I Cracked!

A couple of weeks ago, I admitted that I had started giving some thought to purchasing an eReader device to read books.

Well, I admit it, I cracked!

On Tuesday, there was an eBay deal of the day (from the Barnes & Noble store) where you could pick up a refurbished Nook with a full warranty for $79.  It wasn’t the color version, which is fine with me, and it only has a WiFi connection (there is a model with 3G availability), but I have plenty of WiFi access, so I’m cool with this as well.

The Nook was the device I had my eye on, simply because it’s compatible with the eBooks available at our local library, where the Kindle is not.  Research shows that this is the case pretty much across the board.

Our tax refunds came in a little bigger than we had expected, so we decided to give ourselves each $100 to spend how we wanted.  I thought the Nook would be an appropriate use of my $100.  I was uncertain for awhile, but Mrs. Beagle nudged me and convinced me to take advantage of the deal.

The breakdown of the cost was as follows:
Nook: $79
Sales Tax: $4.74
Protective Leather Case, purchased from Amazon (ah, the irony): $15.99

Total: $99.73

Being that close to our budgeted amount, I guess it was a sign that it was meant to be.

And, I still have $0.27 to spend! Woo hoo!

Anybody else use a Nook that has advice to share?

3 thoughts on “I Cracked!”

  1. I have a Nook too. Not sure if you have a B&N near you, but if you do take advantage of reading in store for free. You get 1 hour free every day.

    It works out perfect for me. We have a B&N right next to us at work, so I usually go and read on my Nook at lunch.

  2. I have the Kindle and like it quite a bit. I was disappointed that books aren't significantly cheaper for them though. Oh well, I love how thin it is. So easy to carry… and the whole world doesn't need to know what you are reading.

  3. I saw that Nook deal too and was seriously tempted but I'm holding out a little longer. I'm still not sure whether I'll get a Nook or Kindle.

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