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I've been really happy with my Fitbit now that I've had it for a little over six months.  For the most part, it's worked flawlessly.  I've had some sync issues, but have been able to work through that.  I also had an issue where it stopped ‘buzzing' when I hit my step goal for the day.  For this, I found that modifying the goal to a different number fixed that.  Other than that, it's been great.  Except when I almost lost my Fitbit.  Twice!

Putting Away The Camper

We recently got back from a quick weekend trip and after getting the camper cleaned out.  I headed back to the storage yard on Sunday evening.  One thing that I had to do was empty out the dirty tanks.  We do this at the storage yard because there's no line.  When we leave a campground on a Sunday, the line tends to be long.  So this is a huge time saver.

I pulled up and put on a pair of disposable gloves, and took note that I wanted to make sure they covered my Fitbit.  This ended up being very critical.

I did what needed to be done with the tanks, drove it over to the spot and got it all settled in, and then went home to get cleaned up for dinner.  As I was getting ready to jump in the shower, I looked at my wrist, and there was no Fitbit.

Ugh.  I did a quick look around the house to make sure that I hadn't taken it off, but it wasn't anywhere obvious. mb-2015-02-oops Lucky I had the memory of covering it up with the gloves, so I knew that I had to have lost it during the brief window from when I put on the gloves until getting home and in the shower.  I still had the gloves in a plastic bag ready to be thrown out. Since the Fitbit wasn't there, I was able to narrow it down further.

I had dinner, and then drove over to the storage place.  Lo and behold, sitting right next to the camper was my Fitbit.  It was a twenty minute round trip, but I was still, as I told my wife, a little “Fitbit to be tied”.  Get it?


Not more than a couple of weeks later, my wrist came up empty again.  This time, my memory stretched a lot further back.  Unfortunately, I'd been out in the yard doing a bunch of stuff.  Cutting grass, potting plants.  I was all over the place!


This time I was ready.  Having almost lost my Fitbit once, I did some online reading.

One piece of advice was to use a device that you have it synced with as a mechanism to find it. Brilliant!  Since I sync it to my smart phone, I pulled that out, fired up the Fitbit app, and told it to sync.  I was in the kitchen and sure enough, within a few seconds, it told me that it was connected and had completed a sync.  Cool!

I walked around the house and noted that it stayed synced.  I went outside into the garage and in the yard and started walking around.  It would not sync in either place.  So, this told me that the device was inside the house, and that thankfully I did not have to comb through the entire yard looking for it, and it also took away the fear that I would have to dig through the re-potted tomato plants looking for the buried Fitbit.  That would have not been fun.

Going back into the house, I started retracking my steps.  It occurred to me that before I went outside, I'd changed into my work shorts.  I went over to where the pair of shorts were that I'd worn earlier, and sure enough, there was the Fitbit in the pocket of the shorts.

The biggest bummer in all of this was that I didn't get credit for any of the steps I'd taken while cutting the grass and working outdoors!

Lessons From Nearly Losing My Fitbit

After having this happen more than once, there are a couple of things that I regularly do.

  • Keep it in sight –  My Fitbit has a wrist band.  This is great because I can almost always see it. Some people, even with devices that are wearable, prefer to keep it in their pockets or hooked around their belt loop.  This gets it out of the way, but if you lose it, you'll have a harder time remembering when you last had it.
  • Take notice of it – Both times that I lost my Fitbit, I was able to remember a recent time that I last saw it.  Anytime you lose it, you'll end up having to retrace your steps, but the less time you have from when you last saw it can mean a lot less steps to retrace
  • Sync it – If you have a mobile device, install the app and keep it synced.  As worked with me, this will help you at least know if it's in the area where you think it might be.
  • Consider a label – I haven't figured out a way to do this, but I'm trying to think of a way to label either the device or the band. The device is tiny and the little crevice that it slides into often gets damp, so trying to put paper in there would be a mess.  I've considered trying to scratch in some info into the inside of the stretchy band, but I'm afraid of slicing through it or creating a weak point that would cause the band to fail.

Readers, have you ever lost or known someone to lose a Fitbit or other wearable technology?  What tips can you think of to keep your stuff from going missing?