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How to Get Free Gas Cards or Cheap Fuel RewardsGas: it seems that the world cannot do without it. You will need it regardless of how high the prices may be. However, you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket to get some gas for your everyday needs. There are lots of ways to save money on gas and fuel – you will be spoilt for choice.

This article will give you insights into how to save money on gas in a variety of easy, quick, and proven ways.

Saving Money on Gas with Gas Gift Cards

Millions of gas gift cards change hands every day and they go a long way in reducing gas expenditure. There are plenty of ways to get gas gift cards easily and quickly. Here are some recommendations:

Buy Discounted Gas Gift Cards

Millions of gas gift cards are issued to millions of people every day. Many people do not bother spending theirs and some prefer to sell them online. These gift cards are cheap and a great way to save a considerable amount of money on gas.

Discounted gas gift cards are cheap and easily available online on several platforms including:

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny ranks at the top when it comes to online gift card merchants. The site buys a wide range of gift cards and sells them at heavily discounted prices. It is easy to save as much as 5%-10% on this site – you can save even more by buying en masse and participating in the occasional bonuses and promotions.

You will find a wide selection of gas gift cards on this site including for all major brands such as BP and Exxon Mobil.


Raise is one of the most popular gift card markets online. The website buys gift cards en masse and sells them at discounted prices. Gas gift cards are plenty here and span a wide range of popular brands including Sheetz, BP, Citgo, and Speedway, among others. You should also know that Raise offers discounts of $10 for all purchases over $100, so you get to save more when you buy more.

Do not expect to save much on gas using gift cards from Raise right off the bat – however, the savings will add up over time.

How to Get Free Gas Cards or Cheap Fuel Rewards

Earn Gas Gift Cards

You are not the only one seeking to save some money on gas. Millions of people take any chance they can get to do so, and many businesses know it. To this end, there are numerous websites where you can complete small tasks and get paid in a variety of ways, including with gas gift cards. These tasks range from completing simple surveys to watching marketing videos. What’s more, these tasks are completed online at any time of the day, so you can always do it during your free time.

As mentioned, there are numerous websites where you can earn free gift cards and even cash – a simple online search will turn up thousands of results. However, most of them are a scam. Here are two popular and legitimate recommendations:

Swagbucks – An Online Micro-tasking Site

Swagbucks is a household name in online gift cards forums. It is a vast platform that requires visitors to complete a wide range of online tasks ranging from surveys to simply shopping online or watching videos and playing games for a given duration. Visitors are then paid several points for each completed task. These points can then be redeemed for a wide range of gift cards, including gas gift cards.

The number of points awarded depends on the size of tasks completed. 100 points are worth $1, so 10,000 points should be sufficient to fill up virtually any gas tank. Swagbucks’ gift cards are accepted by a wide range of providers including Exxon Mobil and Chevron, so you shouldn’t have trouble using them.

Interestingly, Swagbucks has its own search engine that it promotes by rewarding users with points. Considering that the average person spends at least an hour online, earning sizeable gas gift cards every other week should be easy. Learn more: How does Swagbucks work?

Survey Junkie – The Ultimate Online Survey Platform

Information is one of the most vital resources in businesses. Companies use information at their disposal to tailor their products and services to best suit their clients. They go to great lengths to get this information, and some of the most popular channels are online surveys.

Online surveys are designed to get the public’s insight into anything. They are easy and quick to fill as participants can do it online. They are also rewarding and a good way to earn some cash for gas or gas gift cards. There are numerous online survey platforms that pay well, but none beats Survey Junkie.

You will find thousands of surveys from thousands of companies all over the world on Survey Junkie. These surveys can be filled by anyone, but some have restrictions – you will be required to provide some personal information to determine whether you qualify. The best thing about Survey Junkie is that it not only pays better than most other online survey platforms but also pays for all efforts – those who do not qualify also get paid a small fee for their efforts.

