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How to Start Different Types of BlogsBlogging is and has been one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the net. In fact, blogs were even around before Facebook and Twitter.

According to recent statistics, there will be 31.7 million bloggers in the United States alone by the year 2020. If you’re a blogger that feels like a little fish in a big ocean, you’re not alone. With the increasing number of bloggers and advanced plugins, it’s no wonder that many people are intimidated to create a blog. However, with a good work ethic and motivation, you can create a blog relatively easily. Building a successful blog, on the other hand, takes much more work.

There are a few steps you can take to create a blog that stands out from the crowd. Below, we'll explore some steps to find out how to start a blog for free that has an impact in a crowded world. To help you decide where to put your blog, here's our list to find the best website builder.

Finding Your Niche

If you want to create a blog that engages users, it's essential to find a niche. While starting a blog in a crowded niche is possible, it's best to narrow down your target market as much as possible.

If you aim for a large, general niche, you'll be competing against blogs that have huge budgets and large followings. Starting from scratch is better when you have a specific topic.

For example, if you want to create a blog about beer, it's best to find a certain type of beer you're most knowledgeable on. While there are plenty of blogs about craft beers in the United States, there are much fewer blogs on craft breweries in Texas.

Taking Your Time

While it may seem like creating as much content as possible is the best way to increase your blog's exposure, this is often a huge mistake. It's best to take time with your posts, so you can provide as much value as possible to your reader.

Research your topic and include as much relevant information as possible. Make sure that you include all the information that you'd be looking for if you were reading your blog post.

While you may view a blog post as a ‘one-time' piece of content, a good blog post can last long into the future. If one of your blog posts is a great source of information in your niche, it might experience huge amounts of traffic in years to come.

Create a Personality

Create a brand or personality for your blog that defines what you offer. If you have a specific writing style and approach, you're more likely to build a consistent reader base.

Building a loyal following that enjoys your content is one of the best ways to expand your platform.

Don't Give Up

While it may be easy to give up when you don't receive any traffic on your blog, this is the biggest mistake you can make. If you ask any blogger with a large following, they'll tell you it can take months or years to build a solid reader base.

Focus on building great content and learning more about your niche. Blog posts you create now may not receive a lot of traffic or notoriety, but they can turn into big hits in the future.

The more you write, the more you'll learn about your niche and about creating content that engages readers. There's no easy route to creating a great blog – you have to start from the bottom. One of the most crucial steps would be to find the best blogging platform for you.

How to Start Different Types of Blog


If you asked someone about a blog just 20 years ago, they would have never heard of the term. But times have changed – blogs are now one of the most common sources of information for internet users. There are millions of blogs on thousands of different topics – but this doesn't mean your own blog can't create value for internet users.

To help you build a successful blog, we have compiled an extensive list of questions, so you can learn more about blogging in general and how to make money with different types of blogs.

The Ins and Outs of Blogging

While starting a blog is both fun and entertaining, it’s not for everyone. Unless you update your content frequently, you will stumble down the search engine ladder. It takes careful content creation, keyword analysis, and promotion techniques. In fact, many bloggers have to hire freelancers to help them run their blog, since it’s so much work for one person. Here’s a look at the ins and outs of blogging:

Should I start a blog?

Yes, you should start a blog if you have an interest in something you want to share with the world. If you’re in it just for the money, it might be a good idea to find another hobby.

How to start a blog for business?

Just like any business, create a business plan and determine the costs. You’ll need to budget for hosting, a domain name, advertising, and copywriters (depending on your blog’s size).

How to start a Marketing blog?

Focus on writing informational how-to articles and then build backlinks to your marketing blog to boost your site’s SEO. Websites with pages linking to them (backlinks) tend to rate higher on search engines.

How to start a successful blog?

Write compelling content that includes relevant keywords. To find keywords for your posts, you can use a free extension like Eye Dropper. After writing your posts, it’s important to ensure SEO compatibility by using a plugin like Yoast SEO.

How to start a dental blog?

If you own a dentistry practice, it’s best to create the blog directly on your website to boost traffic. Instead of writing about your plastic, focus more on the dental industry in general.

How to start a real estate blog?

