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How to Make Extra Cash Fast 25 WaysWe’ve all had a moment where we were just a little short on cash. Maybe you needed an extra $100 or $200 to make rent. Perhaps your utility bill was a bit higher than you were expecting this month. You may have woken up to a car that suddenly needs a few hundred dollars in repairs.

Whatever the case may be, you need to make extra money and your bank account doesn’t have enough funds to cover the cost. While working a steady job is usually good to help you cover expenses, there are many people out there who can’t pay for sudden emergencies.

The Solution

If you need to earn some quick cash to help make a little cushion for your next rainy day, then we’ve provided a few ways to earn on the side.

The best thing about these side hustles is that they are flexible. You can work on these little side projects when you have free time and you don’t have to worry about compromising your current job in the process.

Millennials today are constantly looking for alternative methods of making money besides the traditional 8-hour work day.

Thanks to so many opportunities that are available online, there are tons of ways in which you can make some extra money from your phone and computer without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Some of these methods involve make extra cash directly, but there are other things on the list that teach you a few ways to save some money by being a part of some generous rewards programs or using popular apps that pay you for having them installed.

There are even a few things you can do that may turn into a full-time income if you desire, which would mean you won’t have to go into your traditional 9-to-5 job again.

Whether you are looking for a new employment opportunity or you’re simply trying to find part time jobs online, these are 25 ways to make extra cash fast. Some of these are money making apps that can take your income to another level. 

1. Proofreading

Proofreading is a lucrative position where people can make several thousand each year doing it from the comfort of their own home. Some people do it in their spare time and others do it as a full-time position.

The requirements are simple, all you need is strong grammar skills and a pretty good eye for spelling. With a bit of hard work and effort, you too can make a generous income through proofreading.

2. Virtual Assistant

There is a ton of demand out there for virtual assistants. To make things even better, not only are virtual assistants in demand, but it is also one of the highest paying jobs available for those that want to work from home.

A virtual assistant must do various tasks, which include email management, content production, project management, and social media management to name a few.

If you want to work from home or are simply looking for another career to make some extra cash on the side, then being a virtual assistant may be perfect for you.


Survey Junkie

Why Survey Junkie?

  • Survey Junkie was launched in 2005 and is one of the longest running survey sites online.
  • It has over 3 million members currently.
  • There is a different payout for each survey completed (with an average of $1 to $3 per survey).
  • At Survey Junkie, points earned for surveys are awarded instantly (while other sites take up to 24 hours).

Try Survey Junkie

3. Online Surveys

Brands are always trying to find out what customers think of their products through surveys. Surveys allow a company to collect information and get a leg up on the competition, which is why they will pay you for your input.

If you’ve ever taken the surveys you see on store receipts, then this will most likely be easy for you.

There are a lot of sites that allow you to take surveys, but they all aren’t great to earn extra money. Reputable sites, such as Survey Junkie, are the ones you should invest your time into.

One thing to keep in mind is that you aren’t going to be eligible for every survey available. Try to find a few survey websites and keep seeing what is available periodically in order to increase your earning potential. Read our full Survey Junkie review here.

How to Make Extra Cash Fast 25 Ways



Why Nielsen?

  • It is a company that pays members to analyze their internet usage and behavior.
  • All you need to do is download the app on your device and browse as you normally would.
  • It is a highly credible company with AAA+ rating on BBB.
  • You can earn up to $50 or more for simply browsing on your device.

Try Nielsen

4. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel combines your internet usage with others in order to get an idea of internet behavior.

If you don’t mind that someone watches the different things you’re searching for, then Nielsen will pay you just for that. They then send that information to different companies in order to market to people that are like you.

Like InboxDollars, Nielsen is a great way to earn extra money each month without having to make any changes to your usual schedule. Nielsen is not only highly credible with an AAA+ rating by the BBB, but it has also been around for almost 100 years.

If you’re lucky, you may get rewarded as Nielsen also gives away $10,000 to those that actively use the platform.

5. Cashback Rewards for Shopping

One of the best methods of making extra money is just getting back some of what you’ve already spent. If you like to shop, then there are some cashback sites you can use to get your money back from purchase people make every day.

