will be loyal for the next several years of their child's life.

This is why many brands are eager to give new parents free things. They're aiming to convert them into long-term customers. While this may or may not happen, parents can at least make the most of this opportunity by saving on everyday baby products.

Where Can Parents Find Free Baby Samples Without Having to Complete Surveys?

As the saying goes, nothing in life is truly free. This is certainly true, even in the case of baby samples. Many of the “free” deals that companies offer actually require some kind of collateral. Whether it's filling out a survey, signing up for a mailing list or paying an initial cost upfront, a lot of the free baby samples promoted online are anything but.

Lucky for you, the following items are actually free baby samples. Together, these freebies will amount to saving you a few hundred dollars. This is especially helpful during the first few years of your child's life.

Once you sign up with these offers, you should receive the free baby samples in mail. If you don't, call the companies and request your samples. Since the companies in the baby market are so competitive, most jump at the opportunity to win over a new customer. In most cases, these companies will be quite happy to send you your free samples.

Create a Registry to Receive Free Baby Samples

You can still take advantage of free baby samples even if a company doesn't have a rewards program. With large companies and department stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, you can receive free baby samples through the creation of an online registry.


Amazon Family

Why Amazon Family?

  • A source you can trust
  • Automatic notification of deals and
  • Receive benefits for adding a baby registry
  • Sweepstake offers available

Try Amazon Family

Start with Amazon Family for Exclusive Offers and Deals

Once you sign up, Amazon Family will send you email newsletters with exclusive deals, parenting tips, and product recommendations. Additionally, you will receive a 10% discount to spend on the products in your registry.

Note: This discount is available for 60 days before your arrival date and 14 days after the creation of your registry.

In addition to this discount, once you create your registry and add $75 of Britax items to your registry, you will be entered into a Britax sweepstakes for $2,500 (this offer expires 12/31/2018).

The one catch for this registry deal is that you need to signed up with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members will enjoy 20% off diapers, a 15% discount for completion, reduced prices for baby items, and a complimentary welcome box.

Prime members can also take advantage of “rotating limited time offers”. These types of offers include discounts for Amazon Prints, as well as a free download of a parenting eBook.

Get the deal:

  1. Create a registry with Amazon Baby.
  2. Add $75 or more in Britax items on your registry. (This will enter you into the sweepstakes).
  3. Watch your inbox for Amazon deals and your completion discount.
  4. Sign up with Amazon Prime and take advantage of additional baby perks.



Why Target?

  • A retailer with a trusted name
  • Easy-to-use registry platform
  • Wealth of coupons and benefits when you sign up for a registry
  • Additional pregnancy bonuses, such as home cooked meal options

Try Target


Target is a favorite for parents when it comes to baby products. While Target does not have a rewards program, they do reward parents that have a baby registry with the store. Once you set up your registry with Target, you'll receive $100 worth of samples and coupons.

However, you won't receive this welcome kit in the mail. You will need to pick up your free goodies at your local Target.

Once the baby is eight weeks away, parents will receive a discount for 15% off the rest of the items in their registry.

Get the deal:

  1. Create the registry with Target.
  2. Pick up the welcome gift at Target Guest Services. (You'll have to go in the store).
  3. Keep an eye on your inbox for your coupon as the delivery date approaches.


Signing up for a Babylist registry will allow new parents to receive unique gifts that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else. With Babylist, friends and family can gift parents with home cooked meals, doulas, and anything else that new parents will need.

With a Babylist registry, parents will receive a free box of baby items. After creating a registry, Babylist requires a $4.95 shipping fee.

Get the deal:

  1. Check Babylist's eligibility requirements to ensure that you qualify.
  2. Create a Babylist registry.
  3. Confirm your address.
  4. Pay for shipping.


Walmart offers free welcome boxes to expecting and new parents. Once they sign up with the registry program, parents can enjoy free returns and a guarantee for price matching.

Get the deal:

  1. Create a baby registry with Walmart.
  2. Sign up to receive a free welcome box.


Kohl's doesn't offer free samples with their baby registry, but still have great deals for parents that sign up for a Kohl's registry. After signing up, parents can receive free announcement cards for the pregnancy.

