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How to Get Free Money Right Now

Everyone is looking for free money. No matter how much you have, there is always a good reason to have more. Even if it is just to give it away to those who need it more. If you are lucky enough to have a career that you love in which you make a sustainable living, it is still fun to find money you didn’t expect.

Running into free money can mean your bills aren’t so tight that month, or maybe you can start saving for that vacation you’ve always wanted to take or the car repairs you have been so badly in need of. There are all sorts of ways to get free money, from sustainable side hustles to a quick buck, you have only to invest the time to find them.

Companies Offering Incentive and Bonus Money Free



Why Swagbucks?

  • There are many tasks to choose from so it is easy to rack up points.
  • You can earn as little or as much as you want depending on your activities and time spent each day.
  • Aside from earning cash, Swagbucks allows you to redeem your points in gift card format.
  • It has a generous signup bonus of $10.

Try Swagbucks


Rewards sites like SwagBucks are all the rage. They offer small cash incentives for all the purchases you make. One at a time they aren’t usually big rewards (although they can be) but save them up and you can cash in for some really good gift cards and merchandise. They also offer a $10 bonus just for signing on. There is nothing difficult or time consuming about using these types of sites for free money. The biggest problem with Swagbucks is remembering to shop through it to claim your rewards.



Why InboxDollars?

  • You can earn money by simply reading emails from various advertisers.
  • You can also answer surveys, enter polls, and perform other activities to increase your earnings.
  • It has a low payment threshold of $30.
  • Offers a signup bonus of $5.

Try Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars offer a $5 sign on bonus. Once you sign up, you will begin getting emails from a lot of different advertisers. Each one that you open gets you a few cents cash in your account. Inbox Dollars members also take surveys, answer polls, and try out new products for rewards. Each task can pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars and you can cash out when it hits $30.00.

My Points

The same people that run SwagBucks also own My Points, which is another shopping rewards site except this one is for your phone. Sites like these aren’t meant to make you rich, but they do offer free money for doing things that you would already be doing anyway. That is always a good thing. They offer a free $10 Amazon card for anyone signing up and using the site. Surveys, purchases and fun little time-wasters can add up to a pretty penny off your bottom line each month.


This strictly cash-back app has been going gangbusters since it burst on the scene. DOSH offers $5 for every credit card registered and $10 for every referral. Once you register your cards, you get all types of different cash back options on every single thing you purchase. Dog food, toiletries, and date night expenses all come back to you in increments with this handy app. Their referral bonuses are larger than other competing sites and they have an impressive dossier of participating merchants.


This well-known shopping reward site offers cash back on vacations, household supplies, health and beauty aids, and everything in between. Users simply sign into Ebates and then find the store they would like to shop in and begin to browse. As long as you are shopping through the Ebates portal you will receive cash back on your purchases right to your card or account. They offer a $10 sign on bonus plus referral bonuses. Check out the Double Cash Back Stores and Hot Deals links to get even more free money.

How to Get Free Money Right Now


This cash back app is a little different. It is specifically designed for use during grocery shopping excursions only. Users link their loyalty cards to the app and then look for deals and discounts and add them to their account. Once the products from the offer are purchased upload a photo of the receipt and Ibotta pays the cash back. They give a $10 bonus to all new sign ups. Add all the major grocery chains you love and there will always be a deal or discount available wherever you go.


On the lower end of the survey sites is Vindale. They offer a $1 sign on bonus. Users take polls and surveys for cash. This is one that is best used in conjunction with other moneymakers. Keep an eye on your email for any specific survey that you may be familiar with or a specific reward that appeals to you to make Vindale most worth your time.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the more well known survey companies. They are known as one of the easiest to work with and often have more surveys you can do than their competition. Some of their surveys do have more stringent requirements to qualify. They have a variety of ways they can pay you including Paypal.


Lovers of television programming and pop culture find this opportunity most useful. Nielsen is a TV rating company that pays $50 per year to those who allow their app to collect specific data on your browsing, viewing, and purchasing data. Their goal is to find out as much as they can about consumer trends. Everything is anonymous for consumer privacy. The only goal is just to figure out what a person is likely to buy based on past purchases and browsing history.