Sites like Ebates allow you to earn as much as 60% back on some of the things you purchase regularly. Discounts are provided for practically every brand, so there is no reason to not use these programs.

In addition to getting cash back for your purchases, these sites often have referral programs where you can refer a friend. The best thing is that you and your friend earn a bit of cash when they sign up.

6. Connect Loyalty Cards to Ibotta

If you have a smartphone, it is time to start taking advantage of some of the apps that help you earn money. Ibotta is an app that offers a rebate for practically any brand you buy, which is especially the case at popular food retailers.

You can also earn more money if you add your friends to the app.

The way you earn is simple, scan the barcode on the item and then take a photo of the receipt. Afterward, you get the money credited to your account within two days.

7. Earn and Save with Airbnb

In order to save money, you don’t have to give up your annual trip. In fact, you might be able to go on a trip for free if you use a rental service like Airbnb.

Being much less expensive than a hotel, Airbnb allows you to travel to a new location while renting out an affordable space. To make things better is the fact that you can rent out your home as well.

While you’re leasing out your house and taking a trip, you can earn money and save on your travel expenses.

8. High-Interest Savings Account

If you haven’t been thinking about compound interest, you should. Not a lot of people are aware of how advantageous it is to have a high-interest savings account.

It only takes a few minutes, but you can start making extra money within just a few minutes through a high-yield savings account.

With this type of savings account, it’s possible to earn upwards of 100x the national average and you can take out the money at any time without suffering any penalties. In fact check out the best savings account bonus being offered by different banks right now.

How to Make Extra Cash Fast 25 Ways

9. Start Your Own Website

If you love to write and you’re passionate about something, then you might be able to make money and even earn a full-time income through writing online.

You can build a professional website in just a few minutes with the help of a good self-hosting service, such as HostGator and using the free WordPress design software.

There are several ways to make money fast online through your website, which ranges from affiliate products, sponsored posts, and display advertisements.

10. Play Games and Make Money

It’s amazing how many ways you can make money online, which even includes playing games. You’ve probably heard of Solitaire, Trivial Pursuit, and Wheel of Fortune. Well, through Swagbucks, you can play those games and get paid for it.

When users play games on Swagbucks, they earn a currency that can be redeemed for either gift cards or receive cash back through PayPal.

To make it even more enticing, Swagbucks also gives you free $10 just to sign up.

11. Drive People Around

You’ve probably heard of Uber or even used it, but its popularity just proves how it is one of the better ways to make a decent income on the side.

Your vehicle does have to meet certain requirements, but if it does then you can drive people around at any time of the day.

Not only does Uber allow drivers to earn tips, but you can earn a lot more if you drive during Uber’s premium rate hours, which are usually on the weekends, nights, and during certain major events in the area.

If Uber isn’t your speed, there are other ride-sharing services like Lyft that allow you to do the same.

Depending on your circumstances, these services may even help you get a vehicle in order to start your career as a driver.

12. Rent Your Car Out to Others

Driving people around can be time-consuming, but if you have a vehicle you can rent it out to others and relax while making money.

Getaround is a service that lets you share your car and rent it out to people who need a ride. You must pay a fee of $20 a month to use the app, but you do get a free trial for 30 days.

The hourly rate is dependent upon the location of your vehicle, make, model, year, and how much demand there is in the area.

This service also offers insurance to protect your property from getting damaged.

Keep in mind that if you do use Getaround then you will have to pay $99 for a Connect installation.

Connect is what allow renters to unlock your car during its available hours so you won’t have to deal with handing off the keys each time someone rents out your vehicle.

13. Get Paid for Using Google

How often have you ever decided to search or look something up through Google or Bing? Well, you can get paid for it through InboxDollars.

You get around $0.15 for every 4 searches you perform that qualify, but you also earn an extra $0.05 every time you use the tool at least 4 times a week.

This isn’t a way to get rich, but it does help you make just a few extra bucks each month just by searching online the way you normally do.

Just to make things more enticing is the fact that they offer $5 for free just by signing out.

14. Make Money Doing Market Research

Another way to make extra money from the comfort of your own home is through helping companies to collect information. Vindale Research pays you to complete questionnaires that pay anywhere between $0.25 to $50.00 based on certain qualifications.

