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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how my Epson printer got put firmly in the crosshairs of my annoyance radar.  Even though the black ink cartridge had remaining ink, the printer refused to print anything when another cartridge (cyan?) ran out of ink.  I was horribly annoyed by this and started looking into alternatives, vowing never to give Epson another nickel of my printing business.  I even looked at the idea of buying a replacement printer.

After looking around, I decided that the best course of action is to simply replace the cartridges.  New printers are pretty expensive (to get a good quality one) or very low quality, something I’m trying to get away from.  Plus, I don’t buy manufacturer cartridges, I buy generic.  So, when I decided to get new cartridges, technically I am not giving any business to Epson.

Plus, I just have a hard time throwing (or giving) away a perfectly capable printer.  There was nothing physically wrong with it.

I had purchased replacement cartridges in the past from a company that offered two complete sets (plus two additional black cartridges) for $60.  You could usually find a 10% off coupon, plus they offered free shipping, so the final cost was $54.  I checked and they were still offering the same deal.

I decided that it would be wise to look around to see if anybody else could beat that offer.  Considering I had done business with the original company, I was only going to switch if I got a 10% better deal.

How Not To Sell (In Other Words: No Stalking!)

I did look at a few, and only one other site came to mind.  I’m not going to mention them by name, simply because I don’t want to give them any exposure.  Not to mention, they freaked me out.

I should have had a red flag raised right away when I couldn’t get my final price without filling in all my information.  I had to do so in order to get my shipping cost.  After filling in my name, address, e-mail and phone( all required fields), I proceeded to the next page where I did get the price.  Even though the base price was cheaper, the shipping costs made it slightly more expensive.

So I closed the page.

Usually, the story ends here, but not with these guys.  A little while later I got an e-mail noting that I had left an order open and they’d like to discuss with me the possibility of completing it.


Then, the phone rang.  I don’t generally answer calls from an unknown number, so when I checked the voice mail, I was really weirded out when it was the same people.  In the message, they said the same thing, and offered that if I called them back, they’d be happy to complete the order AND they could give me an even better deal over the phone.

Uh, thanks but no thanks.

First, by telling me you’re not offering me the best price right off the bat is not a way to win me over.  Second, you creeped me out by stalking me from an incomplete shopping cart.

Don’t do that.

How To Sell Wisely

In the end, I went with my original company.   It's a company I've used in the past called!  Just as the name suggests, the provide ink for ink jet printers.  That's what they do and they do it well.  I have ordered from them in the past and got exactly what I wanted.

They provide free shipping on orders over $50, which is less than what many others (including the stalking company) required for free shipping.  You can also usually find 10% off coupon codes if you do a quick search.

Click here to visit! if you're looking for great reliable ink at great prices(and I promise, they won't stalk you!)