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21 Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Online

Working from home is an excellent way to bring in some extra money while dealing with a busy lifestyle. There are some people that find so much success working from home that they even do it full-time.

Not only do you get to avoid long commutes, but you also get to set your own hours and perhaps even start your own business.

Unfortunately, as many people who have ever searched online for “work from home jobs” will probably tell you, it is pretty difficult to find legitimate jobs. Most of the “opportunities” one finds when looking for these types of jobs are often just scams.

Without the right information, a person may easily end up working for weeks with a company that doesn’t even exist.

There are legitimate opportunities out there though.


I stumbled a few times when I first started working from home. In fact, I probably fell for every scam in the book. Today, I work exclusively from home and make a pretty decent living doing so.

The trick is to know where to look.

This guide shows you some of the most lucrative opportunities out there for someone who truly wants to make money online.

These are legitimate opportunities that millions of people all over the world have used to change their lives dramatically to either earn a little extra income each month or move into an entirely different career.

If you’re ready to avoid all of the shady offers, multi-level marketing opportunities, and “get rich quick schemes, then let’s get started!

Maintaining Expectations

It’s not easy to work from home and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to get things started. These aren’t quick solutions to bring in thousands a month without lifting a finger.

If you are willing to put in the effort and be a little patient, the benefits are worth it. In fact, many of these opportunities have unlimited income potential and the ability to give you the freedom to work from home as much or as little as you’d like. If you're looking for stay at home mom jobs, this is a good place to start.

1. Becoming a Freelance Writer

If you want to work from home and earn some real money, then freelance writing may be one of the most effective ways to do so.

Freelance writing has become a lucrative opportunity in many years. With there being so much importance in having a voice online, many businesses need freelance writers to create content for them on a regular basis.

It’s not easy though. Being a freelance writer means meeting lots of demands. You may find yourself working long nights, weekends, and even some holidays – especially when you are just getting started.

Freelance writers have a lot of earning potential. At the start, a writer may earn upwards of $100 for their first article.

After some time, writers tend to raise their rates and there are many that earn well into the six-figure range.

The Requirements

A big advantage of being a freelance writer is that you don’t need a degree to get started.

It is helpful to have a background in fields such as English or journalism, but many people don’t have any sort of college degree at all and still find success.

There are a few tricks to learn in order to get the most out of freelance writing.

You need to know the best places to find work and what websites to reach out to in order to earn the most and continue to add to your portfolio.

Where to Find Work

One of the best benefits of being a freelance writer is that there is work to be found in tons of different places.

Business websites and blogs are always on the lookout for new web content and writers in order to stay up to date.

While the pay rates aren’t always the highest, people often find work on various job boards.

If you want to get started, consider the niche you’re most interested in and begin looking for websites relative to it. Offer guest post blogging services.

With the proper research, motivation, and drive, anyone is the potential to be a freelance writer. If you love to write, this may be a lucrative way for you to make money from home.

2. A Proofreader

If you have a keen eye for detail, then proofreading may be a legitimate work-from-home job where you can earn a pretty significant income. This is another job that can practically be done from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

A proofreader’s job is to look at various forms of content, such as books, blog posts, and documents. As you look through these files, you have to fix all of the errors that you spot in them.

The only real requirement for this position is to have a strong command of the English language and a pretty good eye for detail.

How Much Can You Earn

Many people find success as a proofreader. In fact, some people earn upwards of $2,000 a month just from proofreading documents for various clients. Others have earned $50,000 a year or more, all just by proofreading from home.

Where to Find Work as a Proofreader

If you’re a proofreader, you don’t have to search far for a position. Practically any place that publishes content needs a proofreader.

Find a business that publishes content you’re strongly familiar with and you have a much higher chance of landing a position with them.


Survey Junkie

Why Survey Junkie?

  • You will be paid for completing surveys and other activities, which makes earning money easy.
  • Offers different types of surveys and new surveys are added regularly.
  • The website is user-friendly.
  • It enables you to cash out your points but they also offer gift cards.

Try Survey Junkie

3. Paid Surveys

Paid surveys won’t earn you a large amount of money and they won’t be a reliable source of full-time or part-time income. There are some places that allow you to earn a small amount of money by taking paid surveys.

Where to Find Paid Surveys

There are several websites that offer to pay you to take surveys, but in most situations they surveys aren’t worth it. These are some of the best places to take paid surveys if you want to make some extra pocket change: Springboard America, Survey Junkie, Vindale Research. Also read our Inboxdollars review to see if its a good fit for you.

