How’d We Get That 20% Off? No Idea!!!

Have you ever gotten money off of a purchase that you had no idea was coming your way?  This exact thing happened to my wife at the grocery store (Meijer) recently.  They have a rewards program called Meijer mPerks, and somehow we got a great deal.

And, the crazy part is, that we still can’t figure out how it happened!

Overlooked Sale

I’m sure you’ve had it happen where you buy something and find that the price is lower than you expect.  That’s a nice surprise, but usually there’s an explanation:

  • “Oh, there’s a sale this week, you didn’t see the ad?”
  • “You must not have seen the sale sign in front of the product”
  • “Yep, you bought so many that you get an automatic discount”

The Sale That….Isn’t?

What happened for us is that my wife got home and noticed that a lot of products were 20% off.  At least 10-15 items all had a discount applied after the price.

She took a deeper look and found that they were all Meijer brand products.

Awesome!  But how did we not know about this? I decided to dig around:

  • Weekly Ad – We looked at their weekly ad and looked to see if there was a Meijer Brand sale.  You’d think this would be front page news.  It wasn’t on the front page…or anywhere else.
  • mPerks Website – Meijer has a rewards program where you clip coupons and such online.  Often, they have percentage off coupons for various thing, so I figured I’d look and see if there was something there that one of us clipped but didn’t think about.  Nada.
  • Matchups – I subscribe to a blog that provides a weekly listing of deals and how you can often stack them with coupons that are available and the like.  It’s a great tool for creating our shopping list.  Again, a deal like this
    Jumping for joy at unexpected savings!
    Jumping for joy at unexpected savings!

    would have been at the TOP of their weekly announcement.  But…nothing!

  • Facebook – I went on Meijer’s Facebook page to see if they announced something or if anybody else was talking about it.  Nope!

The Mysterious 20%

So, the whole thing remains a mystery!  We have no idea why we got an extra 20% off on Meijer brand stuff, but we aren’t complaining!  A lot of the stuff was on sale to begin with, and the other stuff (e.g. lunch meat) was stuff we would have gotten anyway, so the savings was 100% unexpected and 100% awesome.

Thanks, Meijer, for the extra bucks that we saved on our weekly grocery trip  It wasn’t a huge amount but every bit helps!  If you want to make this a regular thing, by all means, please feel free!

Readers, have you ever saved money and never been able to figure out why?  

4 thoughts on “How’d We Get That 20% Off? No Idea!!!”

  1. Just last week! I needed to order some food for a sick friend and when I went to place the order, there was a $60 credit on my account. I have no clue where it came from, I’ve only ordered from them once before and there was no email to explain it. But I’m not going to question it, the deliveries were expensive 😀

  2. Congrats on your wife! 20% is really a great, considering that it’s on groceries. Hope there’s sale in our community grocery store.

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