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As of 2018, the average American has less than $4,000 in savings. Considering that savings are the primary source of emergency funds, this number is alarming. The general rule-of-thumb is that your savings account should have enough money to cover your living for six months. With that said, $4,000 might not even cover your rent payment.


Fortunately, there are various saving techniques for all age groups, many of which are online. To further explore the topic of saving money, we’ve compiled the below questions to shed light on the ways you can increase your savings no matter what your background is.



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Discounts at Stores and Resorts

There’s no better feeling than saving money at the stores you shop at every day. To retain customers, many stores now have loyalty programs where they reward customers on every $1 spent. On the other hand, some stores and resorts only have periodical sales throughout the year without rhyme or reason. To save on your favorite store, consider the below questions:

How to save money at Home Depot?

Every Home Depot sells discounted paint on their “oops rack.” This paint comes from customers who ended up changing their mind. Instead of buying a tool, you can also make use of the store’s tool rental program.

How to save money at Lush?

The best way to save money at Lush is to make your purchases during the annual “Boxing Day Sale.” This sale takes place every year after Christmas (excludes online purchases).

How to save money on Verizon wireless bill?

Depending on where you work, you might be eligible for a discount through your employer. If you can’t get a discount, consider using Total Wireless, a carrier that uses Verizon’s network.

How to save money at Disney world?

Instead of staying at a Disney resort, you can save money by renting a home or condo on Airbnb. You will have to shell out about $388 per night to sleep at a Disney-owned property.

How to save money on Sandals Resorts?

Monitor Groupon frequently so you don’t miss any special coupons or discounts offered by Sandals. It’s not uncommon to get free spa credits or other deals with Sandals runs special offers.

How to save money at Starbucks?

Bringing your own reusable cup into Starbucks will save you ten cents on each drink. Many Starbucks customers also use Starbucks Rewards to get free drinks and food.

How to save money on hotels?

A technique to save money on hotels is to use the blind booking feature at Priceline. While Priceline doesn’t disclose the hotel’s name, you will spend significantly less. It’s also not hard to Google the information and get an idea of what hotel you’re booking.

How to save money at Kalahari?

Check out Kalahari’s special packages to get discounts on your stay. You should also monitor RetailMeNot for occasional coupons that will help you save on both rooms and meals.

How to save money at Target?

Download Target Cartwheel on your mobile phone. Each day you will have access to a variety of coupons that give you between 5 to 50% off Target products.

How to save money at Walmart?

Inarguably the best technique to save money at Walmart is to use the Savings Catcher Application. The application will price match certain products and give you reward dollars to use on future purchases.

How to save money on Amazon?

Take a look at Amazon’s Coupons to get discounts on products you routinely buy. It’s not uncommon to find coupons for 30% off or more. However, don’t buy a product unless you actually need it.

Saving Money When You Have a Low Income

Just because you don’t a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t save. Low-income individuals should find areas of their budget that could use improvement and they should also take advantage of tax benefits. With that said, there are always ways to supplement your income (even if you’re on disability).

How to save money on disability?

Even if you don’t bring in much money, put whatever you can into an ABLE account. In short, ABLE accounts lets people with disabilities save money without the risk of losing their disability benefits.

How to save money on a fixed income?

If you’re spending money on alcohol and cigarettes each month, definitely try to cut back on both vices. Americans spend over $800 per year on these two habits.

How to save money when you're broke?

First off, get rid of all unnecessary subscriptions – magazines, cable, and even your expensive gym membership. Then, start taking on a frugal lifestyle. Downsize your apartment, eat only at home, and avoid overusing electricity. Also look for those birthday freebies whenever you can.

How to stop gambling and save money?

Instead of spending real money at in-person casinos, play free casino games online. Playing online gives you the same entertainment without actually losing your money.

How to save money living paycheck to paycheck?

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, you really need to reevaluate your budget and find expenses that aren’t necessary (cable, satellite radio, etc.). Once you can cut down your budget, look for ways to ways to supplement your income.