4. Technical Support

If you know your way around technology and you have fun solving technical issues, then you could work from home as a technical support representative. The best thing about these positions is that large tech companies are constantly on the lookout for remote workers. Technical support representatives help customers by answering their questions and solving problems.

Again, this position doesn’t require much more than a stable internet connection, a computer, and a telephone. Through these resources, you will have your own virtual call center.

Every company is different, so you will be trained by them to do the work properly. They provide you with all the resources and training you need to deal with any questions a customer may have and how to fix it.

How Much Do Technical Support Representatives Earn states that the annual salary for someone that works in technical support ranges from around $29,600 to upwards of $43,300, but that figure ranges pretty significantly based on several factors, such as the company you work for and the type of technical support you provide.

Finding Technical Support Positions

Because large tech companies are in constant need of providing service to their customers, many companies are usually looking for technical support representatives to help with the large number of calls they receive daily.

There are several companies and job boards to choose from to get started working from home as a technical support representative. These are a few links to help you get started: Dice, Apple, Indeed Job Board

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Online

5. Customer Service Representative

Are you a fan of talking on the phone? Do you communicate well with people? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when it comes to helping others? If those all sound like you, you could work-from-home as a customer service representative.

A customer service representative is tasked with receiving calls and answer the questions of customers for a certain business. You don’t have to report to a call center, but instead, you get to do all of the work from home.

There aren’t a lot of requirements for this position besides having a computer, reliable internet access, and a landline telephone.

How Much Do Customer Service Representatives Earn

In most cases, working from home doing customer service pays anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour, which mostly depends on your skill level and professional experience. If you have certain specialized skills or you can speak in more than one language, you could get paid a higher rate.

Finding Customer Representative Work

One of the biggest advantages of being an at-home customer service representative is that there are many large companies constantly looking for representatives to take calls for them. In terms of finding a position, there are several places to look. These are a few links to help you get started on your search: TeleTech, Amazon Jobs, VIPDesk Connect.

6. Online Tutor

Thanks to the internet, there are several ways for a person to share their expertise and knowledge while getting paid to do it. Online tutoring jobs are an excellent source of income for working at home. Depending on your skill set, this could be a very lucrative part-time job.

You can be an online tutor for all sorts of subjects. Some tutoring jobs, such as teaching English as a second language, requires you to interact and teach people from all over the world. These positions tend to pay more, but they also require training.

How Much Do Online Tutors Earn

Just like with many positions, the amount you can earn as an online tutor varies greatly based on what you are teaching and who you are teaching. Most online tutors make between $10 to $20 an hour, based on a report from Glassdoor.

Finding a Tutoring Position

Because online tutoring is in such high demand, there are many websites that specifically help you with finding a position to be an online tutor. Some of the best types of tutoring positions you can find involve teaching English as a Foreign Language. Some of the websites that post legitimate online tutoring jobs include VIPKID, Cambly, Chegg Tutors,, and Varsity Tutors, just to name a few.



Why Fiverr?

  • One of the most reliable ways to earn income online.
  • Your performance will impact how much you earn. The higher the level you achieve, the higher your compensation.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for both freelancers and business owners.
  • It is one of the best platforms for freelancers.

Try Fiverr

7. Web Designer

There are two very important factors in becoming a web designer. You have to have a flair for design while still being proficient at technical skills. Luckily, there are several resources to teach you how to become a web designer. You can find many classes on

While it isn’t easy being a web designer, the position can be a very lucrative work-from-home job for many people.

In terms of demand, just about every business needs to be successful in this day and age. Whether you’re upgrading an old website or creating a new one from scratch, there is a constant need for web designers out there.

How Much do Web Designers Earn

Quite a few factors come into play when it comes to how much a web designer earns. The amount a person gets is based on how many clients they land and their skill level. says that a web designer’s median salary is around $73,000 a year.

Finding Web Design Jobs

Most successful web designers find work through referrals. A good way to get started is through listing your services on various websites. Places like 99designs and Fiverr are a great area to get started in and build up your reputation.

Because of the way web design works, you may end up working with a client repeatedly. If they are happy with your introductory work, you may be able to upsell them in order to earn more.

8. Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a great online job to get where you can earn a good part-time income. You don’t need certificates or intensive training to be successful as a virtual assistant. All you need is a good internet connection and a desire to be successful.

