As If I Needed Another Reason To Love Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Those who know me well know that I’m a kid at heart when it comes to food.  If there’s a food that kids love, chances are, it ranks on my list of favorites too.

When I get a night to myself and am responsible for my own dinner, I always reach for a box of macaroni and cheese.

Put a snack table out, and I’m all for the chips.

Bake twenty types of cookies and I’m going for the chocolate chip cookies.

And, one of my favorite snacks ever is a graham cracker.  I have them on hand at all times, and not just for making s’mores.  It’s also worth noting that while I will buy many items with a generic replacement, graham crackers are not on that list.  They must be Nabisco Honey Maids.  Originals, please!

I eat them so regularly that I know the exact configuration of the packaging.  Each box has three sleeves.  Each sleeve has nine crackers.  Each cracker has four pieces.  That’s 108 pieces of deliciousness in every box!

So, when I recently saw that the box had changed, I was not happy.  See, many people don’t know that changing the packaging design is a way to sneak in a change in the amount you get, and it’s never in your favor.  Most times, when you see words like ‘GREAT NEW LOOK, SAME GREAT TASTE’, what they don’t say is ‘NOW INCLUDES LESS’.

Though, that’s often the case.

So, I bought my Honey Maids, took them home, and immediately compared it to a box we had on the shelf.  I was expecting something to change, like maybe you would get eight graham crackers in a sleeve, or that they’d cut the number of pieces in each cracker from four to three, or some configuration where you’d end up with less.

It was not so!  The only thing that had changed was the box!  Each box still contained exactly what it did prior to their change.

Thank you, Nabisco, for resisting the urge to change your sizing at the same time you changed your packaging, for I’m sure it had to have crossed somebody’s mind at some point in the process.  Thank you very much!


Money Beagle
a.k.a. The ‘kid’ who will love graham crackers forever

25 thoughts on “As If I Needed Another Reason To Love Honey Maid Graham Crackers”

  1. Haha, nice – and shocking. You know that when (if?) they cut and they go back to the original someday, at that point they label it “new, now more!”.

    • Yes, or ‘Deluxe Size’. Potato chips are a great example. Regular bags used to be 16 ounces, now they’re down to 10, and the ‘Family Size’ bags are 16 ounces. Incredible.

    • Good thinking but that’s the first thing I looked at. The weight is the same as the old packages. As a self-proclaimed graham cracker connoisseur, I can tell you that they’re just as delicious and crunchy. No extra air 🙂

  2. Refeshing that slight (or more) cuts weren’t made! I haven’t had those things in at least 10 years, probably more. I do remember liking them though. I suppose that I’ve simply replaced them with other snacks lol.

  3. It is good to know they didn’t take the opportunity to reduce the amount of crackers in the package. I sometimes have graham crackers with peanut butter as a tasty snack.

  4. Yeah, I have always loved the cinnamon flavor Honey Maid graham crackers. There are many posers and imitators out there but none of them can match their great taste. I never buy the generic brand when it comes to graham crackers.

  5. Believe it or not, I had no idea that this is why they changed packages. I will now be checking for quantities. I have never been a big graham cracker fan,but I can see why you love them.

  6. Amazing eye for details, thanks for letting us know how much you love it and why they are re-packaging. Anything you love a lot you observe it carefully. When I try Graham Crackers next time, i will check

  7. It’s some kind of a miracle when a megacorp like Nabisco decides NOT to downsize the contents of its packaging. We should have parties in the streets over this!

    Mmmmmmhhhh graham crackers! I forgot how much I used to love them. And ohhhh s’mores!! We used to make them in the fireplace, lacking a campfire in the backyard. You can toast the marshmallows over a gas stove flame, too, though that does risk making a mess to have to clean up.

  8. We have only bought graham crackers while going camping for s’mores. So I never noticed the packet before or knew they had changed. It is interesting that they changed the box without changing anything. I would have totally expected it to be less but with more fluffy words on the box.

    Now i want s’mores though.

  9. I cannot find the original grahams crackers. All have the “honey” on the label. Do they make PLAIN honey maid grahams anymore?

    • I know they do but I’m not sure they are sold on shelves. I know they make them because a while back I worked on a project in a hospital, and they had little packets as snacks. They were definitely PLAIN. But I don’t see them in stores so they’re probably not too hot of sellers.

  10. I was looking up the new graham crackers and found this blog. I feel disappointed in the new graham crackers. I have 2 small children and they love graham crackers. It’s the perfect snack. We always buy the huge costco size of the Honey Maid. Now when I go to break the crackers in half or fourths (for my 1 year old) they just crumble. I thought maybe I just got a bad batch or it was just Costco’s supply. So I bought some some at Target and the same thing! They look more flakey on top and not smooth like they use too. They use to have well defined lines for breaking. I’m actually very disappointed in Honey Maid. Why change something that is not broken. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • That’s interesting. I’ve not noticed any changes to the product itself. I had one box about a year and a half ago that had very brittle crackers. The next batch we got was just fine.

      If nothing else, I would write Nabisco. Chances are they might address your concerns or at least give you a coupon for replacement product.

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