How to budget and save money on a small income?

See if you are eligible for government subsidies and tax credits. For example, the income tax credit (EITC), gives families up to $6,318 and single individuals up to $510. There are also micro investing apps that help you save automatically. For example check out our Acorns investing review.

How to save money fast on a low income?

Stop driving your car when you only need to go a short distance. Not only is it healthier to ride your bike or walk but will also save a good deal of money each money on gas.

How to Save More Money Fast

Building Your Savings in High School and College

Not only does saving in college and high school help you save money, but it also helps you gain work experience that will boost your career. It seems that the general trend is that millennials either don’t want to work, or spend their money on goods that aren’t needed. Despite this, there are several ways for high schoolers and college to earn money legally:

How to save money in college?

Instead of buying new books from your university’s bookstore, buy used textbooks on AbeBooks, Chegg, or Cash4Books. Once you’re done with them, you can sell them on these sites as well.

How to save money as a teenager?

Keep your student ID with you every time you go shopping and take advantage of discounts. For example, Eddie Bauer, J. Crew, and Charlotte Russe all give students a certain percentage off.

How to save money for kids?

Start by doing chores around your house and see if your parents will give you allowance. After you earn money, put it away in a piggy bank and keep it somewhere safe. Once you get enough money, you could open a savings account at the bank with the help your parents.

How to save money as a college student?

Carefully compare the costs of dorms and off-campus housing to see what’s cheaper long-term. More often than not, you can save a lot by living off-campus with several roommates. Also, as mentioned before, try to sell textbooks online when you can to recoup some of that cost.

How to save money efficiently as a student?

See what your university has for entertainment before venturing outside of campus. For example, many universities have free movie nights and discounted (or free) live shows. You could also save money on your student loan payments if interest rates decrease. Reade more: Should I refinance my student loans?

How to save money in university?

Don’t bring your car with you to university. Unless you’re at a super small school, there’s a likely a bus system to take you from point A to point B. Not to mention, a parking past isn’t cheap.

How to save money selling on eBay?

Use an eBay profit calculator so you have a good idea of how much money you’ll end up with after paying fees. Let eBay calculate your shipping costs; don’t set a flat rate on shipping without knowing the exact price.

How to save money in your 20s?

Trying taking on a “cash diet.” In a nutshell, this is when you use only cash to make purchases. When you go out to the grocery store or to a bar, leave your credit card behind and bring a limited amount of cash.

Saving On Your Bills

From consolidating your debt to negotiating with your cable provider, there are many ways to save on your bills. Most of these techniques require you to take on a frugal approach to living and even renegotiate your contracts. The below questions will help you learn how to save on your bills:

How to save money on electric bill?

Make sure all your windows and doors have proper seals to help stabilize your home’s temperature. To maintain seals and prevent cracking, you can use a rubber seal protectant.

What is the best way to save money?

One of the best ways to save money is to consolidate your debt. Not only will it become easier to manage your payments, but you’ll also have lower interest costs.

Do space heaters save money?

Yes and no. Certain space heaters are energy efficient and will save you money if you cut back on your central heating system to heat one room. With that said, most space heaters do not have the capacity to compete with your central heating system

How to save money on electricity?

While it might sound strange, you can money by doing your laundry during the night. Electricity companies offer tariffs that reduce the cost of electricity during non-peak hours.

How to save money on car insurance?

Find ways to increase your credit score to get cheaper insurance rates. Carefully review your credit report and see if there any errors you could report to the credit bureaus.

How to save money on phone internet and tv?

Bundling your phone, internet, and TV will help you save money each month. You could also get rid of your landline and replace it with a low-cost prepaid phone. You could also switch to watching online streaming services such as Hulu. Read more: Is hulu worth it?

Do led lights really save money?

Yes, LED lights do save money, but not a significant amount. The average LED bulb might save you $1.25 per year, but since they cost more than an incandescent bulb, it could take up to ten years to recoup your investment.

