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OK, so I'm not actually in diapers.  I did just cross over to my 39th birthday, but I'm not the one in diapers.  However, both of our kids are still in some form of diapers, and I'm so ready to be done.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm hopeful we're just a few months away.  But, you never know with these sort of things.

Little Boy Beagle

mb-201309signOur oldest is 4 years and 3 months old.  He successfully potty trained in 2011 at the age of two and a half.  However, he has not successfully transitioned to staying dry while he sleeps.  He still takes regular naps, and he's usually dry for about 75% of the time during naps, which is good, but he still comes up wet in the mornings.

We've transitioned him to pull-ups, so that he can get out of bed and use the bathroom anytime during the overnight hours.  Which he does occasionally, but he sleeps very hard and just hasn't trained his body to waking up enough to stay dry.

Our pediatrician says that this isn't concerning, and that while many kids his age are fully out of any sort of protection, it's not unusual for this to be the case.

Still, I'm ready!

Little Girl Beagle

Our youngest is two and she's exhibited many of the classic signs that she's ready for potty training: She lets us know when she's gone, she goes through the entire night without wetting herself (which is a complete opposite of her brother, go figure), and often goes long stretches of the day without wetting.

These are all signs that any pediatrician or baby forum will tell you means that they're ready to hit the potty.

The only problem?  She hates the potty.

We have a small potty that we had in the bathroom, and anytime we asked her if she wanted to go, she would refuse to go on. If we put her on, she'd scream and work to get off.

So, we put the potty away for a few weeks, as the doctor suggested that we give it another try to see if she expresses any interest.

She's always been a very strong willed girl, so it's no surprise that she doesn't see any middle ground.  On the other hand, she's also very reasonable.  Yes, we have actually sat down the two year old and reasoned with her on occasion, and it's been successful.  So, I'm holding out hope that at some point soon, we can reason with her.

If not, my wife has said that she'll take a hard line sometime in the fall, after Little Boy Beagle goes back to preschool and after we're done with our camping trip, where it's not ideal to do training, what with having to lug around the potty and also figure out with cleaning it out should she actually decide to use it.

But, I'm still ready.

It could be worse

As much as I'm anxious to get things going, I realize it could be worse.  My wife is vice president of the board at the preschool we use, and so she's been active in recruiting new members.  She actually talked to the neighbor across the street, whose daughter is three, and convinced the mom to sign up.  Everything looked great until a couple of weeks ago when she withdrew for the reasons that she wasn't fully potty trained.

The president of the pre-school called and spoke to her, hoping to let her know that if she was just in pull-ups or had the occasional issue, it shouldn't present a problem.  But it's worse.  She is potty trained but still fights it and actually holds her business, often for days at a time, leading to what I can imagine can be some unfortunate problems at various points.  I think the mom is trying to work through these and realizes it's probably too much to expect for the preschool to deal with.  Which, I actually applaud her for, because it seems these days many parents would have no reservations with expecting a preschool to handle this, and would make it seem that they were wronged if the preschool brought it up as an issue.  So, big props to the neighbor.

My wife was telling me all about the issue and nervously mentioned that she hoped that Little Girl Beagle didn't go through the same issues.  I'm staying optimistic that she won't as it seems pretty extreme.

Wishful Thinking

Still, last time we were at Costco, we stocked up on pull-ups and wipes, and I wistfully commented that I wished it would be the last time we bought these particular items.

One can only wish, right?

Parents, how glorious of a day was it when you became a diaper free household?