You will get awarded several points for each survey you complete – points vary from survey to survey depending on factors such as size and difficulty. 100 points are worth $1 and can be redeemed for gift cards as well as cash. However, since Survey Junkie does not offer gas gift cards it is recommended to redeem cash directly to your PayPal account.

Note: There are thousands of online survey platforms on the internet. Some of the most popular, vetted survey sites include OneOpinion, Earning Station, InboxDollars, and Vindale Research.

Buy Grocery and Get Gas Gift Cards

Nowadays it seems that there is a grocery store around every other block. Grocery stores are incredibly competitive and offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions in a bid to attract loyal customers. They particularly offer a lot of gift cards including gas gift cards that are redeemable at numerous stations across the country.

Everyone buys grocery, so this would be an excellent way for you to get gas gift cards with every purchase. However, you will need to choose your grocery store well for the best deal. Here are several popular recommendations:

Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie is one of the most popular grocery chain stores for several reasons. These reasons include the brand’s lucrative promotions and bonus programs. Rewards for promotions and bonuses include gift cards for gas. You will be awarded several points for each purchase you make – interestingly, some goods fetch more points than others and there are new promotions and bonuses popping up every other day. Interestingly, you also stand to get more points if you shop your grocery here using gift cards.

100 Winn Dixie points will save you $0.05 for every gallon of gas you buy. This may not seem much but the points add up quickly over time. What’s more, these gift cards can be redeemed at a majority of the major gas stations across the country, and there is no limit to the number of points you can redeem.


Safeway has a long-running promotional program that focuses on gift cards and places particular emphasis on gas gift cards. Customers are awarded 1 point for every dollar spent at the store. Each point is redeemable for cash bonuses at the gas pump. 100 points are worth $0.10 per gallon of gas filled, and you can redeem as many points as you have. What’s more, you stand to earn twice as many points per dollar if you shop using a gift card.

However, gas gift cards from Safeway come with several constraints. For starters, you have to shop using your Safeway Club Card to earn these points. Additionally, these points are redeemable only in three gas stations: Safeway, Texaco, and Chevron.


Gift card promotions at Kroger work much like Safeway’s. For starters, you need to shop using a loyalty card to qualify for the promotion. Additionally, every dollar spent at the store earns you one point, and 100 points will save you $0.10 for every gallon you fill up. Kroger’s gas gift cards are also limited to a handful of gas stations including Shell stations and Kroger Fuel Centers. Interestingly, shopping at Kroger also earns you double points for every dollar spent.

You should also know that signing up for a loyalty card at Kroger will also save you some money on groceries.

Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop has a similar gas gift card promotion to that of Kroger and Safeway. Shoppers need the store’s rewards card to qualify for the promotion. Additionally, each dollar worth of purchase earns you one point, and 100 points will save you $0.10 for every gallon of gas. However, there are several differences.

For starters, shoppers are limited to 1,500 points – this is worth about $1.50 per gallon of gas. Additionally, these gift cards can be redeemed at more gas stations across the country as compared with Kroger’s and Safeway’s promotions.

How to Get Free Gas Cards or Cheap Fuel Rewards

Get Cash Back on Gas Purchases Using Select Credit Cards

Just like grocery stores, there are thousands of credit card companies competing for clients using a wide range of promotions. These promotions include getting cash back on gas purchases made at select gas stations. These kickbacks and rewards are significant compared to gas gift cards and much easier to unlock – you do not need to fill surveys or watch videos; you will get rewarded as long as you shop using your credit card.

You will find numerous credit cards offering these promotions, but most come with hidden catches and are often not worth it. However, there are a few that have proven themselves:

Chase Freedom Card

Chase Freedom Card has robust cash back and rewards program that stands out from most. Users stand to get 5% cash back on all purchases above $1,500 made for every quarter of the year – this means that you can get back as much as $75 for every $1,500 you spend.

