How We’re Trying To Support Local Business

As more and more stores close, one thing is clear.  It’s important to support local business.  During our last recession, Michigan was hit very hard.  The recession here started a couple of years before it hit the rest of the country.  Unemployment was worse than most other states.  That’s what happens when the economy is based on one industry that was hit very hard.  As it was, a lot of local business didn’t make it through.  Those that did can often find it tough to make it through.

Still, it’s important to support local business.  Here are some ways we have.

Shopping At Local Hardware Stores

I wrote an article about this a few months ago.  Local hardware stores, simply put, are a treasure.  You get helpful and knowledgeable people.  There are times to shop at the big box store, that’s true.  But I think paying a little extra now and then is well worth it at the mom-and-pop hardware.  There’s hardly any better way to support local business.

Support Local Grocery Chains

Meijer is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we do most of our shopping here. We have been doing so for a few years now, but we’ve made it a point to buy whatever we can at Meijer before reverting to Kroger or Wal-Mart.

Buying Products Made Here

If something is manufactured locally, consider supporting it.  We have Better Made potato chips that have been made locally for decades.  It’s an institution.  Also, many craft beer makers are popping up everywhere.  Support this local business and enjoy some good refreshments!

Driving American Made Cars

For many, American made autos are synonymous with poor quality.  This line of thinking is way out of date. Quality is pretty much the same across all brands.  Even though lines are blurred since so much stuff is made in other countries these days, purchasing American made cars keeps profits in the country.  Plus, here in Michigan, it helps even more!

I know that there are other ways to support the local economy and that these things may be mere drops in the bucket, but one thing I’ve learned is that those drops can add up.

Readers, what are you doing to support your local economy?  Is this important to you?  Please discuss in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Great post, I think supporting local business is important. Since I live in a small Tennessee town, everything except Walmart, Kroger and Lowes is local. But I prefer it that way, I think the people are more engaging and helpful, and it just feels good to keep our dollars here in our town.

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