How Traffic Congestion Saves Me Money

I love driving on long trips.  Heading up north (a Michigan thing) for the weekend is great.  Even driving across town on a weekend to go visit friends or family is enjoyable.

But I hate driving in rush hour or congestion.

I avoid it at all costs.  Right now, it’s pretty easy for me since I work only a few miles from home.  While I do hit traffic on the way home, it’s not so bad.

But going back to the ‘all costs’ part, I realized that it actually saves me money.


Because I’ll avoid going out in it.

I realized that I haven’t gone out for a fast-food lunch in months, maybe years.  Do I like fast food?  Sure.  Are there plenty of places available in the area?  Yep.

But I don’t go because I hate dealing with the lunch crowds.  Both the traffic on the roads as well as the ‘pleasure’ of waiting in line wherever I go keeps me at my desk, eating my lunch at home.

Pretty spiffy, I’d say.

9 thoughts on “How Traffic Congestion Saves Me Money”

  1. I find that I also save money by living so freakin far from everything. I am at least 45 minutes from the city center and about 25 minutes from major shopping. The closest place to spend money is the grocery store 7 minutes away. I find that I spend less because I just don't feel like driving that far off. — LaTisha

  2. Ever since I stopped commuting in traffic 10 years ago, I hate driving in traffic. Summer time in southern California can also inhibit leaving the house thanks to traffic and the heat (>100 degrees). I am not so sure any money is saved from this, but I find I stay in more.

  3. Agree with that thought, traffic congestion is bad for you and will probably shorten your life with the stress. Morning rush hour seems to be more risky than the afternoon, at least judging by the times I have to slam on the brakes. Maybe people aren't yet fully awake, or are busy drinking coffee and putting on makeup. Partly for this reason, I leave the house early for work, and miss the worst of the traffic. Maybe it doesn't save me money, but arriving early makes a good impression with both superiors and subordinates.

  4. That's interesting. I thought I was the only person in the world with that quirk: actually enjoying a drive on the open road but truly hating city traffic.

    I also will avoid commute times (around here the afternoon commute begins around 3:00 p.m. and extends to 7:00 p.m.). When I worked at the Great Desert University, a dreary 36-mile round trip over homicidal roads, I would often stay in the office until well past 6:00 p.m. just to avoid the traffic.

    IMHO, those of us who can stay off the road during those times really should, out of consideration for the people who have no choice.

  5. @Financial Success – Thanks for the comment, hope to see you back more often! I just added your blog to my RSS reader.

    @krantcents – I've heard Southern Cal is the worst!

    @101 Centavos – My commute these days is only a couple of miles, but I started working an early schedule years back specifically to avoid as much of rush hour as I could!

    @Funny – I agree completely, in fact when I'm driving home during rush hour and I see people pulling out of subdivisions, I figure a certain percentage of those people could be making those trips at a better time.

  6. Didn't know you were from Michigan too, nice. I live in Lansing – going up north is one of my faves.

  7. traffic has the same effect on me. i never realized it was saving me money; i just thought it was saving my sanity. i guess it's a win-win!

  8. @Matt – I love going up north though I hate…the traffic! LOL.

    @Jana – Avoiding traffic is never a bad thing, for anybody!

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