Additionally, parents can enjoy a coupon for 20% off any in-store purchase for a registry item of at least $100. Once the delivery date gets closer, parents can enjoy a 15% discount for all remaining items in the registry.

Get the deal:

  1. Create a baby registry with Kohl's.
  2. Collect all the coupons.

How to Get Free Baby Stuff and Samples

Free Samples for Baby Diapers

When a baby is born, parents automatically need an endless supply of diapers. According to Investopedia, new parents will spend over $550 on diapers and over $240 on wipes. This number increases the more children parents have. Want to cut down on your diaper budget? Start getting all the free diaper samples that you can.

Free Diapers and Shampoo from The Honest Co.

Jessica Alba's The Honest Co. wellness brand is dedicated to changing how the baby industry creates its products. The Honest Co. focuses on creating products that are safe and effective for families. The shampoo and diaper deal is offered in two bundles: the Essentials Bundle or the Wipes and Diapers Bundle.

While these samples are free, there is a shipping fee of $5.95. The Essentials Bundle is currently on the market for $13.99. By signing up for the free bundle, you save 60%, even with the price of shipping included.

Get the deal:

  1. Choose which bundle you want. (Keep in mind that you can get both.)
  2. Create your account. (Or login with Facebook.)
  3. Check out.
  4. Cancel your new account within seven days to avoid any recurring costs.

When you sign up for a free sample bundle, you're actually signing up to receive recurring boxes. To ensure you aren't charged additional fees, be sure to cancel your account before the next one is charged. You can close your account online or by calling the customer service line through Honest Support at 1-888-862-8818.


There's a reason that Huggies is such a household name. While this brand is one of the most popular choices for baby products, Huggies is also a great option for free baby samples. All parents need to do is join Huggies Rewards.

Once you sign up to be a Huggies Rewards member, you will be able to receive points when you complete online surveys, share posts on social media, refer friends to the Huggies Rewards program, link your loyalty card or purchase Huggies Wipes and Diapers.

Parents can even earn 500 points as soon as they sign up for the the rewards program. These points can then be redeemed for diapers, sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and other merchandise.

Get the deal:

  1. Join Huggies Rewards and earn the first 500 points.
  2. Take a few surveys, refer friends for 50 points each. Then, link the loyalty cards to start earning.
  3. Redeem your points in order to receive free Huggies samples.

Free Samples of Baby Formula

Baby formula is another staple that every new parent needs. While baby formula can get rather pricey, new parents can take advantage of free baby formula samples by signing up with some of the most popular formula companies. With a steady supply of free formula samples, parents can make sue their babies get the proper nutrition that they need.


Signing up for the Similac StrongMoms Rewards program will allow new parents to take advantage of over $400 worth of benefits.

Potential rewards include baby formula coupons, Similac samples, and nutritional guidance. Once you create your account, you can also enter to win a buybuy BABY gift card valued at $1,000.

 Get the deal:

  1. Sign up with the Similac StrongMoms Rewards program.
  2. Receive exclusive deals, savings, and free gifts.


Another brand that offers parents free samples and rewards, Enfamil allows new parents to take advantage with their rewards program.

Through Enfamil's Family Beginnings program, new parents will be able to receive 400$ in free samples and gifts before and after the baby is born. Additional benefits include special offers, free samples, and coupons for baby formula.

Get the deal:

  1. Register with Enfamil Family Beginnings.
  2. Keep a lookout for your Enfamil welcome box.
  3. Get continuous discounts, offers, and free deals.


Gerber once offered free samples, but things have changed. Based on their current customer service recording, Gerber no longer gives out free samples.

However, parents looking for Gerber products can sign up for the MyGerber program. This program helps to assist new parents during the first thousand days as new parents. MyGerber has several interactive tools that parents can use to monitor their baby's development and growth. Additionally, MyGerber sends parents exclusive content, coupons, and free content.

Get the deal:

  1. Join the MyGerber program.
  2. Call Gerber's customer service: 1-800-408-7277 and double check to confirm that Gerber doesn't offer free samples.

Nestle's Baby Formula

Join the Nestle Baby Club to take advantage of free baby samples and other great deals. Once you join the club, you'll be sent a totally free welcome kit.

Other perks of joining the club include samples and coupons valued at $130, educational videos and tools, as well as advice from parenting experts.

