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I love driving on long trips.  Heading up north (a Michigan thing) for the weekend is great.  Even driving across town on a weekend to go visit friends or family is enjoyable.

But I hate driving in rush hour or congestion.

I avoid it at all costs.  Right now, it's pretty easy for me since I work only a few miles from home.  While I do hit traffic on the way home, it's not so bad.

But going back to the ‘all costs' part, I realized that it actually saves me money.


Because I'll avoid going out in it.

I realized that I haven't gone out for a fast-food lunch in months, maybe years.  Do I like fast food?  Sure.  Are there plenty of places available in the area?  Yep.

But I don't go because I hate dealing with the lunch crowds.  Both the traffic on the roads as well as the ‘pleasure' of waiting in line wherever I go keeps me at my desk, eating my lunch at home.

Pretty spiffy, I'd say.