I Hate Spending Money On Sunglasses

Every time we need a new pair of sunglasses, it annoys me.  Instantly. It seems that someone is needing a pair all the time.

We generally buy pretty cheap sunglasses.  So, you can tell me that we get what we pay for, and I’m not going to argue, but it’s still dreadfully annoying when you are faced with:

  • A screw falling out of them for no apparent reason meaning that something is likely ready to fall off.
  • The pads that cover the thingies that rest on the bridge of your nose start falling to pieces, leaving exposed metal.  Which hurts.
  • The top of the glasses just randomly develops a crack, meaning that of the lenses is able to pop loose.

These are all things that have happened to sunglasses owned by either me or my wife, just this summer alone!

One answer is to buy more expensive sunglasses.

Sorry, not going to happen.

Not when we’ve also encountered these situations:

  • A one-year old girl who loves sunglasses and will find any that are sitting out and will do what one-year olds do to things that they play with, leaving them bent or broken.
  • Get dropped and scratched.  I always drop sunglasses on the cement at least once a year.  This doesn’t seem like a lot, but it does usually result in the lenses getting scratched (since sunglasses always work on their own version of the ‘buttered side of toast landing face down’ theory) to where it would really annoy me if I had a $100+ pair.
  • Ditto for sitting on them accidentally.
  • Spending lots of time in sandy campgrounds and beaches simply doesn’t lend itself to being able to keep sunglasses in tip-top shape.
  • Or dropping them in a lake.  True story.  A couple of years ago my wife and I were swimming at a nearby lake.  Somehow, my glasses fell off and ended up on the bottom of the lake.  I called her over and we started searching for them.  Miraculously, she hit it with her foot.  She went under to grab them, and was successful in doing so, only to have hers fall off in the process.  We couldn’t find hers.  I’m not making this story up, I swear.
  • I once dropped them in the street where they stayed for an entire day without getting scratched.

I’m smart enough to realize that spending more than $20 on sunglasses is foolish.  I’m also wise enough to realize that we do get our use out of them.  But, I wish I could buy the darn things in bulk or something, because every time we plop down that money, it’s almost as if we should start planning on exactly when we’ll need to buy the next pair.

Guaranteed, it won’t be long!

What kind of sunglasses do you own?  How often do you replace yours?

16 thoughts on “I Hate Spending Money On Sunglasses”

  1. I haven’t spent money on sunglasses in forever. I have two pairs of Tom Ford sunglasses that I love. They were expensive, but I’ve had them for a couple of years.

  2. I find sunglasses like many other items of clothing. They don’t last nearly as long as you hope so spending a ton makes no sense. I always buy the cheap $20 glasses at the grocery store. They last me a year or so if I am lucky.

  3. I usually get pretty cheap ones. When I buy them I take some shoe goo or crazy glue and put a little bit on top and bottom of each sunglass screw. And anytime I notice a little crack or a loose lens, I put a spot of crazy glue or shoe goo in their too. That stuff will keep your glasses together for a long time!

  4. I can’t do expensive sunglasses either. My pair is always fairly disposable and comes from Target.

    I love that story about you and your wife. Hilarious now. A groaner then, I’m sure.

  5. Fortunately my sun glasses last for many years. I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I use when driving and a pair of what I would call everyday sunglasses that I bought in Vegas 4 years ago just for hanging out by the pool and sitting in the sun.

  6. Try getting sporting versions. I get mine from Eastern Mtn Sports, running from about $20 – $40 for a decent pair. They’re built to take more punishment than $20 grocery store pairs and have less “moving parts” like separate nose pads.

  7. I used to buy cheap sunglasses, but as I got older and less wiser decided I wanted something a little more fashionable and funky.

    I got into Oakleys a few years back, and whilst they surely have to be the best in UV protection and nice and dark for what I want, the lenses are only a micro thin coating and as you can imagine scratches after a while.

    After 3 year years I decided on a new pair, chose the funkiest style for me but at $300 was determined to make them last.

    Went to work yesterday, popped them in my shirt pocket, and god dam if they did`nt fall out and land slap bang on one of the lenses, nice dents and scratches.

    Seriously pissed off, so I might start looking into these $20 pairs next time!

    • That’s exactly my point. That’s basically 15 pairs you’d have to go through to equal the scratched lens you now have.

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