However, there are several obstacles to getting cash back and rewards using Chase Freedom Card. For starters, the promotions run in a quarter-yearly rotary and only cover select items – these items including gas and other purchases made at gas stores. Additionally, these rewards are not open to everyone as you have to sign up for specific rewards online via the company’s website; this also means that you have to keep your eyes peeled for promotions. However, it is all worth it especially if you are big in shopping.

American Express

American Express is one of the most popular and reliable credit cards. It also offers some of the best bonuses and promotions.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card issued by American Express offers 3% cash back for all gas purchases made at any gas station across the country – in fact, you get cash back for all rewards made at any gas station outlet. This card also gives you 1% of your money back for your total annual purchases – this figure rises to 6% cash back for purchases amounting to at least $6,000 per year. And, unlike Chase Freedom Card, there are no limitations to how you can earn or use these rewards.

Discover It Card

Discover It Card works just like the Chase Freedom Card. Its promotions are rotary with categories changing quarter-yearly. Additionally, users get 5% cash back for all purchases amounting to at least $1,500 for every quarter-year. Finally, these promotions have to be unlocked online.

Saving Money on Gas by Making Travel Adjustments

Gas gift cards can only go so far when it comes to saving money on gas. The savings are not significant in the short-term, and most people do not always have the time to get these gift cards. However, there are more radical and effective ways that come with more than just financial benefits. They include making significant changes in relation to how you get around.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is not always as dreadful as most people paint it. In fact, many cities across the country are improving their public transportation infrastructure.

Public transportation is cheap – it would cost you a fraction of what you currently spend on gas. It is also good for the environment as it would help reduce the number of cars on the road – cars rank among the highest air pollutants.

Embrace Carpooling

Carpooling has been presented as a great way to overcome most of the problems associated with private transportation – it is the idea behind transport giant Uber. It has also proven effective for saving money on gas as everyone can “pool” in and share the costs.

Carpooling also comes with other benefits. For starters, it reduces the number of cars on the road. It may also help ease the burden on parents and guardians who chauffeur their kids around on daily routines. It is also a great way for friends, family, and workmates to socialize as they ride together.

Ride and Walk More

Many cities around the world are copying the Netherlands’ bike transport system and building a better cycling infrastructure. This is because bicycles are a great way to ease congestion on the roads. They also help reduce air pollution as they do not emit gas.

For you, a bike is an ideal way to get around fast and save considerably on gas. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about fatigue as many modern bikes come with electric engines – they are quick to charge and will hold out for much longer than electric cars too. Interestingly, also, riding is an ideal way to exercise, keep fit, and stay healthy – riding is also fun!

Riding may not be ideal for long distances, but you should certainly consider it for short-distance travels. You don’t even have to buy your own bike as bike rental programs are taking over inter-city transportation.

How to Get Free Gas Cards or Cheap Fuel Rewards

Upgrade to a More Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Cars have been getting better and better over the years. Today’s cars are faster, safer, and better looking compared to yesterday’s. Car manufacturers have also been focusing on fuel efficiency considering the financial and environmental concerns.

Upgrading your vehicle to one that is more fuel-efficient may sound like going overboard, but it makes sense depending on how you look at it. For starters, it will save you a lot of money in the long-run and offer better driving experience compared to your current vehicle. It will also help ease environmental pollution on several fronts.

The ideal fuel-efficient vehicle would be a hybrid – a vehicle that can run both on fuel and electricity. Electric vehicle technology is still in its early stages – the biggest obstacle at the moment is limited power storage capacities. It should also be noted that charging stations are not always easily accessible in many cities. As such, having a hybrid can ensure that you never run out of juice even after you max out your electric charge.

Save Money on Gas and Everything Else with Overall Financial Efficiency

Gas is not the only thing that is expensive – it would seem that everything is going up nowadays! Besides, prudence calls for everyone to spend money wisely – this means ruling out all unnecessary expenses. It also goes that every penny you save elsewhere can be spent to supplement your gas budget.

