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So I finally broke down and bought a tablet computer, which officially makes me a jerk.


Seven days prior I was just a guy with a janky iPhone 3GS with so much dust under the screen you'd think I work at a I hadn’t updated the OS on it for more than a year and a half and it took me six hours to jailbreak it, unjailbreak it, restore it, update it, only to then have AT&T unlock it for me for free in two minutes. This is because I wanted to be able to pop a SIM card in while on vacation overseas and use my phone as a local phone.

A week later I’ve somehow entered the world of Android by buying an Asus Transformer Pad (I didn’t know there were so many nicknames to learn, like “Ice Cream Sandwich”)

And not surprisingly, as I hold it, with its detachable keyboard that makes it a netbook, I feel of pang of social guilt, like I’ve crossed some line and a village of starving people would just die of shock if someone told them how much it costs. “So he could surf from the couch?”


Why Did I Buy It?

I feel a twinge of guilt at its price tag, but I overestimated what we needed for a vacation budget and our plans changed those more affordable because we’d be staying with family, so there was room for a vacation toy.

But then I stop caring about justifying it and hold it…and hold it…and then feel a bit silly that this thing is something that I hold like a delicate piece of glass, a glowing machine that I should keep close to my body, heck, why not put it in my lap, I'm sure it's safe…

And then I don’t care again when I download Joshua Fields Millburn’s new book into my Kindle App, and I smile knowing that it will be the first book I read on a eReader and that it was free (today, date of this publishing only), and I’m not feeling guilty anymore. I’m a bit excited. I haven’t even connected the keyboard to the tablet yet because the keyboard/dock is still charging (what’s this, as I look over? the green light means it’s charged?)….

…Ok I’m back.

The main reason I bought it was because my online endeavors with this site have kept me in our office, away from my wife in the living room, some nights each week. Having this device should allow me to spend more time with her watching Cardinals baseball and writing on the couch, as she reads.

Moral of the Story

If you are going to save up and budget for a vacation, make sure you overestimate and save up some additional funds for a new camera or a smartphone, something that will enhance the experience.

When you are traveling, time is worth more than money when you only get two weeks off a year, which is why I’m looking forward to having a device that will allow us to avoid getting lost and wasting time, in addition to passing the time as an eReader while waiting in airports.

I don’t make many unnecessary purchases, but when I do, it’s either something that will make my life better or be a complete splurge. I haven’t determined what this purchase is yet, maybe both.

To be honest, yes, a lot of this is because I just wanted a new toy.

So as an official member of the Jerk Fraternity, I must now ask if you are done with that outlet because I would like to charge my tablet.

On a side note I recently saved some money on car insurance and have started creating a list to share that I will continue to expand to help some of our visitors save also.