How to save money on energy in winter?

No matter the time of the day, wear warm clothes and cover yourself with a wool blanket so you don’t have to use as much heat. If you’re not using a particular room, turn off the vent seal.

How to save money on Comcast Triple Play?

If you already have service with Comcast, call their customer support line and state you want to cancel your services. You’ll eventually get connected to a live person who will negotiate with you to get you to stay.

How to save money on cell phone bill?

Choose a prepaid carrier such as Cricket Wireless and you could cut your phone bill in half. A basic talk and text plan with Cricket Wireless starts at $25 per month. Do a prepaid phone plans comparison and pick the cheapest one that has the features you want. You could also sell your old phones to recoup some cash. Learn more: Where can I sell my phone for a good price?

How to save money on water bill?

To save money on your water bill, you should take shorter showers (shoot for five minutes or less) and also invest in a low-flow showerhead so you use less water during your showers.

How to save money on cable?

Get yourself an HD antenna so you can get free cable TV. Paired with Hulu or Netflix, you might be able to drop cable and see get to see some of your favorite shows.

How to save money on bills?

Unbeknownst to some, it is actually possible to negotiate on your cable, cell phone, and internet bills. It never hurts to call the company to see if they’ll offer a cheaper plan. In some cases, companies will increase your monthly bill to keep you as a customer.

How to save money on utilities?

Every time you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights and don’t leave devices on (i.e. your TV, fan, etc.). During the daytime, open your blinds instead of turning on the lights.

How to save money on dental bills?

Insurance is one of the best ways to save on dental costs. Many people would be wise to buy dental insurance however they don't think it's worth it. If you think you're prone to expensive dental work then it may be a good idea.

How to Save More Money Fast

Growing Your Savings Quickly

While most people take several months to build up a nest egg in a high interest savings account, there are a few techniques to boost your savings quickly. Taking a few extra steps each month will increase your savings in no time. Reading Digit app reviews may also help.

How to save money fast?

Cut back on eating out and make more meals at home. Limit dining at restaurants to twice a month. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans spend just over $3,000 eating out.

How to save money with coupons?

If you want to save money on groceries and household products, go directly to the brand’s website to find the best coupons. You can also look for coupons on sites like and Redplum. Restaurant coupons for your favorite eateries can add up too.

How to save money in 6 months?

Set a realistic goal and then setup an automatic transfer to your savings account each week or month. Start driving as little as possible to save on gas – don’t make multiple trips to the same day in one day.

How to save money easily?

Focus on the little things, like the presents you give for birthdays and Christmas. Instead of buying expensive clothes as gifts, make your own DIY crafts with a touch of your own creativity. Also consider checking out personal finance software reviews and get more organized with your savings.

How to save money for a house in 6 months?

To save money for a house in 6 months, you’ll need to seriously decrease your budget and boost your income, so you can make a down payment. Don’t eat out, open your windows instead of using AC, and take the bus to work instead of driving.

How to save money on air conditioning?

Keep your blinds during the day so heat from the sun doesn’t radiate through the windows. Moreover, you should use a ceiling fan, so you don’t have to turn the AC down as much.

How to save money on taxes?

Donate your used clothing on belongings to nonprofit organizations like local churches and Salvation Armies. The IRS allows taxpayers to donate up to 30% of their taxable income each year.

How to live frugally and save money?

Don’t get an oversized house that you don’t need. Start off renting a humble apartment to avoid for property taxes and unexpected expenses that come with owning a home.

Cutting Your Food Expenses

Considering that the average American spends over $7,000 per year on food, there’s definitely room for improvement. Taking the time to search for coupons and carefully planning a budget will help you cut down without hindering your meals. These questions will help you bring down your monthly food expenses.

How to save money grocery shopping?

When you can, buy products in bulk and use economies of scale to your advantage. Freeze meets and bread, so that they stay fresh and don’t expire.