Get the deal:

  1. Sign up with the Nestle Baby Club.
  2. Watch out for the welcome kit's arrival by mail.
  3. Check your account regularly to find new offers and deals.

How to Get Free Baby Stuff and Samples

Other Options for Free Baby Samples

While rewards programs and registries offer their fair share of free products, coupons, and exclusive deals, this isn't your only chance to earn free samples of baby products. The following options are other ways you can save money while caring for your baby.

Ask the Doctor for Free Samples

Baby companies usually give doctors certain products for free. These companies are hoping to attract their doctor's patients, using these free samples to turn them into customers. As parents see their doctor as a healthcare expert, they'll likely trust the products they recommend.

To try these free products, call your doctor and local hospitals. If they have free samples or baby products, they'll likely make them available to you on your next visit. Moreover, these medical professionals probably know anywhere else you can look to find other freebies and deals.

Earn Free Gift Cards for Buying Baby Products

Want to make some extra money that you will then use to buy your baby products? Use gift cards! If you don't have any gift cards lying around, here are a few ways you can earn some:

Answer Surveys


Survey Junkie

Why Survey Junkie?

  • Do surveys on your own time
  • Surveys that are interesting and customized to your preferences
  • Redeemable for gift cards at Amazon and other top retailers
  • Baby products available on gift card partner platforms

Try Survey Junkie

Answering surveys is a great way to earn gift cards. These paid online surveys for cash or gift cards are used for research purposes.

Market research companies offer consumers gift cards in exchange for their information. In these surveys, you'll provide these companies with your opinion on your favorite products.

Many parents find Survey Junkie to be the most effective. This site is easy to use, has higher payouts, and allows survey takers to redeem their survey points for cash on PayPal or gift cards.

Earn Gift Cards When You Shop

Getting cash back after shopping–what could be better? With apps like Shopkick, parents can earn cash after a visit to the grocery store.

If you don't want to spend money, Shopkick also offers gift cards once you complete simple tasks. These tasks include visiting online stores, watching videos, and scanning barcodes. You can also earn more by shopping online, scanning receipts, and purchasing items using a linked card.

Once enough points have been accumulated on Shopkick, you will receive gift cards to Target, Starbucks, and Amazon. Using your department store gift cards, you can purchase additional baby products.

Getting Cash Back with Groceries

We all have to go grocery shopping at some point. Why not earn money while you do it? Using an app like Ibotta will help you cash in on your next trip to the grocery store. Once you create your Ibotta account, you'll automatically earn $10.

Then, you'll be able to link various store loyalty cards, choose offers before checking out, and then get paid for shopping. It's actually pretty simple. Once Ibotta has confirmed your purchases, the app will send cash to your account in 48 hours. Check out a review of the best savings apps.

All of the Free Baby Samples Available are too Good to Pass Up!

After reading this extensive review, it's obvious that there are many ways to receive free baby products. Whether you create a registry, sign up for various rewards programs or use gift cards you've earned online, saving money on baby items is easy with a little bit of creativity. By taking advantage of all of the items on this list, you'll be sure to save big during your child's first years.

We know parenthood isn't easy. Hopefully, these freebies can take some of the edge and expenses off. Do you have your own strategies for receiving free samples? Be sure to share your tips in the comments.

How to Get Free Baby Stuff and Samples


Baby Stuff can be very expensive and these expenses can add up very quickly. There are plenty of places that will give you free baby stuff and free baby samples, you just have to know where to look. Hopefully you will have all of the questions you may have answered by the end of this FAQ page.

General Free Baby Stuff

In this section, you will find common and general free baby stuff frequently asked questions.

How to get free baby stuff?

The best way to get free baby stuff is to check your local homeless shelter, talk to the hospital after having your baby for a free baby bag with a few supplies to get you started or to use Craigslist for baby stuff people are currently tossing out.

How to get free samples of baby stuff?

The best way to get free samples of baby stuff is to reach out to baby companies, doctor’s offices and a hospital where you can receive free samples of baby items such as formula, diaper bags and diapers.

How to get free baby stuff while pregnant?