Don’t just put up a few articles and call it good. Go to neighborhood associations to promote your blog to other people in the industry and even reach prospective buyers.

Different Types of Blogging Platforms

Some of the most popular blogging platforms include Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and Squarespace. Believe it or not, you really don’t need any programming or technical experience to start a blog. As long as you’re decent with computers, you can have a blog up and running in no time. A few of these platforms are free and the rest cost a measly amount each month.

How to start a blog for free?

With the help of free blogging platforms such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, you don’t have to pay a dime to get your blog up and running. You’ll have to settle for a subdomain instead of a .com domain, however.

How to start a blog in WordPress?

The best way to start a blog with WordPress is to get hosting from GoDaddy or HostGator and then install WordPress through your cPanel. From there, you can choose a theme and customize your blog.

How to start a blog on Facebook?

While you can’t start a traditional blog on Facebook, you can use the notes feature to create blog-like posts. You could even copy and paste content from your blog into a note and then publish it with your friends.

How to start an Instagram blog?

Pick a creative and relative Instagram username while you’re in the planning stage. This name should correspond to your niche. After your niche is defined, you should start posting in a way that portrays a story to your audience.

How to start an anonymous blog?

If you want to create an anonymous blog, don’t use your real email and make sure you’re protected with a VPN. To maximize anonymity, consider using the encrypted platform Listed.

Monetizing Your Blog

At the end of the day, many bloggers are in it for the money. Since the cost of running a blog is relatively low, it can be very lucrative if done right. From affiliate programs to paid sponsorships, there are numerous ways to bring in some cash. However, if you’re just in for the number, it will reflect in your writing. The general rule-of-thumb is to master quality content creation and then start to implement monetization techniques.

How to start a blog and make money?

You first need a hosting and a blogging tool such as WordPress. To start monetizing your blog, you need to drive traffic to it by publishing high-quality articles and then use Ads to bring in revenue.

How to start a profitable blog?

The first step is to create engaging content to drive organic traffic to your blog (don’t forget to include keywords). After you are receiving a decent amount of traffic, you can start to put affiliate links and Ads on your blog.

How to start a coupon blog?

Buy a domain name relevant to couponing and then set up a blog on a site like You’ll want to focus on certain categories of coupons (food, clothes, etc.) and then sign up with Brandcaster to monetize your blog.

How to start an affiliate marketing blog?

In order to get accepted into an affiliate marketing program you’ll need to have a decent amount of content and a steady amount of traffic. Once you reach this goal, start applying for programs such as Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, and Avantlink.

How to start a mommy blog and make money?

Create a blog on a website like Blogger and work on driving traffic with high-quality articles. Once you start to get a decent amount of traffic, you monetize your blog by selling eBooks and guest blogging on other sites. We cover this more in another article and answer the question how do you make money blogging?

Blogging on Social Media Websites

Many social media websites have started to implement blogging tools to expand their userbase. The beneficial thing about this is that it’s easier to get traffic. Since these platforms already have tons of users, you don’t have to focus as much as using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and PPC advertising to drive visitors. Instead, you will have to master hashtags, sharing posts, and networking with other users on social media.

How to start a Tumblr blog?

Anyone can sign up for Tumblr to create a blog for free. Compatible on both computers and mobile phones, Tumblr lets you create your own posts and share content from other Tumblr blogs.

How to start a YouTube blog?

In the YouTube community, a blog is referred to as a “channel.” If you already have a Google account, you can sign into YouTube and start publishing videos right away.

How to start a Pinterest blog?

The closest you can get to a blog on Pinterest is to create a board. In a nutshell, a board is a collection of all your pins on the platform. Despite lacking the tools a lot of other blogs have, Pinterest is a good way to drive traffic to your site.

How to start an art blog on Instagram?

Use your art to represent you as a person and make sure to add stimulating captions on every post. It’s also recommended that you include between five to twelve captions on every post.

How to start a blog on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has an entire page dedicated to helping you become a blogger on the website. To publish your first article, just click the “write an article” button on the homepage.

How to start a blog on Quora?

Quora created a new feature called Quora blogs, allowing users to create full-on blog posts instead of just answering questions. To get started, click on your profile and then select the “blogs” page.