Most successful entrepreneurs have at least a virtual assistant. Similar to administrative assistants that you find in an office, virtual assistants provide various administrative tasks such as customer service, editing websites, bookkeeping, emails, finishing sales, social media management, and more.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Earn

There are a few factors to consider when determining a virtual assistant’s earning potential. Expertise, skill level, and the work you have to do all determine how much you earn as a virtual assistant. With that being said, the earning potential varies wildly.

There are some virtual assistants that start off by making $10 per hour, but they can end up making upwards of $75 per hour depending on the client. As your skills improve, you can increase your rates gradually.

Where to Find Work as a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant has many opportunities to work for bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and more. The demand is there, but the best type of jobs is those that come from either referrals or word of mouth.

If you do want to get started, there are job boards where you can offer your services. Places like Upwork and Fiverr are great to help you get your foot in the door.

9. Transcriptionist

With excellent typing skills, a strong command of the English language, and an eye for detail you could work as a transcriptionist from home.

A transcriptionist’s job is to transcribe voice recordings and videos into written words. Most people think of medical transcription when it comes to these jobs, but there is a much larger need for general transcriptionists now than ever before.

A transcriptionist can work from home and set their own hours while being self-employed. Another benefit is that you can either work part-time for this position or full-time based on your preferences.

How Much Do Transcriptionists Earn

There are various fields that require the services of a transcriptionist. Depending on the filed you work in, your salary may change significantly. For most general transcription jobs, a person earns around $10 to $25 per hour. More specialized fields, such as legal and medical transcriptionists, earn a bit more.

In terms of rate, a transcriptionist is usually paid for every minute of audio they transcribe. Even if you make $1.00 per minute, your hour early rate won’t actually reflect that amount.

Finding Transcription Work

While it can be a lucrative position to transcribe audio from home, it is difficult to get started and requires a few things.

If you want to learn how to be a transcriber, you should visit Transcribe Anywhere, which offers tons of information and helpful resources to help you get started as a transcriptionist.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Online

10. Blogger

You’ve probably heard of someone making tons of money online as a blogger. If you believe what you see online, it’s easy to assume that making money as a blogger is the easiest thing in the world.

While it is possible to make a pretty significant income as a blogger, it does take a lot of hard work. Don’t expect to just start a blog and suddenly make tons of money within your first month. In fact, many blogs don’t make any money at all.

Blogging is a huge investment and takes quite a while to become lucrative, but the earning potential is worth it if you have a passion for writing.

How Much Do Bloggers Earn

It’s pretty difficult to determine how much a person earns from a blog. Some months can be pretty lucrative, but there are other months where earnings go down. Within the first several months, a blog is most likely not going to make any money.

The potential is huge though. A blog could make tens of thousands per month if the traffic is significant enough. There are people that earn upwards of $50,000 a month from a blog and even much more in some cases.

Finding Work as a Blogger

A blogger earns money through various methods, such as selling products or advertising for other companies. Affiliate marketing and sponsorships are just a couple of ways a blogger can earn income.

A lot of bloggers seek out online writing work to supplement their income as they grow their blog. Freelance writing is one way to earn money while starting a blog and steadily building it up.

If you want to learn how to start a blog, there are various resources you can use to help make it lucrative. Check out the course from Create and Go to learn how you can start to create a blog.



Why InboxDollars?

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  • It connects consumers and advertisers in one platform.
  • There are opportunities to earn real cash (or gift cards) by completing surveys and other online activities.
  • You will get an automatic bonus for signing up, and earn more bonuses when you refer a friend.

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11. Participate in Market Research

Taking part in market research online is proving to be one of the most reliable ways to make money online. Companies use the opinion of the consumers in order to improve their brand marketing. As part of this market research program, you will be answering online questionnaires. You will be paid for every questionnaire or survey completed. This is a great way to earn money from home on your computer.

The compensation for each will vary significantly on the company and the type of survey. Some companies can pay $10 per survey, while others offer $100 for a survey.

The following are some of the most well-known paid survey sites for market research:

12. YouTube Product Reviewer

Millions of people use YouTube all the time. One of the most popular types of content is product reviews. Many people check out YouTube videos and product reviews before deciding to purchase a product.

Anyone can earn money by reviewing products from your favorite niche, but it does take quite a bit of time to build up a large enough audience to get properly compensated for the products you’re reviewing.

