It’s The Little Things

Birthday parties are expensive.

We had Baby Beagle’s first birthday party this past weekend.  The day and a half before were filled with cold and rainy weather, but about an hour before the party was scheduled to start, the sun came out and gave us excellent weather.

Midway through the party I looked around and was perfectly content.  There were about 10 kids playing on the playset that my father-in-law and I had assembled the prior weekend (including Baby Beagle who was being pushed in his baby swing by an adoring neighbor), family was sprinkled around, homemade sangria was being enjoyed.  There was laughter, happiness, and celebration.

It was awesome!

At the end of the party came the cleanup, and of course sitting down and adding up the amount spent on everything. With both of those things, I realized that it wasn’t the big things that took the most amount of time and money, it was the little things.

The tables and chairs came down in about five minutes.  However, tracking down all the cups and bowls that get scattered around took probably half an hour.

The big costs were few and far between.  But, trying to add things up, the total was big because of all the little costs that come up.

You don’t realize how big the little costs can be!

It’s the same, I guess, with your overall personal finance situation.  Many times we’re focused on the ‘big things’ like the mortgage or car payments, when in actuality, we should be paying just as much if not more to the little things.

All in all it was an excellent party.  Every penny spent was worth it.  Baby Beagle loved his cake, loved his presents, and was loved by family and friends.

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  1. Happy first birthday Baby Beagle!
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