A lot like Neilsen, Shoptracker anonymously tracks shopping habits in an effort to better anticipate customer needs. They pay consumers who participate $39 per year. The difference is that it tracks only Amazon purchases, but the goal is the same. They want to figure out shopper habits, so they can offer more products that are likely to get purchased.

Drive for Lyft

Ridesharing companies are becoming a viable means of transportation. They have proven to be more economical, convenient, and some say safer than taxis and public transportation. New companies are slowly emerging and with that comes competition. Each company wants to get a stronghold on the market. Getting more of their drivers on the road and more rides in their cars means a bigger hold on the market. The best way to do this is to offer aggressive sign on bonuses that really make people want to drive for them. Lyft is offering up to $400 for new driver sing ups.


Paribus is a genius of a shopping app. They constantly monitor hundreds of retailers for their offers. Once you sign up, it scans your emails to see if you’ve bought anything that they can get you cash back. It looks for receipts and company points, and anything it can identify and get back to you. Pretty cool, huh? Not only that, but they also monitor guaranteed shipments. If they are late or don’t show, you get compensated.


Another unique little shopping app, Trim monitors all your bills to see where you are spending more than you have to. The monitor their savings offers and makes sure you get everyone you are eligible for. Sometimes packages change, and customers don’t get the memo. New offers come around, but you deleted the email. Having the Trim app ensure you get all the saving possible. It also suggests changes to save you even more money.

How to Get Free Money Right Now

Get Free Money from the Government

There are a few ways to get free money from the government. Some are as easy as a few clicks of your mouse.

Pell Grants

Pell grants are probably the most well-known way of getting free money from the government. It is a little difficult to obtain, but once you do you are going to receive an education for free. Grants do not have to be repaid. Students must qualify and provide required documents before receiving an educational grant. Qualifications are based on cost of admittance, student income, citizenship, high school diploma, and criminal convictions. Information can be found at

Electric Bill Money

It is no surprise that over half of the average Americans income goes to heating and cooling their homes. The government average is over $2000 per year is spent of energy costs per family. To help alleviate some of this financial pressure, the government offers many citizens access to the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. Depending on where you are located and level of income, a significant portion of your energy bills can be deferred. Congressional funds pay for this program to provide those citizens with the lowest income who have the highest energy costs.

The National Association of State Treasurers provides this website for citizens to check for any money they may be owed. These are usually things people forget such as deposits on utilities and residences, reimbursements from insurances and other policies, and unused account credits. It is simple to use. It requires only inputting your name and state to see any money that may be out there owed to you.

Much the same as, except this site searches every state. This is a great tool if you have lived in more than one state in your life or traveled extensively. Kickbacks from hotels, rental car companies, insurance policies, refunds and more could be out there waiting for you to claim. It is a bit more labor intensive than Once you discover free money, you must fill out another form to receive it. Free money is worth the extra few seconds it takes to fill in an address and phone number box.

Save Lives and Earn Money Donating Your Body

Many people donate blood. It is a very important duty of any citizen who can provide it. We never know when something will happen, and someone we love will need a blood transfusion. Donating blood doesn’t usually pay money but it does make you feel good about yourself and helping your fellow man. You can get that same feeling and make some cold hard cash too by donating plasma or bone marrow. Donating plasma is fairly simple. Donating bone marrow, however, is a bit longer and more painful process but it also pays more. Payment for donating plasma or bone marrow can be anything from a few hundred to around $1000.

How to Get Free Money Right Now

Residual Income Through eBooks

There is money to be made in the ebook industry. It is, however, labor intensive and takes a long time to begin to bring in any substantial income. It’s a bit of a crap shoot, but it can be one of the biggest moneymakers in the long run. The most successful route is to write about something you already know all about. Choose something that you have done since you were a kid and know inside and out. Do a little research to see what type of ebooks related to your subject sell best. Once its written, have it professionally edited. You can find someone on Fiverr for less than $20. Take your own photos. Organize your ebook and head over to Amazon or B&N and publish yourself an ebook. The rest is all about advertising and marketing yourself. If you play your cards right, eventually you’ll be able to sit back and let the money roll in from each months ebook sales. A lot depends on good grammar and a nice cover. Spend the time to do everything right or you’ll only be wasting your time.