How to Start Different Types of Blog

Starting Fashion and Design Blogs

Almost every fashionista frequents a blog or two. From the latest summer trends to hairstyles for men, fashion and design blogs dominate the internet. It’s also one of the most competitive areas of blogging. With that said, you really need to make yourself stand out from your competitors if you want to succeed in this tough industry. These questions will help you take on the challenge and have a successful blog in no time:

How to start a fashion blog?

Aside from setting up the hosting and blogging platform, you should network with other bloggers to get your name out there. Think of a way to stand out from the crowd.

How to start a beauty blog?

Spice up your blog with videos showing your audience how to apply makeup. While most settings will do, try to find a place to film with a vibrant background. As you grow, you can do sponsored reviews on camera.

How to start a makeup blog?

Pick a beauty-inspired blog theme and then create a content calendar using Google Sheets. Focus on a specific niche and think of ways to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other makeup bloggers.

How to start an interior design blog?

Get a .com domain to make your blog look professional; avoid a subdomain. In the design world, Pinterest is the key to bringing in hordes of traffic. You also get the chance to show off your creative touch, too.

How to start a fashion beauty blog?

If you’re not tech-savvy, you can find a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to create you a fashion beauty blog from scratch. Furthermore, you will have to buy hosting on a site like Bluehost or Ionos.

How to start a design blog?

To create a successful design blog, you have to treat it like a business and market your designs. Even if you’re not selling your designs, promote it as both a resource and tool for likeminded people.

How to start a graphic design blog?

If you’re a graphic designer, your blog’s theme is very important. After all, it reflects your skill level and expertise. Like any blog, you need to create a content calendar and follow it to a T.

How to start a nail polish blog?

One word: photos. Even if you have a good theme, you audience won’t fully take in your nail designs unless you have a high-quality DLSR camera to show off your work.

How to start a sneaker blog?

Scout out other blogs sneaker blogs such as Nice Kicks and Sneaker Bar Detroit. After you get a feel of how other blogs operate, reach out to influencers who could promote your blog and skyrocket your traffic.

How to start a decorating blog?

You will need to think of at least Fiverr different topic to blog about (include these on your navigation bar). In addition, you need to come up with decorating posts that are both entertaining and informative

How to start a personal style blog?

Use a tool like Domain Wheel to help you come up with a catchy name for your blog. After publishing your first couple of articles, you should reach out to influencers on Instagram to help you boost your traffic.

How to start a wedding blog?

Pick the type of wedding you want to focus on – outdoor weddings, Vegas elopement packages, or traditional church marriages. Then, consistently post articles a few times per week to rank higher on Google.

How to start a skincare blog?

To start a skincare blog, you should take on an approach similar to a makeup page. Fill your posts with lively photos and create videos that demonstrate the use of different skincare products.

Creating a Technology Blog

Aside from lifestyle and fashion blogs, technology blogs are another popular category. You’ll find tons of blogs reviewing the newest and hottest tech gadgets on the market. Once you get enough traffic, you can actually get products for free to review. The below questions will help you on your journey to creating a technology blog:

How to start a vlog video blog?

The first thing that every blogger needs is a high definition camcorder. Your grainy webcam won’t cut it. If you decide to create your own website, it’s still a good idea to post your videos on YouTube as well to get more views.

How to start a photography blog?

When it comes to starting a photography blog, one of the most important things is to fill your blog with galleries to showcase your work. It’s crucial that you choose a template that goes hand in hand with your passion.

How to start a car review blog?

Instead of trying to create a WordPress theme scratch, search the internet for ones especially designed for review blogs. If you plan to write in-depth car reviews, shoot for 2,000 words each to boost your blog’s SEO.

How to start a developer blog?

Find your goal in creating the blog – for example, is it to educate others or share your one-of-a-kind software ideas? After that, get yourself setup with WordPress or use HTML for the most flexibility.

How to start a tech review blog?

It’s not feasible to start a tech review blog without any sponsorships. After you start getting traffic, you will need to email technology companies to inquire about free samples in exchange for reviews.

How to start a technical blog?

Don’t just skim the surface of technical topics; use the blog as a way to establish your expertise. It’s also a good idea to brush up on your writing skills by taking a class at Udemy or Open2Study.

