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A lot of people who can afford to buy an aircraft and have a short amount of time to spend in travelling tend to buy airplanes or helicopters. Generally, people investing in airplanes and helicopters do not have a problem with funding them. However, it is rather smart to compare the benefits of the product you are investing in. Both the aircraft are designed to transport passengers from one point to another in a shorter span of time than transports like trains and buses. Nevertheless, there is some difference between the uses of each of them which might prove to be beneficial or problematic with respect to the owner’s requirement. Below are given certain details about it.


Between helicopter and airplane, the airplane will always beat helicopter in terms of speed. It has a considerably low top speed as compared to airplanes. The average top speed of a standard passenger airplane is between 878-926 km/hr whereas the average top speed of the helicopter is 430 km/hr. Even though helicopter has the ability to hover in the air, provide a stationary and low-speed height, it has lower front flight speed and accommodation than an airplane.  Fixed winged aircraft like airplanes are usually calmer and makes lesser noise as compared to helicopters. Noise and vibrations are one of the main problems of the helicopter.


In terms of access, however, the helicopter is more compact and can enter more critical and compact areas compared to airplanes. They need smaller landing area as well which is useful for rescue missions and launching army troops. It is also helpful as it needs lesser landing area and can be landed on a rooftop. Airplanes are larger and in this context lesser useful compared to helicopters. They need a wide landing space and it takes more time to slow down from the top speed. As it is not able to make vertical flights, it needs a runway to launch as well.


Helicopters have even more complex mechanism compared to airplanes. Flying an airplane is easier and more convenient in comparison to a helicopter. The mechanism of flying and operating both need skilled professionals who are thoroughly trained in this region. Due to the noise and vibrations, it becomes almost impossible for people boarding helicopters to hear each other. Thus one has to master the art of different signs to express themselves while in a helicopter. However, helicopters have faster mobilization and lower range than airplanes. Helicopters are equipped with early initiation management and some of the rescue helicopters even have advanced instrumentation for paramedic help.

Apart from this, helicopters have higher maintenance and purchase expenses compared to aircraft. If one precisely needs helicopters to resolve their purpose, it is economically much more convenient to take one on the lease. Airplanes have several advantages over helicopters. They are spacious and more comfortable as well.

Whatever your factors are to judge, do your homework.