How to save money quickly?

An effective way to save money quickly is to simply increase your income. You don’t have to take on another full time job; look for side gigs on Craigslist or pick up more hours at your current job.

How to save money on catering?

Don’t set out appetizers for your guests to pick at. Instead, have servers walk around and serve them. This will reduce your costs and help prevent waste.

How to save money on meat?

Buy lean meat in large quantities. If you don’t end up eating it all, stick in the freezer for next week’s dinner. You could also explore the idea of buying at a local butcher shop over a big name grocery store.

Do you really save money at Costco?

Yes, you do really save money at Costco when you buy in bulk, especially when you buy the Kirkland brand and get products to freeze. In fact, you could save up to a thousand dollars each year.

Saving on Your Home and Commute

Taking a few extra measures each month can bring down your total living and transportation expenses each month. Ditch your car and ride the bike or take the bus instead. Even though it doesn’t sound as convenient, you’ll definitely reap the rewards in the long-run.

How to save money on gas?

Use a mobile application like GasBuddy or Gas Guru to find the cheapest gas prices near you. Aside from apps, many stores have loyalty cards where you earn points that you can redeem for discounts on gas.

How could insulating a home save money?

Despite the initial cost, insulating your home will save you money in the long-run by reducing your energy bill. Insulating your attic, for example, helps your house retain heat and keeps your house warm.

How to save money on train commute?

When possible, buy seasonal tickets and annual passes instead of buying one or two tickets at time. Those between a certain age might also quality for discounted fares.

Do you save money leasing a car?

No, you generally don’t save money leasing a car. While the monthly payment might be less when you lease a car, you’re merely paying for the depreciation of the vehicle and don’t own it at the end.

How to save money while constructing a house?

Obtaining a construction loan with a good rate is a big factor when it comes to saving money while you build your dream house. To get the best interest rates, make sure your credit is good standing and compare multiple quotes.

How to save money on gas for car?

Don’t leave your car engine running while you’re sitting in the car and avoid letting your car run for several minutes just to warm it up. These habits will use up more gas than you think.

How to save money on Uber?

If it’s your first time using Uber, get your hands on a coupon code to save up to $25 on your first ride. Another way to save money is to avoid peak times of the day so you don’t have to pay surge prices.

How to save money on rent?

The most obvious way to save money on rent is to get a roommate (or multiple roommates). If you’d rather live alone, you can always pay rent in advance and see if the landlord will give you a discount.

How to Save More Money Fast

Working Towards Long-Term Goals

Although some Americans just save enough to have an emergency fund, others save to achieve long-term goals such as buying a house, car, or starting a business. When you’re working on achieving your long-term goals, think of areas where you can improve and take as much advice as possible from the mentors in your career.

How to save money for a house?

Reevaluate your current budget and find areas you could cut back on spending. Once you fine-tune your budget, pull your bank statement each month and see how your actual spending compared to your estimate.

How to save money for a car?

While you’re saving up for a car, don’t spend money on unnecessary purchases. Focus on the bare minimum you need to get by and wait to splurge on yourself until after you get the car.

How to save money when building a house?

Always get multiple bids before going with a contractor. Moreover, properly vetting contractors will help you save money in the long-term and avoid future repair expenses.

How to save money for travel?

Spend a couple hours each week looking for coupons online and skimming through the advertisements for your local stores. Save only the coupons for items you were already planning on buying.

How to save money for a trip?

Start shopping at thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army to save on clothes, household items, and electronics. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars each year when you by used.

Should I take a vacation or save money?

That depends on your financial situation. There’s no doubt that taking a vacation is a great way to ease stress, relax, and escape from the daily grind. That said, you shouldn’t take a trip if you can’t pay your bills in the first place.

How much money to save before baby arrives?

While it depends on your lifestyle and where you live, having $20,000 in savings is a comfortable amount. To get an idea of how much it cost to raise a child, you should check out this handy calculator provided by the USDA.