How Much Do Product Reviewers Earn

It’s very difficult to determine how much a product reviewer earns. Depending on your niche and audience, you could earn enough to do it full-time or just enough to make a little additional income each month.

With the several months or even years it takes to build an audience, it is important to temper expectations and continue to work in another field as you build your audience.

Where to Make Money as a Reviewer

While YouTube may be your primary platform for reviews, you should use different avenues, such as social media, to extend your reach as much as possible. The most lucrative ways to make money through reviews is by getting paid to make sponsored reviews.

There are different brands that offer product review for content creators. Try websites like Grapevine and Famebit to find what companies are offering sponsorships.

13. Reseller

Another way to make money online that is a bit different from just finding a job is by becoming a reseller. The act of being a reseller involves finding items at a low-cost online and then selling them for a profit.

You can even begin by selling some of the items you have at home and then moving on from that. There are different places to purchase products at a low price point, and with the internet, there are various online shops to sift through.

How Much Do Resellers Earn

A reseller has a large amount of potential to make a full-time income. Some people own their own shops and resell products up until the point where they make tens of thousands a month, but there are others who only do enough to make a few extra hundred or thousand.

It takes a lot of hard work to successfully resell your products, but the most time-consuming aspect is searching for products that you can get at a low price point that is actually worth reselling.

Where to Sell Products

If you want to earn money as a reseller, there are various online shops to sell your products. eBay is a good place to start your shop and you can even sell your products at a certain price point or put them up for auction to potentially maximize your income.

14. Photographer

If you love capturing special moments in nature, then you could make money as a photographer. Having a hobby as a photographer could easily be a source of income and you don’t have to work in an office either.

How Much Do Photographers Earn

Photographers can earn various amounts of income through online sources, but it all depends on what they are selling. As a photographer, you have several options, which could earn you a part-time income or a few extra hundred a month.

While it is somewhat difficult, there are some people who earn enough to be a photographer full-time and start to earn around $30,000, but it takes a lot of quality images and hard work in order to do so.

Where to Sell Photos

As a photographer, there are different things you can do to sell your images. On websites like ShutterStock and BigStock, you can sell your images and get paid for every download. It should be noted that the pay is low, so you should have a large number of images uploaded.

Another option to make money online through photography is to either sell posters of your digital artwork or you could even teach photography through creating online courses.

15. Translator

If you have a strong understanding as a writer and you are well-versed in multiple languages, then you could be a translator.

Being a translator online offers you a lot of options for lucrative incomes online. There are different positions to take, which range from writing for companies to be a customer service representative.

How Much Do Translators Earn

Translators earn a bit more than the standard rate for those that work in the same field. If you are a freelance writer but know multiple languages, you can charge a higher rate because you have a specialized skill.

On the higher-end, a full-time freelance translator could earn around $60,000 a year, but if they are certified that rate could increase to an average income of $72,000

Where to Find Translation Work

Many businesses, both large and small, constantly seek translators. Some businesses seek out translation services to make alternate versions of their website or change content.

The most lucrative type of work you can find will come from referrals and word of mouth, but you can check out websites, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and various job boards in order to get started.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Online

16. Voice Actor

Now, thanks to online media being such an important part of a business plan, companies need voice over actors to narrate their videos. It’s not just for marketing videos either though. Voice actors get paid to be in intros, audiobooks, commercials, tutorials, video games, and much more.

It takes a lot of vocal work and skill to become a successful voice actor, but many people enjoy it as both a form of part-time and full-time employment.

How Much Do Voice Actors Earn

The difficult thing about being a voice actor is the fact that they get paid based on the project or job they are taking. A voice actor could earn $100 for a few second clip or thousands to record a full audiobook.

The rates you can charge are based on your experience and current skill set.

Where to Find Voice Over Work

If you are looking to get your start as a voice actor, you should search on freelance platforms and job boards. Voice over work is continually being in high demand and many businesses need it, so make sure you have a strong portfolio and are constantly on the lookout for new projects.

17. Consultant or Coach

If you are an expert that has knowledge in a certain field, then you could share that knowledge as a coach or a consultant. As a consultant, you spend the time to help people or businesses succeed in a variety of fields.

These fields include marketing, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, relationships, and much more. It all depends on what niche you feel you are knowledgeable in the most.

How Much Do Consultants Earn

A life coach or consultant can earn, based on Payscale, a median pay rate of $34.00 an hour, but it ranges from around $11.37 to over $100.00 per hour. Annual salaries get even more lucrative than that.