To get free baby stuff while you are pregnant, visit company websites online to receive a variety of free baby items such as pacifiers, shoes and onesies. The best websites to visit and sign up for are:

  • Little Wanderers
  • Custom Snappies
  • Custom Pacifiers
  • Carseat Canopy

How to get free baby stuff for low income families?

The best way to get free baby stuff for low income families is to visit websites and organizations that provide a range of baby items just for low income families. The best organizations to visit are:

  • Baby2Baby-

    offers free items for children between the age of 0 and 12.

  • National Diaper Bank Network-

    offers free diapers for low income families.

  • WIC-

    offers free formula and food for mothers and children.

In addition to free stuff there are also ways to just get free money online by doing tasks you already do online anyway, such as randomly surfing the web.

How do I sign up for free baby stuff?

To sign up for free baby stuff, the best thing you can do is sign up for a free baby registry or freebie baby subscription boxes. Companies that offer these freebies include the Honest Company, Similiac, Gerber and Target.

How can I get free stuff for my newborn baby?

The easiest way to get free stuff for a newborn baby is to visit websites that offer free baby items for newborns. Companies such as Pampers, Enfamil, Huggies and Disney offer a variety of items for newborns such as free diapers, free formula and free clothing. Also when they turn a year old or older you can get birthday freebies.

What baby registries give free stuff?

The baby registries that offer free stuff for babies or expectant mothers are:

  • Target-

    offers a free baby box that offers a free sample of diapers, a free pacifier, a bottle and a few samples of baby products.

  • Amazon-

    upon signing up for a registry, you will receive a baby box worth $35 that contains samples of baby wash, vitamin samples, baby lotion samples, baby bottles and tons of coupons.

  • BuyBuy Baby-

    offers a baby box full of coupons, diaper samples and formula samples.

Where to register for free baby stuff?

To register for free baby stuff, you want to sign up for registries that offer free baby stuff just for signing up. Companies that offer such freebies are Target, Enfamil, Amazon, Dr. Seuss Book Club and the Honest Company.

How to get free baby stuff for reviews?

There are sites that offer free baby stuff in exchange for your honest opinion. There are companies that offer freebie baby boxes such as Baby Box University or Target, companies that offer baby books such as Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library and companies that offer free clothing samples such as Gerber.

How to win free baby stuff?

There are many companies both online and offline that offer mother’s the opportunity to win free baby stuff in the form of giveaways of free gifts. These companies are:

  • Similac
  • Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine
  • Luvs Diapers
  • Destination Maternity

How to get free baby stuff samples?

Companies that offer free baby stuff samples on items such as diapers, formula, vitamins, baby wipes, shampoos or baby wash are:

  • Baby box university-

    offers free online classes for new parents and baby freebies along with it.

  • Seven Everyday Slings-

    offers baby slings to carry your baby around in.

  • Enfamil-

    offers free baby formula samples.

  • Huggies-

    offers free samples of diapers.

  • Similac-

    offers free samples of baby formula.

How to get free baby stuff from companies?

To get free baby stuff from companies, you only have to sign up for their free email newsletter or an account to receive free items such as diapers, baby wash, car seats or baby vitamins.

Do you get free stuff with an online baby registry?

Yes. Most online baby registries will reward you with free gifts and sample boxes just for signing up for a free online baby registry. The baby registries that offer free baby stuff upon sign up are:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Babies R Us
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Pottery Barn Kids

How to get free stuff for your first baby?

To get free stuff for your first baby, the best and easiest solution is to create a free baby registry on popular sites such as Target or Babies R Us. Upon signing up for those registries, you will receive a few samples of baby products as a free gift on top of receiving gifts from friends and family.

How to get free or cheap baby stuff?

To get free or cheap baby stuff, the best thing you can do is sign up for baby related websites that offer free gifts just for signing up for an email list or membership or retail stores that offer discounts on baby items such.

Do babies fly free internationally?

This depends on the airline. Most airlines will allow children that are younger than 2 years old that won’t be needing their own seat to fly for free. However, a few international airlines will charge for a lap infant international ticket for 10% of the cost of an adult airline ticket.

How to make baby shower invitations for free?

To make baby shower invitations for free, use a website called Canva. Canva allows you to make invitations for any event for free just by signing up for a free account. With Canva, you can customize your baby shower invitations by customizing the images, fonts, backgrounds and colors to make each invitation unique.