Speaking of gas budget, the best way to save money and become financially efficient is to craft a good budget. This is easier than it sounds thanks to mobile technology. You will find many apps designed to measure spending and optimize budgets:

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget (YNAB) is one of the leading premium budgeting tools in the market. It started off as a simple idea and is now a sophisticated software with a whole company behind it.

YNAB helps with financial management in several ways. For starters, it takes all your expenses into account and outlines them individually – it also ranks expenses according to their importance and necessity so that you can see what an essential is and what you can forego. The app is also capable of unsubscribing you from subscriptions that you mark as unnecessary. Additionally, the app also offers personalized suggestions on how to save as much money as possible and still live comfortably.

As mentioned earlier, YNAB is a premium application – the subscription costs $6.99 per month. However, you get a 34-days free trial period to determine whether or not it is ideal for you.


Trim is a simpler (but almost equally efficient) version of YNAB – it offers most of the latter app’s features. This app takes all your expenses and sorts them out depending on size and relevance. Each expense is highlighted with the price tag adjacent to it so that you can know how much you are spending on what.

Trim is also designed to integrate with other systems so as to give you greater control over your budget and expenses. To this end, you can select certain subscriptions from the app and disable them directly via their interface. The app also analyzes your expenses based on factors such as their necessity and offers suggestions on how to save more money.

You will appreciate the fact that Trim is a free app accessible to anyone on Apple and Google devices – the app is also undergoing upgrades, so you can look forward to better features.


Mint is a simple app designed to do nothing more than solely monitoring your spending – it does not have the extra features contained in Trim and YNAB. However, it is sophisticated in the sense that it can monitor virtually all your spending.

Mint works by connecting to your bank account and credit cards to monitor all your expenditure. Each transaction that amounts to spending is outlined and highlighted. All transactions are also categorized depending on what was bought: grocery, online subscriptions, gas, shopping, and virtually everything that you can spend money on. The rest is up to you – it is easy to go through the report and determine how and where you can save your money.

Save Money on Gas Using Shopping Apps

You can also go a step further than cutting down on unnecessary expenses to save on most of your daily shopping using mobile shopping apps. Shopping apps give you access to online merchants such as Amazon and find the best-discounted deals on a wide range of items. The money you save can then be used to complement your gas budget.

There are two particularly popular shopping apps:


Ebates is the ultimate mobile shopping application. The app offers access to a wide range of deals on thousands of everyday items in categories ranging from grocery to electronics. What’s more, the app works with hundreds of popular online merchants including Amazon and Walmart. Using Ebates is easy: simply download the app and use it to follow links to your chosen retails – these links are the keys to unlocking bonuses and promotions.

Ebates has awesome deals with bonuses as high as 9%. What’s more, the company runs a lot of promotions that offer more rewards including money prizes. All your cash-back rewards are accumulated and transferred to you automatically via check or PayPal after 3 months.


Ibotta works just like Ebates but has a limited selection of brands to buy and online stores to shop at. It nevertheless features thousands of deals that are more like coupons for purchasing specific items at discounted prices. You are guaranteed at least $0.25 off any of the listed items. What’s more, the app often launches diverse promotions that feature ordinary items from ordinary brands.

Unlike Ebates, Ibotta does not transfer your cash-back automatically. Instead, you are required to take a snapshot of your receipt after checking out and send it to support. The app will then verify the transactions and give you your money back.


We cannot do without gas, but that doesn’t mean that we have to break the bank to get it. These tips have been tested and proven, so do not hesitate to put them into practice. At the very least you will get to save a lot of money in the long-term – you may also help make the world greener by adjusting your travel needs.


Now that you know how to get free gas cards or rewards for gas at retail gas locations around the United States, there may be a few questions that you may have. This FAQ section is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions you may have.

General Free Gas

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions about free gas and how to get it.