The determining factor for how much you earn as a consultant or life coach is what clients that you have and what niche you are providing consultations.

Where to Find Consultation Work

For the most part, you will find the most lucrative consultation and life coach work from referrals. If you have no experience in the field, you should seek out getting clients through freelance platforms in order to build your reputation.

18. Social Media Manager

Businesses need an online presence through social media now more than ever. With so many people interacting on social media, businesses are willing to spend a great deal in order to have someone manage their social media accounts.

If you have a good amount of knowledge on the most effective ways to increase followers on a social media platform, you could work from home as a social media manager.

How Much Do Social Media Managers Earn

Based on Glassdoor, a social media manager makes an average salary of $54,238. This ranges greatly depending on the client and type of business you’re working, but it can be a lucrative source of income for many people that understand the how major social media platforms work.

Where to Find Work as a Social Media Manager

Businesses of all types are constantly on the lookout for a social media manager. Make sure to look into your favorite companies and brands and see if they are looking for someone to handle their social media accounts.

If you are trying to find something more immediately, there are various freelance writing platforms and job boards where people are oftentimes seeking social media managers.

19. Accountant

If you have a strong understanding of bookkeeping and are capable of running the numbers, then you could work as an accountant from home.

Bookkeeping is vital for every business. If you can get enough clients, then you may be able to work-at-home as an accountant full-time.

How Much Do Accountants Earn

Being an accountant is a specialized skill that takes a lot of knowledge, but if you have it then you can charge a relatively high amount for your services. At the start, accountants can make around $32.76 an hour. Some of the highest paid accountants make upwards of $100,000 a year.

Finding Work Online as an Accountant

If you want to work as an accountant, you should reach out to local businesses and offer up your services. Smaller businesses may need the services of an accountant, especially if they cannot afford one in-house.

Make sure to keep an eye out on freelance platforms and job boards where people may list openings for remote accountants.

20. Graphic Designer

Businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly seeking out graphic and logo designers for more effective branding. If you are skilled in digital art programs and you can design effective logos, then you can work-at-home as a logo designer.

As a logo designer, you can create logos, business cards, packages, presentations, and different illustrations as well.

How Much Do Graphic Designers Earn

The average income of a graphic designer is $22.07, but that may differ depending on your experience, skill level, and the clients you acquire.

Some of the most successful graphic designers make well over $82,000 a year.

Where to Work as a Graphic Designer

Popular websites, such as 99designs, Upwork, and Fiverr are all places where freelance graphic designers offer their services and pick up clients.

While you do need a keen eye for design and the ability to make creations that your clients will be attracted to, you can learn how to be a graphic designer through online courses found on Udemy.

Legitimate Work from Home Jobs Online

21. Website Tester

If you are looking to earn some additional income without knowing the technical aspects of web design, then you could work at home as a website tester.

A website tester’s job is to visit a website and see whether or not it works properly. You will have to create a report and review the website after your test.

How Much Do Website Testers Earn

Being a website tester may not earn you a lot, but it could serve as a way to make some additional income each month. Tests typically take anywhere between a few minutes to around half an hour to complete. The pay for a test, on average, is about $10.

Where to Find Website Tester Jobs

There are quite a few websites that offer jobs for website testers and connects them with website owners. Web pages like UserTesting, Userlytics, and WhatUsersDo are all platforms for website testers to find work.

If you are interested in being a website tester, you don’t need any special training and you will be informed on what you need to do to create an accurate report and how you should test the website.

22. Copywriter

Similar to a being a freelance writer, a copywriter is a lucrative way to make money online. A copywriter’s job is a bit different from a freelance writer. While a freelance writer may do any type of work, a copywriter’s task is more focused on marketing.

Luckily, you don’t need any technical training to be a copywriter and as long as you have a strong understanding of marketing writing, you can earn an income as one.

How Much Do Copywriters Earn

Being a copywriter is a specialized skill that focuses on increasing the success of a business. Because copywriting has the potential to make a business more successful, companies are willing to pay well for a skilled writer.

A freelance copywriter may earn anywhere from $25 to $35 an hour. With the right clients and success though, a copywriter may earn much more than that.

Where to Find Copywriting Work

Similar to freelance writing, you can find copywriting work on job boards, such as Indeed and Problogger.

There are different things you can do to get copywriting clients, which range from cold pitching to various businesses to getting referrals and word of mouth.

Final Thoughts: Can You Make a Living Working from Home?