Investing for Free Money


Acorns is an investment app for dummies. It does all the work for you. Users simply invest a few dollars here and there, or use the extra change from credit card purchases, and Acorns invests it for you. Invest as little or as much as you’d like and watch it ebb and flow with the market. They give you $5 to sign up and you can withdraw all or some of your money at any time. Learn more in this Acorns review that's more in-depth.


Stash is an easy investment app that lets you choose where to invest in stocks. Invest $5 and choose a portfolio. They offer a set of different portfolios to choose from. Each is based on a variety of interests, goals, and belief systems. They offer varying sign up bonuses throughout the year at anywhere from $5 to $10. It is a fun app to learn about investing with just a bit of capital. Funds can always be withdrawn and if you don’t understand something, there is a comprehensive guide section that answers every question.


Betterment offers up to $100 in sign up bonuses for new users. It is a more complicated investment app than the others mentioned here. You have more control over the places you invest and how you invest. It does require a larger initial deposit to start investing but this is more for those who have some experience with investing.

Free Money from Online Banking

An easy way to make a little free money every year is to move your accounts to an online bank. Online banks have no real brick and mortar location like other banks. They can give their customers a lot of cool perks that traditional banks cannot. One of the best is a higher interest rate. If you have a little savings sitting in your hometown bank drawing .01% interest, you should check out some online banks and their interest rates. Swapping banks could mean a hundred extra bucks a year. Brick and mortar banks also offer some great perks for opening an account. Sometimes it’s money, but its often products and merchandise from area businesses or technological gadgets. You can also consider looking into the best money market accounts to earn extra money through online banking.

Let Your Car Make You Money

You don’t have to drive for Uber or Lyft to make money fast with your car. There are a few ingenuitive ways that you can use your car to make a few extra dollars a month. An app like Getaround allows anyone with a car to sign up and loan it out. Visitors to the area or people who rarely leave home find it very convenient to just borrow a car from a neighbor. This lets that happen and pays you as well.

A lot of publicity companies will pay you to drive around with their logo on your car. Sometimes its just a big door magnet, but sometimes it’s a whole vinyl car wrap. You will be obligated to leave the ad on for a certain amount of time and be compensated for it. Payment varies by company, but at the very least you are being paid to drive your own car wherever you go. So, there’s that.

Credit Card Companies

Credit card companies are very competitive. They all want your business and they are willing to pay to get it. Each tries to outdo the next in order to get the consumers attention. They will offer everything from products and merchandise to cash, miles, and points. Some just want you to sign up. Others want you to transfer balances from other cards or perform some other task before getting the free money.

Aside from free money, you might also want to know about free birthday stuff. You'll be surprised with the perks you can get on your birthday.


There are plenty of ways to get free money, you just have to know where to look. Now that you have learned how to earn free money online, it is time to answer some of the common frequently asked questions you may have about certain money-making methods.

General Free Money

In this section, you will find general free money frequently asked questions to help you earn free money online.

How to get free money?

The best way to get free money is to do so online. You can:

  • Offer your opinion for free money.
  • Earn points with memberships sites to redeem for rewards.
  • Refer friends for cash.
  • Complete microjobs for cash.

How to make money online free?

The best way to make money online free is to complete online surveys, join paid to sites to earn money, earn money by searching the web, reviews websites and apps for cash and create your own blog and monetize with ads.

How to get free government money you never have to pay back?

The best ways to get free government money that you never have to pay back is by:

  • Find unclaimed money that may be due to you.
  • Find unclaimed pension funds.
  • Apply for education grants if you are attending school.
  • Get help paying your utilities.

How to win free money?

The best way to win free money is to participate in online cash sweepstakes where you can have a chance to win free money or participate in online casino’s where you can have a chance to win money by playing your favorite casino games. See how to get free gift cards online without completing offers.

How to get free gas money?