How to get free gas cards?

The best way to get free gas cards is to sign up for online rewards cards where you can earn free gas cards by completing microtasks. The best sites to sign up for are:

  • Swagbucks-

    allows you to earn rewards in the form of gift cards of gas cards by completing surveys, completing microjobs or playing games.

  • Survey Junkie-

    Can earn free gas cards by completing online surveys.

How to get free gas at the pump?

The best way to get free gas at the pump is to:

  • Contact the Salvation Army-

    will offer help with free gas vouchers for those in need.

  • Contact your local church-

    churches will naturally help members of their community by offering money for gas for those in need.

  • Visit

    This is a company that will pay for your gas in exchange for advertising on your car.

  • Birthday freebies

    – You could earn gift cards for free if its your birthday then these could be used for gas.

How to get a free gas code?

To get a free gas code, you can visit certain retailers or companies that will offer free gas codes. One of the best companies to get a free gas code from is CVS. If you purchase $30 or more on eligible products, you will be rewarded with a free $10 gas card.

General Cheap Fuel

In this section, you will find frequently asked questions about cheap fuel and how to get it.

How to get cheap gas?

The best way to get cheap gas is to join a gas perks program from your local grocery store, watch out for special promotion at your local gas station, sign up for a frequently gas saver rewards program at your gas station and to look for cheap gas cards online.

Why is gas so cheap?

Gas is so cheap due to the fact that gas prices are made artificially low by low gas taxes. This, however, fails to address the true social cost of driving. Gas taxes have not change since 1993.

Why is gas so cheap right now?

Gas is so cheap right now due to the fact the United States has refused to raise gas taxes since 1993. With the low price of gas taxes, the price of gas is kept naturally low in the process.

How to buy cheap gas?

One of the best ways to find cheap gas is to either look around your local area and compare the price of gas at gas stations or use gas apps like GasBuddy which can help you find the lowest gas prices near you.

How to find cheap gas prices in your area?

One of the best ways to find cheap gas prices in your area is to use an app called GasBuddy. This app compares the prices of gas stations located closest to your, so you can see which gas station is offering the best deal on gas.

How to find cheap gas along route?

One of the best ways to find cheap gas along a route that you are driving is to use Gas apps that are specifically made to compare the lowest and cheapest gas prices located around your general vicinity.

How to get cheap gas cards?

To get cheap gas cards, the best ways are:

  • Signing up for rewards programs-

    sign up for rewards programs that offer gas cards once you have made a certain amount of purchases.

  • Sign up for cash back rewards with your credit card-

    there are some credit cards that will offer cash back in the form of gas cards when you spend a certain amount on your credit card.

Why is gas so cheap all of a sudden?

Gas has always been cheap in the United States, except in the case of 2009 when the Afghan War started. Gas is kept cheap due to the refusal to raise gas taxes which in turn keep gas prices exceptionally low.

What day is gas cheap?

The best day to get gas at its cheapest price depends on the state you live. For example, if you live in Alabama, the cheapest day to get gas is on Monday. If you live in Washington DC, the cheapest day to get gas is on Wednesday. If you live in North Dakota, the cheapest day to get gas is on Tuesday. To check which day is the cheapest for you to get gas, check out this website here.

How do I look for cheap gas prices?

Aside from visiting local gas stations in your area and comparing prices yourself, the best way to look for cheap gas prices is to use a mobile app like GasBuddy that will compare the price of gas for you.

Who is responsible for why gas is so cheap now?

There is no set person who is responsible for cheap gas prices. In fact, the low price of gas is due in part to market forces outside of a person’s control such as sanctions or market prices.

When will gas be cheap again?

Gas is cheaper at this moment than it has ever been before. However, the price of gas fluctuates on a daily basis and there is no way you can determine when exactly gas will be at its cheapest.

Where to buy gas gift cards cheap?