How to review baby products for free?

The best website to use to find baby products to review for free is a website called Product Testing USA. With the help of this website, you can find a variety of free baby products that you can try for free. Just create a free account and sign up to review baby products immediately.

How to Get Free Baby Items Locations

In this section you will find frequently asked questions pertaining to where to find free baby stuff and locations that offer free samples on baby products.

How to get free baby stuff from Target?

The best way to get free baby stuff from Target is to sign up for a free baby registry. Upon signing up, Target will gift expecting parents with a Welcome box that comes with free baby item samples such as diapers, baby wash and coupons off of baby items that you may need.

How can I get free baby stuff by mail?

To get free baby stuff by mail, the best thing you can do is sign up for baby boxes. Baby boxes are boxes sent to your door in which you pay a monthly rate for in exchange for receiving baby items such as onesies, coupons off baby items and even diapers. The best baby box site to sign up with is Milestones ABC.

How to get free baby stuff online?

The best way to get free baby stuff online is to visit Craigslist or the Facebook marketplace. On these sites you can find various baby items being given away such as cribs or highchairs.

Where to get free baby stuff near me?

The best places to visit to find free baby stuff near you is going to be your local United Way, local Planned Parenthood, local homeless shelter, local WIC center or local YMCA.

How to get free baby stuff from Walmart?

To get free baby stuff from Walmart, the best thing you can do is sign up for the free baby registry. Once registered, you will receive a Welcome baby box that comes with free gifts such as samples of diapers, wipes and coupons of necessary baby items.

How to get free baby stuff from Amazon?

To get free baby stuff from Amazon, you need to sign up for an Amazon baby registry. Once signed up and products are added to the registry, you need to purchase up to $10 of eligible products. Then you can claim a welcome gift box which includes a ton of free baby stuff such as diaper samples, toys, pacifiers and coupons. You can also shop Amazon Smile and while its not free it is donating to a charity of your choice while you shop without effecting the price.

Where can I get free donated baby stuff?

The best place to find free donated baby stuff is going to be at a local United Way, WIC center, Homeless shelter or Planned Parenthood. Other parents donate items to these places for mothers in need such as car seats and boxes of diapers.

How to get free baby stuff from Babies R Us?

To get free stuff from Babies R Us, you need to sign up for their free online Baby registry. Upon signup, you will receive a free gift box that contains coupons off of popular baby items, diaper samples and baby toys.

How to get free stuff from Amazon baby registry?

To get free stuff from the Amazon baby registry, you can either wait for friends and family to purchase items off of your registry for you, or receive Amazon’s free baby registry welcome gift box.

Does Amazon give free stuff for baby registry?

Yes. Amazon will give you free stuff for a baby registry. However, before receiving the free baby stuff you must:

  • Sign up and create a free baby registry.
  • Become an Amazon prime member.
  • Purchase up to $10 of items off of your baby registry list.

Where to get free baby clothes?

The best place to get free baby clothes besides getting hand-me-downs from your friends and family is going to be to visit your local United Way. Here, United Way receives dozens of baby clothes as donations.

Are babies free at Disney?

Yes. Babies are free to attend any Walt Disney park without the need of purchasing a park ticket as long as they are under the age of 3. You do not need to bring proof of age either.

Are babies free on Carnival cruises?

No. Currently the Carnival cruise line has an infant policy that requires the purchase of a ticket per person, including infants and children. According to the policy, infants must be above the age of 6 months in order to bee allowed to embark on a ship.

Are babies free at Six Flags?

Yes. Babies or children under the age of 2 years old can receive free admission to any Six Flags theme park. Any child over the age of 3 will have require a regular priced theme park pass.

How to test baby products for free?

To test baby products for free, all you need is to be a parent or currently have custody of children. The best place to get baby products to test is Moms Meet which allows mothers to try out natural products for themselves or for their baby for free.

Are babies free at Universal Studios?

Yes. Children under the age of 2 years old are allowed to enter Universal Studios theme park without the purchase of a ticket. They must, however, be accompanied by an adult who purchases a regular priced ticket.

How old can a baby fly for free?

Children under the age of 2 who are not occupying a seat and must be carried in a lap will be allowed to fly free of charge, as long as they are flying with an adult.

