I’ll Take No Icky Water For 90 Cents, Please!

Our office campus is undergoing a multi-phase renovation.  We have two buildings, and essentially one half of a building is being remodeled, with the intent to expand our space and bring us from the 1970’s era furniture and layout to a more modern approach.

My desk sits in the recently completed first phase.  It’s much brighter, cleaner, and laid out in a much more open way, definitely more conducive to today’s collaborative approach for teamwork.

Phase two is currently underway with the other half of the building (where I used to be) in the midst of being gutted and re-built.

Last Monday, I got in at my normal time of slightly before 7am.  I made my coffee as normal.  A little bit later when I went over to rinse out a bowl, no water.  I checked and it was out.

Turns out it was only out for about 30 minutes, and that it was because they were doing some connecting of the water system between the two parts of the building.

After the water came back on, it didn’t look very good.

Definitely not good enough to make my oatmeal, which is what I usually have for breakfast.

Hmmm…what do do?

My options were:

Skip breakfast.  Not an option.  I have to have something to eat.

Break into my lunch and eat some of the stuff there.  That would have worked for breakfast, but would have left me lacking in the afternoon.  Not a good long-term solution.

Go grab breakfast.  There are a couple of fast food places right around the corner.  I probably could have been there and back in 15 minutes.

Hit up the vending machine.

In the end, I went with the vending machine.  Breakfast at a fast food place would have probably meant at least $2-3 and would have been less healthy. Plus, I’m the type that, once I get somewhere, I really don’t want to leave.

I ended up with a two pack of Pop Tarts.  They were 90 cents.  Which, after I put them in the toaster, were pretty darn good.

Not something I plan on doing every day, but it definitely beats the alternative of oatmeal made with icky water.

Have you ever had an emergency change of plan with your meal due to circumstances outside your control?

20 thoughts on “I’ll Take No Icky Water For 90 Cents, Please!”

  1. I probably would have done the same in your case. I always eat breakfast at home during the week. Occasionally I will run out of cereal but then I just make oatmeal so normally I am OK if I was out of both then I would have to figure something out…

  2. I’d have done the same thing. I’ve had to in the past when I managed to drop my lunch on the floor and didn’t feel like leaving to go get something.

    • I’ve never had the unfortunate experience of dropping my lunch on the floor, of course now I’ve probably gone ahead and jinxed myself 🙂

  3. Man, I haven’t had pop tarts in years. I didn’t know they still exist! I usually eat breakfast at home or I would be way to cranky. But if I were in your shoes, I would have done the same thing, or eat some of my lunch.

    • I thought about eating part of my lunch but then I would have been hungry around lunchtime so either way I would have been scrambling somehow. Figured it was better to impact only one meal, rather than switch around two.

    • Well the faucet that I get the water from is in closer proxmity to the bathrooms and the water going into the toilets was cloudy, so it sort of made that decision easy 🙂

  4. A pop tart was healthier than the fast food options? How long has it been since you’ve been to a McDonald’s for breakfast? I would have taken the fast food 15 minutes and packed my phone in case there was any wait at all. That way I could do some work and get the “healthier” breakfast.

    • I know they have oatmeal but that’s about all that I can think that is relatively healthy, meaning it wouldn’t be something greasy.

  5. Pop tarts are horribly great. I would eat one everyday if I could. I think I would have opted for the fast food because nowadays they have better options but I can’t argue with a great pop tart.

  6. That’s really gross; I hate the water after it gets turned back on. Too bad you didn’t have some bottled water with you. It sounds like you made a good choice, especially when compared to the other ones. 🙂

    • Yeah, bottled water could have done the trick though I wasn’t about to pay $1.45 out of the vending machine for that!

  7. That sounds like a good choice. If my wife let me, I would gladly eat Pop-Tarts every day! Breakfast of champions! You’d think that your office would have purchased some of those big water coolers or something for the construction so you would have potable water.

    • I think because it was such a quick thing, they didn’t bother making a big deal of it. Had it been off all day, they likely would have had to bring in outside water, but it was on and off within 15 minutes…just that the residual effects were a little longer lasting.

  8. I always keep a can of soup, a pack of crackers, and a small container of raisins in my filing cabinet for food emergencies at work. That way I am prpepared if I forget to bring my lunch.

    • My old boss keeps a ridiculous amount of food at his desk. I actually don’t keep that much simply because I’d probably eat it!

  9. LOL! You just reminded me of why getting laid off came under the heading of “Please, Brer Fox, don’t throw me in the briar patch!”

    The water in our building was undrinkable. It had a hideous off-taste that brought to mind a cocktail of frightening chemicals. When the water fountains were working (they usually weren’t) they were too filthy to contemplate.

    So if you wanted something to drink while you were on the campus, you either brought your own water (or soda pop) or you traipsed downstairs and stuffed $1.50 into a vending machine for a few ounces of potable water.

    Food at the university campus…well, whatever it was, it wasn’t food. Eventually they got this locavore, organic chow line, hidden upstairs among the meeting rooms and offices in the student union. It was good, but you certainly couldn’t afford to eat there very day. About once a month was more like it. Off-campus, within walking distance: ick!!!! All junk food, except for one upscale joint that cost even more than the locavore chow line.

    If I didn’t bring my own food, I just didn’t eat. Heh! Explains why I’ve put on weight since I was forcibly “retired,” eh?

    • It always makes me shudder to think where exactly the water is picking up those tastes. The pipes in the building? Horrifying.

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