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This weekend was a busy weekend at the Beagle household.  We didn't have any one event that kept us busy, but we had a list of things to do that all turned out to be great fun for everybody, and even better news: it was all done cheap.

Friday Night Lights

Little Boy Beagle is three, and last fall I took him to a high school football game.  It was pretty overwhelming for him but he had a lot of fun.  I realized, with a little bit of guilt, that I hadn't done that with him this year, and when I saw that the regular season for high school games was in its last week, I knew I had to jump on it.

The weather was a crisp, cool fall day.  Not a cloud in the sky which meant that it was cold, but we got to bundle up and head over.  My wife went out to run errands with Baby Girl Beagle, so it was just ‘the guys'.

The school is less than a quarter mile from our house, but we drove since it involves going over a freeway overpass.  We got there a bit early, and before we got to the game, we ran around the soccer field, and then went over to the baseball field and he ‘ran the bases', which was so fun for him that he did it a second time!

We went into the game, where a highlight for him was getting his hand stamped.  The game itself was secondary, and of course we had to get a couple of snacks.  Even though we left around halftime, he still had a blast and I'm so glad we got to do it this year.  Maybe someday in the future we'll be going to the games to watch him play!

My ticket: $5
His ticket: Free
Delicious buttered popcorn: $1
Wonderful hot chocolate: $1

Total cost: $7.

Saturday At The Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has a great event that they call the Zoo Boo.  For three weekends, they have the zoo set up where kids get treats at various points around the zoo, and they have all sorts of pumpkin themed displays that the kids love to look at.

It had rained all day long, so we weren't sure if we were going to get to go, but the family that we were going with (who has three kids around the same as ours) still came over for dinner beforehand.  We kept it simple, with Little Caesars pizza and breadsticks. Right as we were finishing dinner, the rain stopped and the radar went from a solid blob to actually just spots.  So, we went, and while it rained off and on, nobody got soaked, and we had a great time.  In fact, the rain probably kept some people away as crowds were pretty light.

This year, they had the reptile house open, and the snakes and lizards were joined by various Halloween things like skeletons, fake spiders, and hand sticking up out of their sand.  Stuff like that made it wildly fun.

Tickets for three (Baby Girl was free): $21
Pizza for four adults and five kids: $13

Total cost: $34 (and we got to sign up early since we are members)

Sunday Birthday

After all that, we decided Sunday was going to be a day we stayed at home.  But, that doesn't mean others couldn't come over!

My mom's birthday is today (Happy Birthday!) and we decided to have my parents over for dinner.  My wife made this amazing vegetable soup recipe that she had found on Pinterest, along with dinner rolls and a salad.  She also made a really good apple crisp with apples she bought a couple weeks back from a local orchard.

The kids love seeing their grandparents, and they gave the sweetest hugs as they went up for bed.

Estimated cost of dinner and dessert: $12

Three days of various activities, all that the kids and family will enjoy, and it totaled roughly $53.  That's not too shabby at all!

What are your fall fun activities?