Simply put, you can make a living working from home. In fact, there are many people all over the world who have found a successful career all from the comfort of their own home.

It’s true that there are several work-from-home jobs that are scams. Unfortunately, because of these scams, many people find it hard to believe that someone can successfully make a living working from home.

However, there are countless job openings for people who really want to make money at home. This list doesn’t include every method, but the 21 ways above does give you an idea of some of the opportunities that are available.

While it may take some time and a bit of hard work, for many people it is worth the investment to start a career working from home and start looking for part time jobs online.

Thanks for reading and I wish you luck on your journey in finding the perfect work-from-home job that suits you.


Many people dream about being able to work from home. Working from home has many advantages including being able to set your own schedule, deciding how much you are able to work in any given day and of course everyone’s favorite, not having a dress code.

However, there are many avenues and strategies that can be used to enable you to work from home. Learning about the various possibilities that you can choose from can help you get started with working from home sooner rather than later.

Finding Work At Home Jobs

Often, many people struggle with being able to find flexible work at home jobs. However, by doing a bit of research, it is possible to find many jobs that allow you to work from home. Below are some of the most common question regarding how to find work at home jobs.

How to find legitimate work from home jobs?

An effective method of finding work at home jobs is to search the telecommuting listings on Craigslist. You can find many different jobs this way that allow you to work from home.

How to find real work at home jobs?

You can find real work at home jobs by researching the various opportunities that allow you to work from your computer such as virtual assistant work which you can do remotely.

How to find a job to work at home online?

There are listings on Indeed and Craigslist as well as other job boards that are looking for people to work from their home office. You can search for these jobs on popular job boards to see what is available.

How to find work from home jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to search the job boards for any type of job including work from home positions such as blogging. Type the search word in the search field and browse the results to find the right opportunity.

The Legitimacy of Work at Home Jobs

Individuals who want to get started with work at home jobs often question the validity of these opportunities. This skepticism is actually a good thing since there are many cases of scams and fraudulent job listings that try to deceive people in an attempt at making money. However, there are many legitimate work at home jobs available that can allow you to make an income from home.

Do work from home jobs really pay?

Yes. Work from home jobs pay and the amount varies depending on what type of job you are doing and the frequency with which you are hired for contract work.

How genuine is work from home jobs?

Working from home is genuinely possible and in fact, there are many opportunities in which you can earn a healthy living from home such as being a course creator, blogger, or proofreader.

What is a bogus work at home job?

Some work at home jobs are in fact scams. Be wary of a job that asks you to receive a check and cash it in order to buy office supplies. This is a very well-known scam.

Do work from home jobs exist?

Yes, work from home jobs actually exist and there are many different options to work from home depending on which area you choose to focus in. You can even become a transcriptionist or medical writer.

What work from home jobs are a scam?

You can identify a work from home job that is a scam if the benefits and perks appear too good to be true. If the company is offering extensive compensation for minimal work, more investigation is needed.

What Types of Work at Home Jobs Are There?

If you are new to the world of working from home, you may be curious to learn about the various opportunities that exist. There are quite a few opportunities which allow people to work from home without the need to report into an office every day. The answers below can provide insight into the many opportunities that exist.

What are the best work from home jobs?

Some of the best work from home jobs are freelance work where you set your own schedule and you can hire and fire your own clients. Examples include freelance web design and freelance writer.

What jobs can you work from home?

There are many different jobs you can work from home. You can either work for yourself or work for a company such as being a live customer service agent from the comfort of your home.

Are there legitimate work from home jobs?

Yes, many companies are realizing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home. They would like to increase productivity while lowering overhead by having virtual employees working from home.

What type of job can I do working from home?

Medical transcriptionist jobs are one of the popular types of jobs that can be done from home. However, there are other options such as blogging, tech support, travel agent services, and more.

What are some easy work from home jobs?

Selling ebooks from home is one of the easiest types of work from home jobs. After the ebook is written, you only need to focus on marketing and generating sales.

How to Work from Home

It can be confusing trying to figure out how to actually begin working from home. By learning more about the process involved with working from home, you can learn what to expect from this exciting and rewarding venture. Some work at home positions can be obtained through an established company while others involve starting your very own freelance business.

How to get a job working from home?

You can get a job working from by applying for the position on the company’s website. Many companies list work at home jobs on their websites or on public job boards.

How to work in an online job from home?

You can start your own business as a freelancer. Think of a skill that you are good at and then you can offer that on a website like Fiverr or via your own website.

