Is Amazon Prime Worth The Cost?

I’ve been a member of the Amazon Mom program for over a year now.  This has been a great savings boost to us, as we got 30% off diapers and other baby supplies, as well as a year free of Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

The free year of Prime just came to an end for us.  We still get to enjoy the discounted diapers and baby supplies, though they’ve recently cut it back to a 20% savings (hint: items that you subscribe too have stayed at the 30% off level, and I’ve been told that you can activate ‘dormant’ subscriptions, change diaper sizes, and those will maintain the 30% savings threshold as well, but your mileage may vary).  What we will no longer get is free two-day shipping on just about any item sold by Amazon.

This has definitely come in handy, and I’m not going to lie, we’ve probably bought quite a few things from Amazon over the past year that we might not have otherwise, simply because we didn’t have to worry about hitting the $25 spending limit to get free super-saver shipping.

We’re debating whether to add back the Prime membership.  This would cost us $79 (though I’m letting it expire in faint hope that they’ll offer a discount) which averages just over $6.50 per month.

In addition to the shipping benefits, we’d also get to enjoy the video streaming service that they rolled out.  As it so happens, the ‘free’ Prime that they gave did not include that little nugget.  We have indefinitely suspended our Netflix account, but getting Prime would make it almost a no-brainer to use the streaming video service (though we would also have to buy a Roku video player to handle the streaming).

How many of you use Amazon Prime?

How many of you have experience with the streaming video service?  With the Roku devices that we would likely need to purchase?

I’m curious as to what you think, readers: Is Amazon Prime worth the cost?

8 thoughts on “Is Amazon Prime Worth The Cost?”

  1. I love Amazon Prime. We've had it for two years and plan to continue it. The first year we got it free with a student email account, this year we got it half off. I believe again, with a student email.

    I think you can find a deal if you are willing to do without it while you wait.

    Another option is go in on it with someone because I believe you can invite up to 4 (I think) people. Maybe they changed that though. Something to look into.

  2. We're still under the Amazon Mom program until March, and I've also started to wonder if the $79/yr Prime membership is worth it. I love free two-day shipping, but a lot of those items may qualify for free Super Saver Shipping. And I don't mind waiting a few extra days! Good to know about the 20%/30% off, too.

    As far as streaming video, we pay for Netflix streaming now and get it through a Roku player, which was about $60 for us to purchase. The streaming video selections aren't as up-to-date, so it depends on what you're looking for. I wonder if the Amazon streaming service will have newer movies/shows…

  3. When I sop on line, I am trying to keep the cost down. I do not care about the delivery. I would never pay for prime.

  4. We've got Prime, and we can stream video through the TV.

    The shipping speed is nice – some stuff comes the next day, heh. Useful for non perishables.

    They also offer some music storage- I'm trying to find that again. A few GB, but enough to store a bunch of songs. That's useful for my cell phone at the gym. They also just opened up book rentals, sort of like a library. Could be a killer feature considering how much my wife and I read – ask again in 6 months, but I'm liking Prime at $79 right now.

  5. I've never heard of Prime. Is that weird? But I have considered canceling Netflix …

  6. Thanks to all for the comments. We definitely wouldn't even be considering Amazon Prime if it weren't for the streaming video benefits. I guess the question is whether we'd use that enough. I have to go back and look at their video catalog to see if it's really worth it or not. In any case, I'm still hoping that they give me a 'Come back at a slightly reduced rate' pitch soon! Here's to wishing!

  7. I'm considering it because of the kindle lending library; the video streaming is icing on the cake.

    However, I'm going to wait until Black Friday to see if they offer any incentives for joining.

  8. I've got the student version, but haven't looked to see if that includes movies. That would be awesome! I haven't decided if I'll buy it when that expires. I do like the 2 day shipping.

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