Academic Blogs

Just because it’s a blog, doesn’t mean the content is untrustworthy or isn’t a “worthy” source. Truth be told, many academic professionals and doctors run blogs. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to see a university running a blog on a particular subject. Here’s a look at a few questions revolving around academic blogs:

How to start writing a blog?

One of the most popular platforms for starting a writing blog is Medium. Sharing your writing on Medium is free, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.

How to start a book blog?

Firstly, pick a blogging platform such as Blogger or Wix. And just like any smart blogger, scout out other blogs to get inspiration. Once your blog is setup, add some initial posts and make sure to comment on other blogs to bring in traffic.

How to start a content curation blog?

Source your content of unheard of websites with the goal of making something go viral. When it comes to this type of blog, your content is the most important factor, not just your website’s template.

How to start a data science blog?

Due to the programming involved with the data science field, it might be best to build a blog from scratch using HTML and CSS. This will give you much more flexibility over website builders.

How to start a genealogy blog?

When you’re in the planning stages, you’ll have to decide if you want a private family or a public genealogy blog. Find a good host and then start to outline your own genealogy and how your readers can research their own family history.

How to start a public health blog?

Get an affordable domain name from a provider like networksolutions and set your site up on a blog platform. Since graphs are very important in the public health field, it may be worth investing in a software such as Lucidchart.

How to start a science blog?

Think about why you want to create a science blog and what you can bring to the table. After setting up the blog, take these initial thoughts and twist them in a way that promotes your blog.

How to start a math blog?

You will need a domain name, blog building software, and a way to display mathematical figures. The best tool for this is MathJax, a JavaScript display engine.

How to start a history blog?

Check out a blogging platform such as Weebly and narrow your focus down on a specific niche. For example, do you want the blog to revolve around medieval Europe or WWII?

How to start an educational blog?

Determine what you can bring to the table. Whether it be tips for continuing education or developing curriculum, you need to offer your audience something worthwhile.

How to start an academic blog?

Use Edublogs, a blogging platform designed especially for teachers and academic institutions. In fact, Edublogs is completely free and comes with many powerful features like class management.

How to start a teacher blog?

Start compiling your real-life experiences and then transform them into authoritative articles. Moreover, you can connect with other teachers and get blog traffic by participating on ProTeacher.

Writing Blogs

Many aspiring authors take to the internet and create their own writing blogs. These blogs feature long pieces of text and minimalistic templates. You won’t find eccentric layouts, distracting GIFs, or hoards of photos. As a matter of fact, there are some blogging platforms designed especially for writing. If you have a passion for writing, creating a blog may help you realize your dreams of sharing your work with the world.

How to start a local news blog?

One of the most important parts of starting a local news blog is to know how to reach people living near you. Take advantage of community Facebook groups and include keywords on your blog referencing your city’s name.

How to start a collaborative blog?

The trick to starting a collaborative blog is to find guest bloggers. There is a handy website called Guest Crew where you can you can connect with other bloggers and even find guest blogging opportunities for yourself.

How to start a diary blog?

If you want to start a diary blog, you should consider getting a minimalist theme so that your words are the center of attention. You may even want to try out Penzu or Journalate, two sites that have diary templates.

How to start a literary blog?

Similar to starting a writing blog, it’s best to use a platform such as Medium or What sets these two platforms apart is that they are minimalistic and do a better job at highlighting the text only.

How to start a journalism blog?

First off, decide what type of journalism your blog will feature. For example, do you want to post news articles or educate your readers on how to become a journalist?

How to start a poetry blog?

Similar to a diary website, a poetry blog works best with a minimalistic theme. Yola is a good a good choice for a blogging platform. They have a huge collection of modern themes that are perfect for a poetry blog.

How to start a magazine blog?

Stay away from themes intended for personal blogs. Your best bet is to use terms like “magazine” when you search for a theme on WordPress and third-party websites.

How to start a journal blog?

The easiest way to start a journal blog is to use an Evernote notebook and then turn into a blog using This unique tool reduces the time it takes to transfer your journal pages into blog posts.

How to start a short story blog?

Instead of jumping the gun, write for other short story blogs as a guest blogger. Before publishing short stories on you own blog, take a look at important creative writing tips.

