I’ve Been On An Amazon Shopping Binge

Some things go in waves, and I’ve noticed that Amazon shopping seems to be one of those things.  I’ve placed three orders just in the last week, but I’m completely OK with that!

Order 1: Taking Care Of Stinky Kitty

OK, so it’s not really the cat that smells, but with his litter boxes down in the basement, it has become apparent that the peeing that is supposed to happen in the box wasn’t happening at 100%.  It didn’t smell overpowering, but as anybody who has had cats knows, the smell is strong, and if left untreated, it will linger long after he is eventually gone.  I’m pretty particular about odors so I set off to do some research.

It turns out that the fix is pretty easy.  You can spot where a cat has peed by shining a UV flashlight, and you can eradicate the problem areas with special products that contain enzymes that break things down.

So, I purchased a flashlight, as well as a pair of safety glasses, and a bottle of enzyme neutralizer.  Upon doing an inspection of the basement, it looks like most of the problem is around the litter boxes.  He probably just misses or doesn’t get everything in. There could be some areas that were from the other cat that we had up until 2013.  I’m confident that it’ll work, though it takes time and multiple applications for things to break down.  $38 and we’re on our way to having a much nicer smelling basement!

Order 2: Summer Breezes

We love to sleep with the windows open when possible.  The problem is that our kids rooms are on sides of the house that don’t get much breeze and they can get stuffy even when the temps drop at night.  We’ve talked about getting fans for their windows since last year, but neither my wife nor I ever acted upon this.

I was looking around and saw that the type we wanted (a dual window fan) was at the lowest price that it’s been over the past year (I use the Camelizer plugin for Google Chrome), so I ordered a couple.  $45 and they’ll be plenty less stuffy.

Order 3: I Knew I Forgot Something

Making a list is often necessary to avoid missing something, and that’s something I should have kept in mind.  A couple of days after placing order #2, I realized that I’d forgotten to buy something.  I discovered these ‘Fatwood’ firestarter sticks that we use when camping for starting campfires.  They’re awesome and I’ve not used lighter fluid since getting these.  I realized that I was nearly out, so it was time to order another box.

That alone wasn’t enough to get me to the order, so I looked at my list of things that I mb-2015-06-fireneeded to buy.  I remembered that I needed a replacement extension cord.  Mine was starting to crack and expose wires, and I just don’t dig that when I use it for walking around outside to do the edging, trimming, and lawn clipping cleanup.  I can probably tape up the other one and use it somewhere where it won’t be moving around as much.

For $36 we get campfires and safety!

Future Order: Smooth Skin

Of course, I *really* need to get a list going.  I usually order my razors from Amazon.  The day after I placed the third order, I found I was low on cartridges.  I’m still a few weeks away from needing to place an order. This is good because we are definitely noticing the costs adding up!

Readers, do you find your Amazon ordering habits to be consistent?  Or do you go through periods where there are brown boxes appearing on your porch almost daily?

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been On An Amazon Shopping Binge”

  1. Comes and goes in waves, for us. I have a regular Subscribe & Save for our diapers and wipes so we can get them for 20% off. I try to target those ordering dates for anything that’s not urgent, is S&S eligible, and do a quick price comparison against Target to make sure that it’s a better deal on Amazon. It tends to be a regular stream for a few days and then dry up the rest of the month. It tends to work well if I’ve had time to build up a cache of Amazon GCs!

  2. Shopping at Amazon can save a lot of time and money! Especially if you get free shipping all the time. For me, it’s cheaper than to drive all the way into town, just to find out the store doesn’t have what I need.

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