You can buy gas gift cards cheap from most local retailers. The best retailers to purchase gift cards from are:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Stop and Shop
  • Safeway
  • Winn Dixie

You could also win free gift cards that can be used for gas. Learn more about how to get free gift cards.

How to get cheap gas fuel rewards?

To get cheap gas fuel rewards, the best thing you can do is sign up for rewards programs with your credit card company, bank, local gas stations or local supermarkets.

General Cheap Gas App

This section contains general cheap gas app frequently asked questions pertaining to popular gas location and price apps.

Where to find cheap gas app-what is it?

The best way to find cheap gas apps is to visit the Google Play store on Android devices or the App store on iOS devices. The best gas apps available today are:

  • GasBuddy
  • Waze
  • Dash
  • MapQuest Gas Prices

There are of course other apps that can help you save money. Check out the best savings apps we recently reviewed.

How to find cheap gas with Waze?

To find cheap gas with Waze:

  • Go to the menu and then to the settings option.
  • Tap on the Gas stations option.

Select the preferred gas type or gas station based on price or location

How to get cheap gas using Gas Buddy?

You can get cheap gas using Gas Buddy app is to search for the specific type of gas your car uses and your zip code. Once added, you will automatically receive results of gas stations closest to you that have the lowest prices of gas.

What is the best cheap gas finder app?

There are many cheap gas finder apps that you can use. However, the best cheap gas finder today is GasBuddy. It is free to download and updated frequently by owners of gas stations or by actual drivers.

Cheap Gas Location

This section contains common cheap gas location frequently asked questions pertaining to specific gas retailers.

Why is gas so cheap in Canada?

The gas is so cheap in Canada because as of right now, there is an excessive supply of crude oil, which helps to keep retail gas prices at an all-time low.

Why is gas so cheap in America?

The reason why gas is so cheap in America today because politicians around the country refuse to raise gas taxes for motorists, so gas taxes have been kept at an all-time low for years. This policy has gone unchanged since 1993.

Why is there cheap gas near me?

There are many reasons as to why gas is cheap near you:

  • The supply for crude is in excess, thus corporations are able to keep the price of gas low.
  • Gas taxes are low enough that gas prices won’t rise.

How to get cheap gas at Shell?

The best way to get cheap gas at Shell is to sign up for their Fuel Rewards program. With the program, customers can earn up to 5 center per gallon on every $25 they spend at the pump. You can redeem what you have earned to give you a special discount on gas or other items you purchase from Shell.

Why is Costco gas so cheap?

Costco is able to keep its gas so cheap because Costco leaves out 1% to 5% of additives that are added into the gas as well as only taking certain credit cards which helps them to save millions of dollars on credit card processing fees.

Where to get cheap gas?

There are plenty of places to get cheap gas. Since most gas stations charge the same amount as their competitors, you can get cheap gas from local gas stations such as Shell or Valero or specialty grocery stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club.

How cheap is Costco gas?

It is estimated that Costco charges about 6 to 12 cents less per gallon than any of its competitors. Keep in mind, based on the crude oil industry and market prices, this difference varies daily.

Is Safeway gas cheap?

Yes. As of right now, Safeway charges the same price for gas as many competitors. Keep in mind, these prices can become cheaper if you sign up for Safeway’s gas rewards program.

Why is Walmart gas so cheap?

The reason why Walmart is able to charge less for gas than many competitors is based on a few factors such as:

  • The supply of the crude oil market. If there is a glut, Walmart is able to charge a lower price for its gas.
  • It reduces the number of additives added into its gas, cutting how much it has to pay per barrel for gas.

Why is BP gas so cheap?

The main reason why BP gas is so cheap is mainly because they are able to sell natural gas, which is much cheaper to produce than crude oil because it is locally mined and made.

Is Costco gas cheap quality?

Costco’s gas, just like its competitors, contains additives which allows Costco to lower the price significantly. Because of this, Costco’s gas tends to be of cheaper quality than gas from other retail gas stations.