In order to get free gas money for your car is to:

  • Place advertisements onto your car in exchange for gas.
  • Win free gas gift cards by completing surveys or watching videos on rewards sites.
  • Visit Free Gas USA for a chance to get free gas through the use of grants specifically designed for helping struggling families.

Where can I get free money?

You can get free money on various websites such as rewards sites like Swagbucks, survey websites like Survey Junkie and money-making apps that allow you to complete small and easy tasks in exchange for lucrative rewards.

Is FAFSA free money?

No. FAFSA is the online application that is needed to be filled out whenever you think of attending a college or a university. It helps students get the money they need to pay for school in the form of grants, loans or work study options.

How to get free money in the mail?

In order to get free money in the mail, you need to work with companies to get paid. The best companies to work for to get money in the mail are survey websites such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie which have the option to pay you by check.

How to get free money for college?

The best way to get free money for college is by filling out a FAFSA form. Keep in mind, the FAFSA is not a way to earn free money. It is a way to help you pay your college intuition by using government grants and student loans.

How to add free money to your bank account?

In order to add free money to your bank account, you should use an app that will help you earn cash back on purchases made by using your checking debit card such as Ebates. Also check out our budgeting software review which may help you see where you can free up cash you didn't know you had.

How to find free money on the Internet?

To find free money on the Internet, you need to find sites that will allow you to earn money with as little work as possible. You can find sites that offer no-risk betting, allow you to conduct online surveys or those that will pay you for a specific job such as searching the web or filling out captcha boxes. Take a look at a list of work from home companies we have compiled.

How to get free money on your debit card?

The easiest and best way to get free money on your debit card is to earn cash back rewards for items you already shop for. You can download an app on your phone such as Ibotta to earn cash back on purchases or talk to your bank to see if they offer a cashback rewards program.

How to get free grant money for personal use?

To get free grant money for personal use, you need to visit the federal government’s official grant website rather than visit a commercial website that may charge you a fee for filling out an application. You may also be interesting in checking out the best passive income investments we have reviewed.

How to add free money to your credit card?

The only way that you can add free money onto your credit card is through your credit card company’s cashback rewards system. Most credit cards offer this rewards system and allows you to earn a certain percentage in cash back on purchases you have made when using the credit card. If this is for a gift then you can buy prepaid card online.

How to get free money for home improvements?

To get free money for home improvements, you will need to be approved for a home improvement grant through the government. You will have to apply for a home improvement grant through your local government office and explain why you can’t afford to repair your house or apartment with your current financial situation. Once you find out you are eligible, you will have to compile all of the necessary documentation needed in order to receive the grant funds.

How to make money on free websites?

The best way to make money on free websites is to sign up for websites that will allow you to earn money online for doing simple tasks. The best websites to sign up for are:

  • Swagbucks-

    allows you to earn rewards such as cash or gift cards for completing microjobs, searching the web or playing games.

  • Survey Junkie-

    allows you to earn money by completing and participating in online surveys.

  • Google AdSense-

    allows you to monetize current blogs or websites to earn cash for every click directed to the ad from your site.

You could also start your own blog. For example I learned how to build my own website and talk about my hobbies and then make money from ads.

Free Money App

This section covers frequently asked questions regarding free money apps that will allow you to earn free money.

How to create an app for free and make money?

In order to make money with an app, you will need to build the app from scratch and place it for use on an app marketplace such as the iOS app store or Google Play store. If you don’t have the skills needed to create an app, you can use a site called MobinCube that allows you to create an app without any coding required.

Once the app is created and launched, you can add small microtransactions within the app to create money or use it to promote a separate product to earn money.

How to get Free Google Play money?

The best way to get free Google Play money is to join websites where you can earn Google Play money in exchange for completing tasks. The best websites to use include:

  • Swagbucks
  • AppLike
  • AppNana
  • Bing Rewards
  • Cubic Reward

How to get free money on cash app?

To get free money on the Cash app, you first must sign up for a free account on the Cash app. Once signed up, you can earn a referral bonus by referring your friends and family to create a free account. Also take a look at the best app to make money we recently reviewed. There are many side hustle apps you can take advantage of too.

How to get free iTunes money?

