It’s That Time Of Every Two Years Again

It’s been two years since my wife and I got new cell phones, and it’s getting to be that time where we will start looking at new phones and plans.

We’ve been with Sprint for a long time.  That actually worked out nice when we got married.  Before that, I was on Sprint with an individual plan and she was under her parent’s family plan.  My parents are also on Sprint, so it’s nice because whenever we want to talk to our families, we are always in network.

For the most part, the service and equipment have been reliable.  In other words, we have no reason to move away from Sprint.

We will, probably, look at new phones.  My wife’s phone has been acting a little flaky as of late, with some occasional reboots, volume issues, and it also seems to have a taste for power cords, as two power cords have been rendered incapable of providing a charge to the phone in the couple of years we’ve had our phones.

At the moment, neither of us have the ability to browse the Internet on our phones.  I’ve resisted because I figure it’s one more way for people to get a hold of me, and I tend to be a recluse at times.  My wife has been pushing more and more for getting a phone and data plan that would support Internet browsing, so I’ve been looking into the idea.

Browsing through the phones, it looks like they have some pretty good deals where the out-of-pocket charges would be to spend no more than $100 out of pocket to get new phones.

I’ve been browsing through the options, and adding a data plan to our phones seems like it wouldn’t be too expensive, either.  Sprint does have family plans that include everything, but comparing that to a la carte pricing, I think we’re better off with a la carte.  If we added data to both of our lines, it would be an extra $15 per month.  However, we get a 19% discount because the company I work for has an arrangement with Sprint, so this would be closer to $12 per month per line.  We could also lower the text messaging plan that we have, which could save between $4-8 per month total.  This would make the ‘additional’ charge work out to about $16 per month.

I’m not convinced that there’s a value in this but having information available at the touch of a button would be nice, plus it would reduce our need and consumption on our cable internet lines.

A couple of years ago, we got a coupon in the mail that essentially gave us a free month of service for renewing.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that something like that shows up again.  Getting a free month would allow us to bank the money and essentially pay for the first five or six months of the ‘upgrade costs’.  That would be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath.

Either way, it should be interesting and I’ll keep you up to date on what direction we go and what the pricing is.

3 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Every Two Years Again”

  1. I'm with AT&T and like some other users, my contract upgrade date has been moved up (so I can get a new iPhone presumably). I have an iPhone right now and I love it. (Though, I'm not going to push you to get one. AT&T is just awful). So I say go the smartphone route! You will get used to having information anywhere and at the touch of a button. You may think you don't need it, but it comes in handy so many times!

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with having internet on my phone. Mine is pretty slow, and not searching doesn't work real well. (I think Iphones are a different story though.) I love having internet available for access to weather, especially when on vacation. However, it is also becoming a distraction. I find I am checking news websites and such when it really isn't necessary. Sometimes less info is better.

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