There are hundreds of questionnaires that get added each day and millions have been paid out to date. cashouts are either through PayPal or check so it is a great way to make some extra cash each month if you have some spare time.

15. Earn While Losing Weight

We’ve all had the desire to shed a few pounds here and there, but did you know that you could get paid to do it. In fact, you could even earn around $200 for every pound you lose.

HealthyWage is a service that pays you to lose extra weight. It is difficult to lose weight, but it is far from impossible.

If you think you are willing to put your wallet on the line and are up for a major challenge, then you can start with their prize calculator.

Bets max out at $10,000, which is rather difficult to achieve, but if you set some realistic weight loss goals you could earn $100 a month or more.

How to Make Extra Cash Fast 25 Ways

16. Start Paying Off Student Loans

There are thousands of you out there that are dealing with student loan debt. It is daunting when you must pay off $40,000 or in some cases even $100,000 or more.

Many people, unfortunately, don’t learn about financing and end up getting their student loans at a pretty poor rate, but there are things you can do to help keep costs down.

If you refinance your student loans, you can easily save a few hundred through a new interest rate. Don’t keep paying high percentage costs when you could have hundreds and even thousands in student loans.

Lenders, such as SoFi look at your loans and try to beat the rate you’re currently paying. Not only does this process save you in the long run, but it also helps take some of the stress from paying student loans.

17. Investing

Investing is a necessity for any and everyone that is trying to improve their financial situation. Just as a frame of reference, the average yearly return on money a person invests into the stock market is 7.0%, which is more than any other form of investment.

With just a small initial deposit of a few thousand and monthly contributions of $50 to a few hundred dollars could lead to several hundred thousand in appreciated money by 67.

Even if you can’t put in a few thousand and adding hundreds every month, it is still wise to start off as soon as possible and let your money do the earning for you.

There are different resources that allow you to start investing with a small amount of money. The Stash app gives you the ability to start investing with just $5 if you pay a $1 monthly fee while your balance is under $5,000.

Because of a lot of the complications that come with investing, it can be pretty daunting, but apps like Stash help take out the complicated aspects and allows you to choose where you will place your money.

18. Share Purchase History for $3/Month

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. If you shop on it regularly, you may be able to earn a little cash back each month through the ShopTracker app.

This app pays you for research so that companies better understand the things people are purchasing online. The information they take from you is anonymously so your name, address, and personal payment information isn’t included in the information.

You only earn $3 a month through this, but it is a good way to add some extra cash to your wallet when you’re a little short.

19. Sell Old Movies and CDs

When you look around your place and you see tons of old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and more that you don’t use anymore, then you’re probably considering either having it take up space or just throwing it all away.

There is an alternative that could earn you a little bit of extra money. Decluttr is a service that pays you to take some of the old stuff you own off your hands.

It doesn’t take much, all you must do is download the app and scan the barcodes on the items you wish to sell. Payment comes a day or two after the items you shipped have been received. They also make shipping free.

In addition to the payments you receive for your items, Decluttr also gives you a $5 bonus if you use the code FREE5 when you’re checking out.

20. Sell Your Phone

If you have an old phone that you aren’t using anymore, then why don’t you sell your phone and get some extra money? This is a very fast and easy way to collect a bit of extra cash immediately without having to worry about delivering a product or signing up for a service.

Many local Walmarts and malls have an EcoATM kiosk, which pays you for recycling your old electronic devices, such as an iPhone, Android, mp3 player, or tablet.

All you must do is put your phone information into the estimator tool and place your item in the EcoATM to get cash back.

A few factors determine how much you receive, such as the condition of your phone and how much storage it may have. Newer devices can net you around $100 or more.

21. Sell Your Plasma

Selling your plasma isn’t something you can do daily, but if you are short on cash and need it fast then you can sell it, make a little money, and do a good deed.

Look for plasma donation centers in your area and make sure that you do the proper research before going to any location you aren’t sure about.

There are some places that say you could earn hundreds by donating your plasma, but in most situations, you will earn around $20 for a few hours of your time.

It’s not a lucrative income, but it is a good way to cover the cost for a few items here and there if you are short on cash for the month.