To get free iTunes money is to earn the money using an iTunes gift card. There are many sites online such as Quick Thoughts or using an app called the GetCashforApps app that will allow you to earn iTunes money by downloading other apps or playing games.

How to get free money on Venmo?

To get free money on Venmo, you must first send a charge to someone that owes you money and they need to confirm the payment to you. To maximize earning potential, you will need to send charge requests to your friends if you have paid for something for them and receive money for free in the process.

How to get free money on your phone?

The best way to get free money on your phone is to download apps that will allow you to earn money straight from your phone. These apps work better if you have unlimited high speed data. The best apps to use include:

  • Lucktastic-

    allows you to win money by giving free scratch tickets.

  • VIPVoice-

    allows you to get free money by taking surveys from your phone.

  • InboxDollars-

    allows you to make money by completing daily surveys.

  • Google Opinion Rewards-

    allows you to earn free points by downloading apps, watching movies or playing games.

How do you get free iTunes money?

The best way to get free iTunes money is to download apps that will allow you to earn free iTunes gift cards. The best apps to use to earn free iTunes gift cards are:

  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie
  • Ebates
  • Answer Surveys
  • Ibotta

How to get free Starbucks money?

The best way to get free Starbucks money is to earn them by using free aps.  The best apps to use to earn free Starbucks money gift cards are:

  • Drop-

    allows you to earn points by shopping at individual stores.

  • My Survey-

    allows you to earn money via gift cards by completing online surveys.

  • Toluna-

    allows you to earn Starbucks gift cards by entering in sweepstakes and completing online polls.

Free Money Amazon

This section covers common frequently asked questions regarding to make or earn free money on Amazon.

How to get free money on Amazon?

In order to get free money on Amazon you need to earn free Amazon gift cards. The best way to earn these gift cards is to participate on online sites or on apps to earn rewards in exchange for these gift cards. Use sites and apps such as Ipsos I-say, Harris Poll Online, Inbox Dollars and Global Test Market.

How to get free money in Amazon wallet?

To get free money in your Amazon wallet, you need to earn free Amazon gift cards. To earn free gift cards, use sites such as Bing Rewards, Top Cashback, Amazon Mechanical Turk to earn reward for completing microjobs and answering surveys online.

Free Money PayPal

In this section you will find common frequently asked questions regarding PayPal and how to earn free money using PayPal.

How to get free PayPal money legally?

There are plenty of ways to earn PayPal money legally. While the most common and easy way to make money on PayPal legally is by receiving money from friends and family, you can earn PayPal money by earning PayPal cash rewards from legit rewards sites in exchange for completing surveys, searching on the Internet or completing online microjobs.

How to get free money on PayPal no surveys?

To get free money on PayPal without having to do surveys in the process is to complete microjobs online. The best sites to do this are Swagbucks or Amazon Mechanical Turk. Both sites allow you to complete microjobs such as identifying images, searching the web for specific keywords and results and testing websites.

Free Money Game

This section covers common frequently asked questions pertaining to earning free money on popular online video games.

How to get free Steam money?

The legitimate way to get free Steam money added to your steam wallet is to sell community items in the community market if it applies or earn rewards from online reward sites that can be redeemed for a steam wallet gift card.  The best site to use for free Steam gift cards is Prize Rebel which allows you to earn points by watching videos or completing small tasks in exchange for this type of gift card.

How to get free Roblox money?

The best way to earn free Roblox money, also known as Robux is to sign up for the Robux stipend, which allows users to receive free Roblox money daily or sell items in game for a 70% profit on those sales.

How to get free money on Bovada?

The best way to get free money on Bovada is to earn free bonus cash codes. To do this search websites that off daily cash codes such as or

How to get free PSN money?

To earn free PSN money, you can either ask friends or family to purchase PSN gift cards for you or earn rewards via the Sony Rewards program by playing games and earning rewards which can then be redeemed for a PSN money gift card.

How to get free money for Chumba?

In order to get free money for Chumba, you must receive and earn Free Sweeps cash. To do this, stay connect to Chumba’s Facebook page for special events and competitions or sign up for their email newsletter to earn free sweeps cash upon sign up.