How to Get Free Baby Items

This section covers common frequently asked questions on free baby items and where to get them.

How to get free baby stuff for twins?

There are plenty of companies that will offer free baby stuff for twins or multiple babies. The companies that offer these freebies include:

  • Huggies and Pampers-

    will generously give coupons and free samples of diapers and wipes for twins.

  • com-

    offers free baby proofing items to help baby proof your home.

  • Buy Buy Baby-

    offers free baby items for twins such as car seats, swings or high chairs.

  • Similac or Gerber-

    offers free samples on baby formula for twins.

How to get free baby stuff with coupons?

In order to get baby stuff for free with coupons, you need to find websites or memberships that offer free coupons. The best programs to sign up with are:

  • Rewards Programs-

    programs such as Huggies and Pampers offer a lucrative rewards program that will reward you with online codes and coupons to receive free diapers or baby wipes.

  • PediaSure-

    signing up for the free email program rewards you with coupons for free baby products.

  • Target-

    signing up for a baby registry with Target not only rewards expecting parents with free baby items, but dozens of coupons for free items such as formula and diapers.

How to get free baby stuff and diaper samples?

The best way to get free baby stuff and diaper samples is to contact diaper companies directly for samples via their website or talk to the local hospital for samples of formulas, diapers or car seats.

How can I get free baby girl stuff?

The best way you can get free baby girl stuff is to check local classified ads or selling sites such as Craigslist or Listia where baby girl stuff is constantly listed for free, as long as you pick it up yourself.

How to get a free baby box?

In order to get a free baby box, you are going to have to sign up on websites that offer free baby boxes. The best sites to sign up for are:

  • Baby Box University-

    its is free to sign up but you may have to pay a membership fee to get a baby box in your area.

  • Walmart-

    only have to pay $5 for shipping and handling.

How to get free baby formula?

Aside from getting a few free samples of baby formula from the hospital or doctors office after you have your baby, you can get free baby formula from:

  • Enfamil-

    after signing up for their email list, you can receive free baby formula samples and coupons.

  • Gerber-

    receive free baby formula samples.

  • Simlac-

    upon signing up for their mailing, you will receive free samples and coupons for a certain percentage off their products.

How to get free baby formula and diapers?

The best way to get free baby formula and diapers is to talk to your pediatrician for free formula and diaper samples. You can also talk to your doctor after giving birth at the hospital for a few days supply of free formula and diapers.

How can I get a free baby car seat?

To get a free baby car seat, either visit your local homeless shelter where women donate baby car seats frequently or visit your local planned parenthood to see if they offer free car seats.

How to get free baby supplies?

To get free baby supplies, all that you have to do is request samples from your pediatrician’s office or visit a local shelter or planned parenthood for free baby items such as car seats, high chairs, clothes, shoes and diaper bags.

How can I get free baby clothes?

There are plenty of companies that will send you new and free baby clothes when you sign up for their mailing list or make an account on their website. The most popular sites that give away free baby clothes are:

  • Free Baby Leggings
  • Little Wonderers
  • The Nursing Pillow company

How to get free baby diapers?

Diapers are expensive, and most companies will give away free diapers. The companies that give away free diapers are:

  • The Honest Company-

    will give out free diapers just for trying out their service.

  • Huggies-

    offers a rewards program that helps parents earn free diapers by earning points which can be earned by making purchases.

  • Pampers-

    Pampers also offers a rewards program that allows parents to earn discounts on diapers or even earn free diapers by earning points.

  • National Diaper Bank Network-

    distributes free diapers for low income families for free.

How to get free milk for babies?

In order to get free milk for babies, you need to find companies that are giving out free baby formula. There are companies that offer free formula for signing up as a member to their program such as:

  • Nestle Baby Club
  • Enfamil Family Beginnings
  • Similac Strong Moms

How to get free baby furniture?

To get free baby furniture, you need to find companies that are giving away furniture items away such as cribs, diaper stations, car seats and highchairs. The best companies to check out include:

  • Cribs for Kids
  • Your local United Way

How to get free baby food?

One of the best companies to get free baby food from is Gerber. Upon signing up for their email list, you will automatically receive a free gift box with free baby food. You will also receive monthly coupons for free or a certain percentage off baby food.