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Working as a freelance writer has its ups and downs. One day the work can be plentiful and dry the next. It is beyond important to make good work connections when dealing with clients because you want them to contact you again. The information below will give you a little insight on what steps to take as a freelancer to be successful.

Create a Network

Every freelance writer needs a network. It is ideal to join social media groups and writers’ forums to get to know people. Create profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ because you will need them. You should have a blog, a portfolio and references to offer potential clients that come from referrals within these networks.

Join Content Services

Content services are a good idea for those that are not established as freelance writers. Content services offer a variety of categories and pay scales. The experience here will help you to understand what clients want. From here, it is a good idea to make profiles on workforce websites and create gigs on websites that allow you to post what you are able to do for a set price. This also helps to establish your name as a writer.

Advertise Intelligently

Use free advertising methods to express your talents, interests and skills. Speak to the potential client in an intelligent voice without being overly confident or arrogant. Make sure that you use common writing jargon along with a friendly tone. Paid advertisements for your services can come a little later.

Take on more than you Can Handle

When you are a freelance writer it is important to know that work goes as fast as it comes. Getting in with agencies can leave you with nothing to do for long periods of time so it is good to actually have a little more work than you can handle. Don’t put your eggs all in one basket, you need to spread them out and have multiple sources for income.

Freelance writing is a tough industry with a lot of competition. You have to product high-quality content at all times, meet deadlines and must be able to cater to your clients. If you have a request for something that isn’t really up your alley, try to network to find a writer that is. This helps you to keep the client, but always ask about outsourcing to another writer before just doing so.