Is This The End, Netflix?

I’ve been a subscriber of Netflix since sometime in the early part of the 2000’s.  I got fed up with Blockbuster, joined Netflix, and loved it.

For the first few years, I was on their three-at-a-time plan, where you could have three DVDs out a time.  I went through them like crazy.  Being a single guy, and at one point traveling every week (read: bored), I was paying less than $2 per DVD on a pretty regular basis.

After I got married and moved into the house, and especially after having Little Boy Beagle, our usage fell to the point where we moved down to the unlimited one-at-a-time, and eventually all the way down to the bottom plan, one-at-a-time with a maximum of two rentals per month.

That was the lowest we could go, right?

Well, maybe not.

Even with that, we’ve found that our watching habits have gone down even more to where we were often renting just one movie per month.  At $5 per month, getting two movies isn’t a bad deal, but if you only use one, it’s suddenly pretty pricey.

So, my wife proposed what I would have once called unthinkable.  Getting rid of Netflix!

We’re always on the lookout for cost cutting measures, so I looked at the numbers, and agreed that it might be time.

For now.

So, with little fanfare, I sent back our last movie (Date Night), which fittingly we hadn’t even watched yet, and for the first time in eight years, was not scheduled to get a new movie sent out.

However, I have faith that we’ll be back.

I think we’ll get greater benefit from a Netflix streaming plan, where you can use a gaming console or a Roku system to watch movies right from the Internet.  My parents have this and my dad loves it.

Right now, we simply don’t have the time to watch movies as we have plenty to watch on the DVR from our favorite TV shows.

As we get more settled in the upcoming years, and especially once the kids grow and we decide to perhaps let them watch  TV shows (educational, of course), I think we could justify re-subscribing.

So long, for now (but hopefully not for long), Netflix!

6 thoughts on “Is This The End, Netflix?”

  1. Congrats on re-assessing the value of this to your family!

    I dropped cable a while back and having Netflix as an alternative keeps me sane.

  2. I went to the streaming plan last month when Netflix changed their price structure. And even that, I don't use enough, I think.

    I just recently installed a roof-top antenna to get over-the-air channels but that is just not "enough."

    My daughter likes to have her DTV channels and my wife hers but $80+ a month is aggravating! All in, I'm spending almost $100 a month on TV!

    Is this a crazy world or is it only me?

  3. I am still addicted to cable and occasionally going to the movies. The movies is a social experience. I guess I am pretty set in my ways and don't need to reduce the expenses further!

  4. The streaming plan is very good and there are lots of family films available. I use it quite a bit. Cut my cable back to just a little more than basic and don't miss the added premium channels at all. Cable company probably misses my cash but…

  5. I remember once my second son was born, the same netflix movie sat and collected dust for months sometimes. We did cancel for a while as well, but we're back on it again.

    I bought a blue ray player for christmas that has the streaming option and we enjoy that a great deal.

  6. Wait a minute…your dad knows how to use a streaming device!

    My dad called me today because he couldn't get rid of the yahoo tool bar lol

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