While you may not get paid as much, you can donate your blood to earn extra money as well.

22. Sell Old Clothes

If you have a closet full of clothing that you no longer wear anymore, you can do a lot more with it by selling it than letting it take up space in your closet.

There are various stores, such as Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange that pay you to take your clothes off your hands. If you really want to get the most cash, make sure to offer up some of your brand name clothing.

If you can’t seem to sell your clothing through those services, you can always sell your items on your own either through Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace.

How to Make Extra Cash Fast 25 Ways

23. Sell Unused Gift Cards

If you got a gift card for a store you’re probably never going to visit, then why not have someone take it off your hands in exchange for cash.

You can sell your gift card online and get cash for it within a few days, but you don’t have to wait that long if you are tight on cash and need something fast.

Cardpool has cashier-assisted kiosks that allow you to trade in your gift cards. It should be noted that you may not always get cash back for your gift cards. Instead, you may end up having to exchange one gift card for another.

If you do have some gift cards around that you don’t plan to use any time soon, then you should consider selling it or exchanging it for something more useful.

24. Sell Old College Textbooks

For many people, once they’re done with the semester or they have gotten out of the college, they no longer need to use their college textbooks.

College textbooks can be expensive, but you may be able to use them to get cash. BookScouter will tell you how much your book is worth and what marketplaces are best to sell them on.

If you want to get money quickly, consider selling them on websites like eBay, OfferUp, Craigslist, and Letgo.

Depending on when and where you’re trying to sell them, your college textbooks may not sell immediately, but it still may be beneficial to put up the listing anyway.

25. Flip Items on Craigslist

It has been listed before how Craigslist is an excellent marketplace to sell your used items, whether they are electronics, furniture or even clothing.

You don’t need to have items on your own in order to start selling them though. Craigslist has a section dedicated to people giving up items for free.

All you need to do is scroll through the free section, find something that you feel has value, and then resell it on Craigslist for a profit.

It doesn’t have to be on Craigslist either, you can sell your products online through eBay or Amazon and have someone take it off your hands without having to meet up with them.

While the search for free items may not always yield you high results, you could make a pretty significant profit with the right items.

Making Extra Cash Fast

There are many different resources available to help make extra cash when you are running low for the month.

Some of the best things you can do are save money and start investing. Instead of earning more cash, a lot of people find it more lucrative to help keep costs low on their daily expenses.

Using various apps, rewards programs, and cards that offer cashback helps to keep trips to the store and online purchases low. Taskrabbit is one of these helpful apps that could earn you money part-time. 

Always consider what you have lying around and what household items you no longer need or use anymore. There are many occasions where people have items that can easily sell for a modest amount of money.

Some of the more lucrative options are going to take longer to receive cash in than the lower-paying fast things you can do.

If you really want to get yourself out of a financial bind, consider starting the more lucrative ways to make cash and working on those in your spare time while you cover more immediate needs using some of the faster methods available. You may also want to consider a passive income stream which is a long-term approach to it. 


There is nothing quite like seeing extra money in your account after only a few hours of work. Whether you are doing it to help catch up on some upcoming bills or you are trying to save for a rainy day, getting fast income can help with overcoming a lot of financial situations you may find yourself in. You'll always ask, what's the best way to save money?

Many people wonder just how it is possible to make money fast, either online or offline. We’ve put together a list of questions and answers to help you understand a bit more clearly how you can use your resources to make money fast.

How to Make Extra Cash

If you are already making an income on your own, you’re probably wondering what methods you can use to make extra cash in your spare time. A lot of methods you can use to make extra cash doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time or invest in extra resources. Here is a list of questions we’ve compiled to help you understand how you can make extra cash easily.

How to make cash online?

If you enjoy working from home, you can make cash online through being a freelancer. Websites like Upwork allow you to find various people who need freelancing services of all types.

How to make easy cash?

If you have a car and know your way around the local area, you can make easy cash through Uber and Lyft driving services. All you need is a compatible vehicle to get started. You can work for however long you like.

Can you make serious cash from web templates?

Web design doesn’t have to be complicated. You can sell web templates to people online and make money from it. You can also use web templates to speed up your design process and make money as a designer.