How to Start Different Types of Blog

Building Hobby and Lifestyle Blogs

Somedays it seems as though every other mom in the neighborhood has a blog. Despite the popularity of general hobby and lifestyle blogs, it’s not too late to get in the game. Unlike other types of blogs, these sites have more a personal component to them. At the end of the day, you are sharing your life experiences through your own lens. Just because so many of these blogs exist, doesn’t mean it’s easy to run a successful one.

How to start a travel blog?

To start, you want an unforgettable name that represents your passion. The next step is to get a hosting plan and find the blog theme to fit your niche. Learn more ways to earn money online free fast and easy.

How to start a lifestyle blog?

To get started with a lifestyle blog, you’ll need a niche, a blog name, and a logo you can have designed on a site like Fiverr. Before launching your site, try to write at least five posts.

How to start a mom blog?

Starting a mom blog doesn’t vary much from other forms of blogs. You’ll first need to create a physical blog with WordPress and then build an email list to boost your blog’s following.

How to start a ministry blog?

The first step is to buy a domain name pertaining to your niche and then setup your blog on a platform like Ghost or Squarespace. Next, connect with local churches in your community to network and grow your blog’s awareness.

How to start an inspirational blog?

In addition to buying a domain and setting up a blog site, create both a Facebook and Twitter account for your site. Users on these platforms frequently share inspirational posts, meaning there’s lots of protentional to gain organic traffic.

How to start a political blog?

First, reflect on your knowledge and determine what you can bring to the blog. Are you an activist, politician, or a veteran journalist? Look at your competitors and think about how you can improve their strategies.

How to start a couples blog?

As with any romance blog, readers like reading content they can connect with on a personal level. You either need to be in a long-term relationship or be experience in the romance field (i.e. a relationship counselor).

How to start a pet blog?

When you’re just starting a blog, try to come up with at least 15 posts that will withstand the test of time and are SEO-friendly. After you publish the posts, you can start to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing links.

How to start a crochet blog?

Most importantly, always use correct spelling when you choose a name, even if you’re trying to take playful twist on a word. You should also look at your own crocheting style and think about how you can reflect it in the name and theme of your blog. Check out some passive income ideas that can perhaps help you expand on this crochet idea.

How to start a mental health blog?

Unless you have a PhD in psychology, you’ll need to find resources to use when you write articles about mental health. You can also shift away from the science behind it and use your own personal experiences.

How to start a relationship blog?

If you feel like you already know enough about relationships to start blogging then you just need to choose a domain then make it live on hosting and using WordPress or another blogging service to start blogging. If you need to learn more about relationships first then start reading articles, watching Youtube, or taking courses. This could be one of your part time stay at home jobs until it becomes a full time income.

How to start a knitting blog?

For starters, you need to choose a shared hosting site (a private server isn’t necessary) and then pick a theme. To monetize your blog, you can promote knitting products through Amazon Associates.

How to start a DIY blog?

DIY is a very vague topic. Whether you want to focus on DIY clothes or construction projects, think of a specific category to include on your blog. Moreover, you should also include videos so that the instructions are easier to follow.

How to start a diet blog?

Choose an affordable hosting company such as Hostinger or DreamHost. After installing WordPress and making your first couple of posts, sign up for an affiliate marketing program like FlexOffers to start monetizing your diet blog.

Fitness and Entertainment Blogs

You’ve probably came across numerous blogs featuring the latest celebrity gossip or major sport upsets. When you are just starting up, you will never compare to the big players like ESPN or TMZ. The important part of creating a fitness or entertainment blog is to develop a brand. Before getting a domain for your new blog, consider the below questions:

How to start a sports blog?

Before you get started, you need to get a theme on the Envato Marketplace that aligns with your niche. On this marketplace you can find a ton of layouts for WordPress, HTML, and Muse.

How to start a fitness blog?

When you start to bring your idea to life, the most important component to consider is who your target audience is. To gain a loyal following, your readers to connect with your content on a personal level. If this is your passion then it can be a great side hustle to make money.

How to start a music blog?

Instead of just publishing a few pages on a blogging platform, create a brand for your newly founded site. See what other music blogs are doing to stand out and take a similar approach.

How to start a football blog?