How to search for work at home jobs?

You can search for work at home jobs on some of the main job listing websites such as Craigslist or Indeed. Make sure to put the word ‘telecommute’ in the search field.

How can I quit my job and work from home?

You can quit your job and work from home by making sure that you have at least 3 to 6 months income in the bank. Then ensure that you are continually bringing in new clients with consistent marketing.

How to find part time work from home jobs?

You can work part time from home as a customer support representative for many different companies. Search for these positions on online job boards that are reputable and well known.

How to work in online job from home without investment?

Many companies need technical support technicians and these types of position do not require an upfront investment. Instead, you can simply apply and begin working on your start date.

How to work online from home and earn money?

Copywriting is an in-demand field since many companies need writers to create sales pages, landing pages, press releases, and more. You can set up a website and begin earning money as a writer.

Does working online from home really work?

Yes, there are many different ways that you can begin earning money while working from home online. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a phone in case your clients or employer needs to communicate via phone.

Where can i get free online jobs working from home?

Free online jobs working from home can be obtained when you start your own business and advertise your services online. You can offer translation services if you know more than one language.

How to get paid to work online at home?

Search for online jobs by typing ‘remote’ in the search field when you are looking for positions on job boards like Indeed and


Do you need license to work from home jobs?

No there are many different job boards that do not require a license in order to work. Some of the available jobs that don’t need a license include freelance illustration and freelance graphic design.

Work at Home with Specific Companies

Some of the most well known companies offer opportunities for people to work from home for them. These remote positions are legitimate opportunities with positions that can be completed remotely. Learn more about these work at home jobs and how to apply for them by reading more information listed below.

What work from home jobs does Roche offer?

According to employee feedback on, Roche has work at home opportunities available. However, some remote positions are subject to a manager’s approval. To find the available positions, do a search for Roche on a website like

Does Google ave work from home jobs?

Yes, Google does have work from home opportunities. One of their recent job postings was a listing for Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud — remote work options in Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio.

How to get a work at home job with Google?

In 2009, Google filed a lawsuit against scammers using their name in work from home schemes. However, you can apply on the company website for the legitimate remote positions they offer.

Does Walmart have work from home jobs? reported that Walmart does in fact offer work from home jobs. One popular position was for a telephone customer service representative. This position was available as a remote work job.

Does AT&T have work from home jobs?

Yes, AT&T has work from home jobs available. As of a recent count, they had 140 virtual positions available to apply for. Browsing this job board can provide insight into what positions are available.

How to get a job at Apple working from home?

Log on to and view their remote positions. Find one that matches your interests and abilities and apply. You can be an Apple At Home Advisor by visiting this link:

Does QVC have work from home jobs?

Yes, QVC has work from home jobs available in different states. Some of the recent positions they have listed include work at home order service representatives and remote product development specialists.

Does Verizon have work from home jobs?

Yes, Verizon hires work from home representatives. You can find out more about these available positions when you visit them online at

Does Disney offer work from home jobs?

Yes, Disney offers work from home positions as a guest services representative. A recent listing was posted in Louisville, KY for this remote work position. However, jobs are also available in other states.

Does Netflix have work from home jobs?

Netflix does have work from home job opportunities. To find them, you will need to visit the careers section of the Netflix website at and apply directly through their online link.

Does Amazon have work at home jobs?

Yes, Amazon has work at home jobs available. You will need to visit the company’s website and search for remote job opportunities. One recent listing was for a customer service representative.

Does Facebook have work from home jobs? is a great place to start when looking for work at home jobs with the company. Be sure to apply to a position that fits your skills and abilities so you will be fulfilled.

How to apply for JetBlue work at home jobs?

You can apply for JetBlue work at home jobs on a third-party job site or directly from their own website. JetBlue has remote positions available that require customer service and phone skills.

Does Comcast have work from home jobs?

Yes, Comcast actually has a wide selection of different work at home jobs to choose from. You can find out more on by visiting this link:

Is Flashbanc a work at home job?

The company FlashBanc does in fact offer work at home positions that can be done remotely. According to reviews on, the pay is not always consistent but you can choose your schedule.

Does USAA offer work from home jobs?

USAA does offer remote positions that can be done at home. Some of the positions they have hired for in the past include Compliance advisor senior marketing, IT systems analyst, and other positions.

Does Zappos have work from home jobs?