How to save money to move out?

Start selling personal belongings that you don’t longer use. When it comes time to move, you’ll likely get rid of some of your stuff anyways. While you’re saving up, don’t buy designer clothes or electronics that cost an arm and a leg.

How to save money at home?

You can save money at home by meal prepping for the entire week. Not only does this save you time during the week, but you’ll also have a more consistent food budget.

How to save money for your first car?

Whether you’re a high school student or a young adult, the best way to save money for your first car is to get a part-time job or do side gigs so you can save up enough for a down payment.

How to save money for vacation?

Open a separate bank account just for your trip. Just like a traditional savings account, you can setup automatic payments each month to transfer from your checking to savings.

How to save money on car rental?

Renting outside of the airport is much cheaper than renting one right at the terminal. If you choose to travel a bit to pick up the car, you could save a few hundred dollars in a week.

How to save money on flights?

Before buying a flight, make sure to compare multiple prices on a website like Kayak or Cheapflights. There’s also always the option to used Skiplagged  and get off at your layover instead of the ticket’s final destination.

Reducing Spending on Everyday Items

Many Americans are stuck in a routine buying the same products everyday – milk, eggs, jeans, and more. Reevaluating your sources can help you save on your daily purchases. Money saving apps can also help you track your budget. The below questions explore different ways to save on your day-to-day purchases.

How to save money on food?

Ditch the supermarket and start shopping for your produce at farmers market. In a lot of cases, organic fruits and vegetables are cheaper at your local farmers market over the grocery store. If you use food delivery services a lot then compare Doordash vs Postmates in our recent review.

Can you save money with coupons?

Yes, you can definitely save money with coupons. Even if it’s just a cents off everyday items, every penny counts. A good site for finding coupons the Krazy Coupon Lady.

How to save money on hp ink cartridges?

Instead of buying brand new hp ink cartridges, take your empty cartridges to a store like Walgreen’s or Sam’s Club to refill them. Walgreens refills ink for only $12.99.

How to save money on iPad?

One of the best ways to save money on an iPad is to buy a manufacturer refurbished version over a new one. Apples sells certified refurbished iPads and offers 1-year warranty with each one. If you're asking about apps then there are apps that pay you real money when you accomplish simple tasks.

How to save money on drinking water?

Stop buying plastic water bottle and instead, invest in a Brita water bottle with a filter. A few cases of water easily amounts to the price of a reusable water bottle boasting a built-in filter.

How to save money with a family of 6?

With a large family, the best way to shop is to buy in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club. You will save considerably less on everyday items like toilet paper, milk, and meat.

How to save money on day to day expenses?

Go to the grocery store only once per week to stock up on the essentials. Also, stop making daily trips to Starbucks and instead, brew all your coffee and tea at home.

How to save money on clothes?

Instead of buying clothes new, shop at consignment stores and pay a fraction of what you would for brand names. If you really want new clothes, pick up clothes at discount stores like Marshalls and Ross Stores.

How to save money on diapers?

Instead of using disposable diapers, you could use cloth diapers Buying disposable diapers can set you back around $300. And, not to mention, cloth diapers are much more environmentally friendly.

How to save money on Cialis?

There are many coupons online for Cialis that can save you several hundreds of dollars. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to compare prices online before buying Cialis.

How to save money on contact lenses?

One way to save money on contacts is to buy more expensive ones that last longer. You could also shop for cheap contacts online.

General Saving Tips and Tricks

Most people think that if they want to increase their savings, they need to find a higher paying job. The truth is, you can save money just by altering your lifestyle. Instead of buying expensive produce that’s organic, buy your fruits and veggies from local farmers markets. Another popular technique is to simply rid of your credit cards. Here’s a look at general saving tips and tricks:

How to save money on food?

Ditch the supermarket and start shopping for your produce at farmers market. In a lot of cases, organic fruits and vegetables are cheaper at your local farmers market over the grocery store.