How to make extra cash on the side?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make some extra cash in your spare time. Several gigs are available through online job boards, which can help you to make cash on the side.

How to make extra cash fast?

One way to make cash fast is to take items you already have in your home and resell them to others. You can either have a garage sale or post your items up online for sale.

How to make a little extra cash online?

If you’re skilled at writing, then you can make however you want as a freelance writer online. Not only is this a remote job, but it also allows you to set your own prices and work with tons of different people and companies around the world.

How to make extra cash today?

If you have a certain set of skills, you can make extra cash by doing gig jobs on TaskRabbit. You can set up a profile for free and have people hire you for whatever service you’d like.

How to make extra cash on the internet?

With so many opportunities to make cash from home, some of them are too good to be true. There are some legitimate ways to make fast cash from the comfort of your own home with home based business opportunities, but you should always be cautious and investigate whatever method you choose to protect yourself and your identity.

What can I sell to make extra cash?

Any item can be sold for a price, even those you may not feel have much value. One type of item that particularly sells well at a decent price is electronics.

How to make extra cash for Christmas?

If you’ve ever been to Craigslist, you may have noticed the gigs section. While the jobs vary wildly, you can find some extra work to do to earn cash for the holiday.

What to do to make extra cash?

Make sure to consider your resources when trying to make extra cash. If you have the time, you can get a side job working as a virtual assistant, transcriber, or customer service representative.

Where can I make some extra cash?

Taking care of dogs is a great way to make cash if you love animals. Dog sitting is a huge business and you can make quite a bit just from taking a dog for a walk or watching it for a few days.

What can I do at home to make extra cash?

If you’re skilled at typing fast, you can make extra cash from home as a transcriber. A transcriber’s job is to write down what people say in audio and video files.

What to do to make extra cash on the side?

If you love to shop, you can make extra cash on the side by earning cash back with your purchases. Ebates is a cashback site that gives you a percentage back for most of the purchases you make.

How to make extra cash in college?

If you want to make extra cash on the side, you should see if you have any used books for sale. If you have used textbooks, sell them on Chegg or Cash4Books for a good amount of money.

How to make cash on the side from stock photography?

If you have an eye for photography, you can sell your photos on Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Alamy. Prices range greatly, but many people make extra cash by selling their photos on these sites.

How to make cash online free?

You can make your own website and make money online on your own terms. While the best method to make money is through self-hosting, there are ways to make a free website and still monetize it through affiliate marketing.

How to make money with a small amount of cash?

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can start earning through investing. Acorns is an app that lets you invest a small amount of money into the stock market.

How to make money off cash app?

Some apps, such as AppOptix pay you for monitoring your phone activity. If you are okay with having your activity monitored, you can earn a few dollars weekly.

How to make cash money daily?

One of the best ways to make money daily is to work directly for people and not through a company. Posting ads for services you provide on a Facebook community page or Craigslist is a great way to get started.

Making Cash Instantly

If you need extra cash for an emergency, there are different methods you can use to make cash instantly.  These methods won’t always earn you a lot of money and they aren’t as reliable as some of the more long-term methods, but they are a great resource when you need to get cash as quickly as possible. This is a list of questions on how you can make cash in an instant.

How to make instant PayPal cash?

Sites like Survey Junkie pay you through PayPal after you’ve made a redeemable amount of money through their services. The payouts usually take 24 hours to complete.

How to make instant cash online?

If you have old CDs, games, and other electronics in your home, you can make cash by selling them on Decluttr. If you have a large collection, you can earn hundreds through the service. You could also start online business ideas that we discuss throughout this site.

Is make cash taking surveys legit?

There are legitimate sites that pay you to take surveys. Be careful, as there are many sites that offer the service, but only a few are trustworthy, such as InboxDollars. Take a look at some legit make money online surveys.

How to make quick cash right now?

One of the fastest methods to make cash is to work for Amazon or other major companies that need people for customer support services. These are remote jobs that pay well.

Making Cash in a Day

Many people have found themselves in situations where they need to make cash in a fast amount of time. While there are several legitimate methods to make cash within a day, it can be difficult to find out which ones are good for you and which are scams. Here are some questions we’ve answered to help you find real ways to make cash in a day.