Visit the Zappos company website to find out more information about their work at home opportunities. Zappos joined the Amazon family in 2010 and offers a variety of flexible positions.

Are Jo & Hickey work from home jobs real?

The company Hickey & Associates has legitimate work from home opportunities. To find out more about these jobs and to begin employment, you will first need to fill out an application.

Does Dish network have work at home jobs?

Dish Network advertises for work at home jobs online. Some of the positions they hire for remotely include work at home customer experience representatives and bilingual customer service reps.

Does Microsoft have work from home jobs?

Microsoft does in fact offer jobs in which employees can work from home. In order to find out more about these jobs and apply, you can visit the Microsoft career website at

Does Vista Print offer work at home jobs?

Vistaprint has a wide array of options available to choose from when it comes to remote work positions. The company has some of these positions listed on their website at

Is Publicis Touchpoint solutions a legit work from home job?

Publicis Touchpoint hires for a variety of different position including remote positions. The duties of some of the work from home positions include taking calls from patients, caregivers, and nurses.

Does Groupon offer remote work from home jobs?

To find work from home jobs at Groupon, visit the company website at and put the word ‘remote’ in the search engine. This will show you the results for remote opportunities.

Specific Vocations for at Home Jobs

Often people have an interest in a specific niche or industry and they would like to focus on that interest through a work at home opportunity. Although the most popular work from home jobs are in the tech industry, there are still options for people to explore in other fields that are of interest to them.

Which airlines have work from home jobs?

American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue are the airlines that typically have work from home positions. However, they usually require residence in a 75-100 mile radius from the airline’s home office.

Are there any legitimate work at home assembly jobs?

There are legitimate work at home jobs such as those offered by Amazon to assemble products for customers. However, there are also scams requiring money upfront to begin assembling crafts.

How to find data entry jobs working from home?

Data entry jobs can be found through online job websites such as or To find them, you will need to enter the keywords ‘data entry work from home’ into the search field of the job website.

Is a fraud analyst a work from home job?

A fraud analyst will identify the risk of negative outcomes and protects the company from threats. This position can be completed remotely and is a legitimate work from home job.

Is there a union for work at home jobs?

A union protects workers from unfair working conditions while also guaranteeing that they are paid a fair wage. There is no established union for work at home jobs since the jobs vary in industry specification.

How to start an online travel agency working from home?

To start a travel agency working from home, it is best to use a host agency which reduces the startup costs to only $500 to $1000. You can use the host agency’s accreditation to get going quickly.

Are there any work at home accounting jobs?

There are many legitimate companies that are looking for accountants to fulfill positions from home. TurboTax hires accountants to assist with the completion of tax returns online for their customers.

What are some good work from home tech support jobs?

PlumChoice hires tech support professionals to work from home. Other positions are available with PerfectRoot,,


,and TeleTech. Some of these jobs can be applied to through

How to find legitimate work from home data entry jobs?

Search online job sites for home data entry jobs and browse the results until you find a position that fits your specific skill set and desired pay amount, then apply for it.

General Work from Home Questions

Working from home is a multi-layered topic with many different aspects to it. It can be overwhelming at first if you don’t know exactly where to start or what is involved with working from home. Below are answers to some general questions about work from home jobs and remote opportunities.

Where can I get free online jobs working from home?

Some free online jobs that you can do include Textbroker, The Content Authority, Allegis Transcription, Online Writing Jobs, Paid Surveys, Instacart, Blue Zebra Appointment Setting, and Cambly which involves ESL tutoring.

Are there high paying work from home jobs?

Yes, there are many different high paying work from home jobs. Some of these positions require that you have a degree from an accredited institution while other lucrative opportunities can come from starting your own business.

What are the best paying work at home jobs?

The best paying work at home jobs include pharmaceutical sales, nurse practitioner, IT manager, forensic computer analyst, Investor, marketing manager, forensic computer analyst, bloggers, and course creators.

Can you use magic jack for work at home jobs?

Many work at home jobs require that you have a secure landline. However, there are other opportunities that allow you to use a VoIP connection such as remote positions with NextWave or OnPoint Advocacy.

Are working from home and flexible jobs increasing?

According to a 2017 report by, the number of telecommuters has more than doubled in the year 2015 alone. This increase has led to more work at home jobs becoming available.

Can green card holders do work from home jobs?

A green card holder is a permanent resident of the United States and is legally allowed to hold a job whether onsite or remote. A permanent resident can also start their own freelancing business from home.