It’s A Holiday Weekend…And That Means It’s Time To Buy Paint!

It’s President’s Day weekend, and that means that it’s time to take advantage of Home Depot’s Behr paint sale.
Through the 16th, you can purchase paint at Home Depot, and receive $5 off every gallon, or $20 every five gallon bucket, via a mail-in rebate.
We’ve used this for a couple of years in a row, and it’s worked out well. In fact, two years ago in May is when we were close to purchasing our house, and we took advantage of the sale. We hadn’t yet closed, but we knew approximately how many gallons we would need, so we purchased it unmixed, and took it back a few weeks later to get it mixed. I think we got a $65 rebate a few weeks later, so it was definitely worth it!
We purchased three gallons of paint, two for the nursery and one which is the color of our hallways, so that I can hopefully do some touch up work and also paint the stairways to the basement.
This year, they made it so that you can submit the rebate online, simply by entering your rebate information and your receipt information. They look up the purchase to verify eligability. Saves time and a stamp!
I’ve found that Home Depot usually runs this around most holidays, so if you miss out this time, mark your calendar for a future holiday if you have any painting on the horizon.