How to get free money from Rockstar?

The best way to get free money from Rockstar is to log into the game. Routinely Rockstar offers in-game stimulus bonuses to players as long as they log in on specific dates. The last time Rockstar gave away free money, players were able to earn up to $250,000 in in-game currency.

How to get free money on Nitro type?

To earn free money on Nitro type, you must purchase items and cars from the garage and race. Once you have done that, every race will reward you with 50% extra cash and experience for every race you compete in.

How to get free money on IMVU?

One of the best ways to get free money on IMVU is to use GrabPoints Rewards. This rewards system allows you to earn points by completing regular every day tasks such as completing surveys or watching videos which can then be redeemed for free IMVU credits.

How to get free money in Bloxburg?

To get free money in the Bloxburg game of Roblox, you need to play as a delivery person. It is the fastest way to earn free money in Bloxburg, helping you to earn as much as 4,000 per minute.

How to get free Xbox money?

The best way to get free Xbox money in terms of free Xbox codes is to find a service that will reward you for completing tasks. The best way sites to use include:

  • Feature Points-

    an online service that rewards you in Xbox codes for trying new apps.

  • Cash Pirate-

    rewards in Xbox codes when you watch videos or complete surveys.

How to get free money on Rocitizens?

The best and easiest way to get free money on Rocitizens is to work in the game itself. Keep the game running in the background and check on it frequently to level up, change careers and earn as much money as possible.

How to get free Origin money?

In order to get free Origin money, you are going to need to get it in the form of gift cards.  While you can get these gift cards for free from your family, you can use websites such as Cinema Blend to receive free promo codes occasionally to receive money.

How to get free money on the Nintendo eShop?

To get free money on the Nintendo eShop, the easiest and safest way is to join websites that offer free points in exchange for Nintendo eShop credit. The best sites to join are:

  • Points Prizes
  • Grab Points
  • Prize Rebel

How to get free money on Facebook games?

To get free money on Facebook games, the best way is to create your own Facebook game. You can add in in-app purchases into the game in exchange for giving players virtual currency or resources they can use in game.

How to get free money in Club Penguin?

To get free money in Club Penguin, you need to earn coins, the in-game currency. To earn this currency, you can:

  • Play mini games-

    each mini game rewards coins when you play.

  • Become an EPF agent or tour guide-

    can earn a regular payment of coins.

  • Have a puffle

    -a little creature that follow you around and dig around to find extra coins.

How to make money on Stardoll for free?

To make money on Stardoll for free, you need to:

  • Sign up for an account-

    you are automatically rewarded with 500 coins upon sign-up.

  • Send out and accept friend requests-

    networking among friend in Stardoll can help earn in-game currency.

  • Log in Daily-

    log into the game daily for daily log in bonuses.

How to get free money on Slotomania?

To get money for free on Slotomania is to sign up for Slotomania. Upon sign up, you are immediately rewarded with 10,000 coins as a welcome bonus. Once you run out of these welcome coins, join the Slotomania rewards loyalty program to earn free spins daily which can result in more money.

How to get free money on Movie Star Planet?

To get free money on Movie Star Planet, you can:

  • Log in daily for daily log in rewards.
  • Spin the silver wheel once a day to earn gold.
  • Select a career to earn money regularly.
  • Complete quests.
  • Watch movies in the Movie Town section.
  • Play games in the game section.

How to get free money from Rockstar support?

The only way to get free money from Rockstar support is to contact them whenever you have an issue with a game and receive a reward for free in-game currency or money to help ease your troubles. The best way to contact them is to visit their support center here.

How to get free money on Webkinz?

To get free money on Webkinz, you can:

  • Log in daily and complete daily events.
  • Participate in hourly events.
  • Visit the Webkinz Care award section and fill up the heart to earn money.
  • Visit the Quizzy’s Question Corn and answer questions for cash.
  • Complete jobs.

How to get free money on Xbox 360?

The best way to get free money on Xbox 360 is to sign up for websites that will reward you with free Xbox 360 codes in exchange for completing surveys, referring people to a program, trying new apps or games, watching video ads or completing microtasks.