How to get cheap gas at Kroger?

The best way to get cheap gas at Kroger is to sign up for Kroger’s Fuel Points Reward System. The best and easiest way to rack up points with the reward system is to purchase gift cards which offers up to 4 points with every gift card purchased.

Why are Sam’s club gas prices cheap?

Sam’s club gas prices are cheap for a variety of reasons such as the additives that are added into the gas, market prices that change daily and the supply of gas held in United States reserves.

Is Getgo cheap gas?

Yes. Getgo sells cheap gas compared to many of its competitors. Getgo has gas location typically around the east coat and is about 5% less in price compared to other gas stations in the area.

General Gas

In this section, you will find common frequently asked questions pertaining to cars such as the best type of gas to use and if gas burns faster if it is cheaply produced.

Does cheap gas burn faster?

Yes. Low octane gas burns faster than higher octane gas. Cars that use cheap gas then to get 3% to 5% less miles per gallon than cars that use higher quality gas.

Is cheap gas bad for your car?

Yes and no, but this ultimately depends on the type of car you own. It is not necessarily bad to put cheap gas in your car, but it can cause you to get less miles for the gallon as you drive. There are other ways to save on overall car expenses though such as getting the best auto insurance quotes.

Is natural gas expensive or cheap?

Natural gas, while normally on the expensive side, has been relatively low in price this year. The reason for this is because natural gas comes from the United States, not overseas like crude oil.

Can cheap gas cause carbon build up on spark plugs?

Not necessarily. Carbon buildup can be caused by a variety of factors such as a dirty fuel injector, improper fuel to air mixture, a clogged air filter or a cracked distributor case.

Can my gas tank tell if I got cheap gas?

No. While your gas tank won’t be able to tell what kind of gas you put in it, your car will give you a few signals. Some of the symptoms your car may show regarding the type of gas you put in it is a reduction in car’s mileage and giving you trouble while accelerating the car.

Why is gas expensive when oil is cheap?

The reason why gas may be expensive when oil itself is cheap is because while crude oil can make up of 71% of the price of gas, the remaining costs such as refinery, distribution, corporate and federal costs can hike up the price of gas.

Is Obama responsible for cheap gas?

No. There is no person that is solely responsible for the cheap price of gas. There are many factors that dictate the price of gas such as how much of a supply of crude oil exists and the price of gas taxes.

How does cheap gas affect your car?

Putting cheap gas in your car will not affect your car in a bad way. However, you may notice a difference such as getting less miles per every gallon you put in your car or your car may feel sluggish when accelerating.

Can cheap gas cause a misfire?

Yes. If there is not enough gasoline in the gas mixture as opposed to additives, it can cause a misfire. A misfire is typically caused when the air/fuel mixture is running on the lean side.

Can cheap gas make the check engine light come on?

It is a possibility. A car’s check engine light will come on due to gas depending on the level of octane gas you are using compared to the type of car you are driving. The best way to check for sure is to have the light error codes checked out by a specialist.

Can engine light come on for cheap gas?

Yes and no. If there is a misfire in your car due to the use of cheap gas, it can cause the check engine light to come on. However, just by itself, cheap gas won’t case the check engine light in your car to turn on.

Does cheap gas get less mileage?

Yes. Cheap gas can get cars up to 10% less gas mileage than if they used a higher quality gas. However, keep in mind that this can differ based on the car’s make, model and year it was made.

Can cheap gas damage a car?

Yes and no. Immediately, putting in cheap gas won’t damage your car’s inner mechanics. However, over time, cheap gas can damage the spark plugs, cause stalling issues in the engine and cause acceleration problems.

Why cheap gas isn’t good?

Cheap gas isn’t good for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons include:

  • Can cause cars to get less mileage for longer trips.
  • Can cause acceleration problems in newer cars.
  • Can cause check engine lights to turn on.