How to save money each month?

Put your money for the week in an envelope so you’re not tempted to spend more than your budget. Often referred to as the envelop system, this method keeps you from buying unnecessary items.

How to budget and save money?

One of the most effective ways to both budget and save money is to setup an automatic savings. Many banks offer this service for free and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to contribute each month.

How to save money from salary?

Most employers offer a 401k that you can commit a portion of your salary to each pay period. In turn, your employer will match a certain percentage. To avoid a penalty, you have to wait until you’re 59 ½ to withdraw from the 401k.

How much money should I save a month?

It’s a good idea to save at least 20% of your income each month. Depending on if you have goals set for the future, you might need to put aside more than 20%.

How much money should I save for retirement?

The general rule-of-thumb is that you should save 15% of your income for retirement in an IRA, Roth, 401(k), or similar plan. Most people shoot for at least $1 million before they decide to retire

How to manage personal finances and save money/

The key to managing personal financing is to never spend what you don’t have. If you can’t pay off credit card balances in full, you might want to reconsider owning a credit card in the first place.

How to save money on wedding flowers?

One way to save money on wedding flowers is to use florist that sell preowned bouquets, such as Something Borrowed Blooms. You can save up to 70% on flowers this way.

How to save money on a road trip?

Plan your route beforehand and know where you’re going to stop to spend the night. If there are lot of motorists needing a bed to sleep on, you might have to pay a premium price to get a hotel reservation.

How to save money on printers?

Buying cheap printer ink is probably the best way to save money. Some people choose to recycle ink cartridges too.

How to save money on credit monitoring?

With so many options these days its easy to monitor your credit for cheaper. We recommend getting a service that also offers identity theft protection. We recently reviewed the Identity Force family plan price which seems competitive.

Saving Techniques

How you go about saving money revolves around your income, long-term goals, and motivation to earn. If you’re looking to save as much as possible, you might need to take on a second job or act for additional hours (or a promotion). Take a look at the below questions to get an idea of various 2018 saving methods:

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You can shop for cheap printer ink online and save a lot of money. You can also look for printer deals on Amazon as they have daily deals.

How to save money using envelopes?

While it might sound strange, you can save money by placing your money in envelopes (called the envelope system). By only having access to the cash in the envelopes, this technique helps you from overspending.

Which is the best way to save money in bank?

Since you won’t be writing many (or any) checks from your savings, consider opening a money market account. While you need a higher balance than a savings, you will earn more interest.

How to save money in bank with interest?

No matter who you bank with, you’ll always earn a little bit in interest. Instead of just using a bank account, it’s smart to put your money in a certificate of deposit (CD) to earn more interest. American Express Bank offers high interest savings accounts.

How to save money as a married couple?

Merge your budget into one and see where you can cut down. For example, if you both have individual cell phones with different carriers, merge them into a family plan to decrease your monthly expense.

How to save money over the summer?

Many business hire for seasonal jobs over the summer – baseball stadiums, the pool, country clubs, and more. You could also offer landscaping services to make some extra cash for your savings.

How to save money every paycheck?

An effective way to save money on every paycheck is to pay yourself first. Don’t pay your bills right away; set aside a small sum (20% or so) for your savings. Learn more about how to earn money from home too.

Do travel agents save you money?

Yes, travel agents often times do help you save money. The reason behind this is because travel agents have access to exclusive deals not available to the general public.

Is it better to pay off debt or save money?

In the big picture, it’s better to pay off debt than save money. The reason for this is because interest you earn on savings is much less than what you have to pay on debt. And if you get the best credit card consolidation loans you'll be paying your debts down with less interest.

How to save money with a baby?

If you can, always pump breast milk instead of buying formula at the store. The cost of formula for a year can easily exceed $1,000. Investing a breast pump will pay off in the long-run.

Why is it important to save money?

It’s important to save money because you don’t know what the future holds. You could end up losing your job, having to pay a major expense to fix your car or a medical bill.