If You (Or Someone In Your House) Isn’t On Pinterest, You Should Be

I first laughed when I heard chatter about Pinterest.  For those who don’t know, it’s a social media outlet where you share images rather than statuses.  It’s really caught on with women, as many women have found things like recipes, fashion tips, and other things that (not to be sexist) generally aren’t as interesting to men as they are to women. I thought ‘Oh, just another passing fad’.

Soon, I started seeing my wife sitting in front of the computer for long stretches at a time, failing to answer roughly two-thirds of questions directed her way.  When I probed to find out what was the new source of interest, it turns out she had come across Pinterest.

Now, I have only seen Pinterest in passing, but I have to say, having one person in our household has been a good thing.

My wife has found some pretty awesome recipes.  I don’t have the links for them but I know they should be easy enough to find.  Some examples of yummy food we’ve had:

  • Chocolate chip cookies that are softer than usual after you add pudding to the mix
  • Fiesta rice that is similar (and even better) than the rice you get at Chipotle
  • Pulled chicken that we’ll be serving at our daughter’s first birthday party.

She’s also got some wonderful decorating ideas for the aforementioned party, and the great thing is that she’s found stuff that is frugal, fun and easy, yet with very unique results.

Again, I don’t have a Pinterest account and have no interest (I keep using that rhyme, which is fun) but I think as long as someone in your house has a Pinterest account, that should be sufficient.

Do you use Pinterest or know someone that does?  Has it led you to any frugal ideas? 

10 thoughts on “If You (Or Someone In Your House) Isn’t On Pinterest, You Should Be”

  1. I love Pinterest because it always has cool ideas for space saving techniques or just good ideas in general. The recipes are a great bonus, too. Plus it’s eye candy.

  2. I have found some fantastic recipes on Pinterest, too, along with lots of useful DIY stuff for the yard.

    Mostly, though, I find it to be a fantastic way of organizing links and websites that I find online. The visual component is something that sites like Digg, Evernote, and StumbleUpon have always been missing.

  3. Pinterest is great for social bookmarking, but what about personal bookmarking – the bookmarks for the sites you visit over and over? I use iCrumz.com.

  4. I don’t use pinterest, have never been to the website and only have a vague idea of what it is. I assumed it was of no use to me. SO I was eager to read your post, to see what I am missing out on.

    Whoo! Thankfully I’m not missing a thing! Because I already know how to google for recipes, decorating, and party hosting tips.

  5. We use Pinterest in our marketing strategy… it was a great suggestion by a few of our employees who use it for their personal use. It’s a great way to share blogs, craft ideas, recycling ideas, and even events!

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