Choose the right blogging platform for you and then start to write engaging posts, at least 500 words each. Just like with any blog post, you should include LSI keywords – words that are related to each other.

How to start a healthy living blog?

Create content that’s motivational and spend time introducing yourself. Perhaps you lost a significant amount or went on a diet that turned your life around. Once you start writing posts, maintain a consistent schedule.

How to start a film blog?

To start a film blog, you have to be a movie fanatic and constantly stay up-to-date on the latest releases. A good method to increase your traffic is to share the link to your blog on movie forums and social media groups.

How to start a music review blog?

Unlike your run-of-the mill review blog, a site reviewing music should have a creative an artistic touch. With that said, it might be better to use a review plugin versus a review theme.

How to start a celebrity gossip blog?

Check out one of the most popular blogs, Perez Hilton, for inspiration. Next, you should focus on one specific celebrity versus covering everyone in Hollywood. Being a new blog, this will make life much easier.

How to start a nutrition blog?

Bring your own experience to the blog and write about topics that you have a passion for. Most importantly, share your nutrition tips and blog posts on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

How to start a hip hop blog?

You should create your hip hop blog on the basis of a brand – an artist or an organization, for example. Once you get the blog setup, you can promote small name artist for in exchange for money.

How to start a movie blog?

Use a free WordPress host like Cloud Access to make sure movie blogging is for you. Don’t kill yourself writing reviews and posts at the beginning. Consistently posting a few articles each day is sufficient.

How to start a Disney blog?

With hundreds of Disney blog out there, you need to recognize your purpose and how you can differentiate your blog. Use a keyword research tool like Word Stream to find keywords with less competition and write posts about them.

How to start an entertainment blog?

Entertainment is a big category. Narrow your blog down to a specific type of entertainment. To boost your traffic numbers, consider starting a PPC campaign with Google Ads.

How to start a gaming blog?

Decide what type of games you want to blog about and then start promoting your blog on different platforms. Both Twitch and YouTube are great places to gain targeted traffic.

How to start a running blog?

Don’t write articles full of fluff. Runners, and anyone else who frequents a blog, want engaging content. Maintain variety on your website – personal experiences, exercise tips, and product reviews.

How to start a wrestling blog?

In addition to creating a template in line with your niche, you should install a sports plugin on your blog to create the perfect user experience. Make sure cover different divisions and teams, not just one.

How to start a RP blog?

When it comes to creating a RP blog, the most important components include the content, theme, and communication tools. CodeCanyon, for example, has a variety of group forum and chat scripts

How to start a craft blog?

After setting up the physical components of your blog, venture into traffic-generating techniques like hosting giveaways and promoting Esty products. Don’t forget to show the inspiration for your DIY creations to give your blog a personal touch.

Blogs Inspired by Food

Next time you’re looking for a scrumptious Crème brûlée recipe, you’ll probably find it on a blog. From vegan-inspired meals to protein shakes, food blogs are a dime a dozen. Making your blog stand out from the crowd careful planning and a lot of hard work. Whether you want to create a cooking or food review blog, these questions will help guide you:

How to start a food blog?

After you get setup with a blogging platform, you should start amassing your collection of personal recipes. You will also want to consider purchasing props to boost the aesthetics of your photos.

How to start a cooking blog?

Aside from choosing an appealing theme for your blog, you will need to invest in a good camera and a decorative background to flaunt your culinary creations. Focusing on specific types of food versus a little bit of everything does better in the long-term.

How to start a baking blog?

Since a baking blog requires you to have on-hand stock, you will have to factor your supplies into your budget. You will also need to produce high-resolution photos to make your desserts look more appealing. Learn how to create free blog posts in our full guide.

How to start a recipe blog?

You need a blog with a clean layout that is easy to follow. For the best user experience, you should use Tasty Recipes, a plugin for formatting your recipes.

How to start a food critic blog?

First and foremost, why do people want to trust your opinion? Create a strong biography so your audience knows why your critiques matter and then publish a few times each week to stay relevant.

How to start a restaurant review blog?

A restaurant review blog isn’t just about showing off your plate of food, it’s about showing off the entire dining experience. With that said, you need to create a series of posts documenting the meal from start to finish.