What are ways to make cash in a day?

Businesses are always looking for people to do specific jobs. If you want, you can join Clickworker, which gives you a long list of jobs that you can take to make cash in a day.

Where to make cash in one day?

If you love kids, you can make cash as a babysitter with just a few hours of work. Online sites, such as Care Babysitting, allow you to make a profile and take care of children in your local area.

How to make $100 cash in one day?

If you have designer clothing, you can sell them on eBay and other auction sites for free. These items usually sell quickly and you may be able to earn $100 in a day.

How to make easy cash in a day?

If you have an old smartphone lying around, you can make easy cash through depositing into a local kiosk. Some kiosks at Wal-Mart and other stores pay you to sell your old phones to them.

How to make cash today?

If you love playing games, you can make cash today to play video games on Swagbucks. Swagbucks give you $10 just to sign up and you can earn more just by playing popular board and card games.

How to make quick cash today?

Complete questionnaires through Vindale Research to make some quick cash. Most of the questionnaires can only be taken if you meet certain qualifications, but the payouts can be anywhere from a few cents to $50.00.

How to make fast cash in a day?

If you have gift cards that you don’t plan on using, you can make fast cash by selling them at Cardpool’s kiosks in your area. In some cases, you can only exchange one gift card for another, but there are times when you can get cash for your card.

How to make fast cash online today?

If you have a strong understanding of grammar and writing, then you can make fast cash online as a proofreader. Depending on the types of jobs you may find, you can earn thousands each month proofreading online.

Making Cash as a Kid or Teenager

Even if you’re young, there are still different methods that allow you to make cash while you’re a kid or teen. These teen jobs allow you to make money both online and offline. These are some questions that help you understand how kids can make cash fast.

How to make easy cash as a kid?

If you’re a kid, your methods of making cash are limited. The best thing to do is to ask your parents or other adults what you can do for them to earn money around your home or in your neighborhood.

How to make fast cash as a teenager?

If you’re a teenager and you want to make fast cash, offer a service such as writing, illustration, or design. Some sites, such as Fiverr allow you to make money if you’re over the age of 13.

Best Ways to Make Fast Cash

Both online and offline, there are hundreds of ways to make cash fast without even having to leave your own home. In fact, you can earn hundreds from the safety of your home or through selling various items lying around your place. In the instance you need to make fast cash, we’ve answered some questions on some of the best ways to earn quickly.

How to make cash fast and easy?

Selling your plasma is a fast way to get cash and it is easy as well. You can’t do it often, but it is a great way to earn around $20 for a few hours of your time.

How to make big cash fast?

If you aren’t one for the jewelry or other precious metals you have lying around and need big cash, then consider selling your gold and silver for cash. Many local shops take items like this. Also, though you need to be exercise a lot of caution with risky investments and talk to professionals for advice, stock market investments have given people big payoffs. There are other types of investments that people in reviews are saying give them hefty returns such as crowfunding real estate. For example check out our Realtymogul review.

What the best way to make fast cash?

One of the best ways to make cash fast is through advertising. If you have a strong following on social media or a blog that takes in a lot of traffic, you can earn a lot of money through posting ads.

What can I do to make some quick cash?

If you need cash in a hurry, sell household items on OfferUp or Letgo, which helps you take your items off your hands and make some money quickly, but it depends on what you sell.

What to sell to make quick cash?

If you need cash in a hurry, sell household items on OfferUp or Letgo, which helps you take your items off your hands and make some money quickly, but it depends on what you sell.

How to make fast cash from home?

One way to make cash quick is to have others drive your car with Getaround. You don’t even have to do anything, but the amount you earn is dependent on a lot of factors, such as the area you’re in and demand.

How to make fast cash now?

When you’re really in a bind for cash, one thing that works for many people is flipping items. In order to flip a product, all you need to do is find products that are sold cheaply, such as those found at a garage sale, and then resell them at their proper value.

How to make quick cash near me?

With the demands that are required for a business to be operational, many companies near you have a need for someone to run their social media or help to maintain their website. If you want to make some quick cash in your area, see what gigs companies have available.