I Ran My First 5K Race This Past Weekend

I’ve been doing treadmill running pretty consistently throughout 2015.  I’m pretty proud of my progress.  One thing I hadn’t done is an actual race.  That finally changed!  My wife convinced me to sign up and I finally ran my first 5K.  It was a lot of fun!  We ran together, and we actually did really great, finishing in 0:29:44.  My goal was to break 30 minutes, so I was very pleased!

My First 5K

The 5K race benefited a program in our school district.  With this in mind they created a family pricing plan so everyone could participate. For the younger crowd (like our kids), they mb-2015-05-trackoffered a one mile Fun Run, which was basically running around the track at the high school eight times.

After we finished our 5K, my wife and I went over and took our kids to the track and went with them.  Neither of them made it around eight times, but my son (almost 6) went around 4 times, and my daughter (almost 4) went around 3 times, so we were very proud!  They each ran over half the time, and most of all, they definitely had Fun, so they met the Fun Run qualifications.

Both my parents and my wifes parents came, as well as my sister-in-law, so the whole family got to see the kids.  That really made them proud and should encourage them to participate in future activities.

I don’t have any more races scheduled.  My wife has quite a full lineup.  She’s got another race in a couple of weeks, and then she’s going to start training to run a half marathon in the fall, and that training package includes vouchers for other races of her choosing throughout the next few months.  I’ll potentially look at signing up for a couple of those.

Fun, fun, fun!

10 thoughts on “I Ran My First 5K Race This Past Weekend”

  1. I always say to myself that I will try to run even 3k race but until now I never do it. But I guess this time I’m going to do it because you inspire me to run. Thanks again. Great post!

  2. Congratulations! More importantly, you are setting a good example for your children.Children generally will participate in the things the parent do, so you may have competition some day. It will be a great day when that happens.

  3. Congratulations for finishing the 5k run for less than 30 minutes. That’s an achievement Moneybeagle! By the way, running with kids in a fun run is surely exciting! Happy running!

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