I’m A Mom! (Sort Of)

OK, well since I’m a guy I can’t be an actual mom, but there is apparently one type of mom that I can be and now am: An Amazon Mom.

Last month, I wrote a post about how buying diapers through Amazon was saving us some big bucks!   They were temporarily offering 30% off diapers if you joined their subscribe and save program, where you get diapers shipped to you on a regular basis, plus they gave a free three month trial to Amazon Prime.

Turns out, that was probably some sort of beta test because now they’ve extended those benefits to the Amazon Mom program.

Here’s the scoop (in highlight version):

  • It’s free – You don’t have to pay anything to join
  • You get 30% off your diaper (and all other baby purchases) for as long as you’re in the program
  • You have to be part of the Subscribe and Save program – However, Amazon makes this very easy so that you’re never getting anything you don’t want or need.  We have our subscription set to ship a box of diapers every six months.  We need them more frequently, so when we need them, we just click into the option to ‘Buy Now’, we get the 30% off and the date is reset for another six months.
  • Amazon Prime benefits extended – For joining the program, we get another three month membership, plus every time you spend $25 on diapers or other baby stuff, they extend it for a month.  For families with multiple kids in diapers, reaching this is a cinch.

Even though it’s called Amazon Mom, they make it clear that it’s for anybody!  Since my wife and I pretty much share the same Amazon account (except for when we’re ordering gifts for each other), it will work out well for the account-holding Mom (me) and the actual Mom (Mrs. Beagle).

Either way, it’s another big win for Amazon in the Beagle household.

4 thoughts on “I’m A Mom! (Sort Of)”

  1. I looked into the Amazon mom program a month or so ago, but I think your kids were supposed to be younger than mine are.

    Congrats on being a mom!

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