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LendingTree Debt Consolidation Loan [2020 Review]

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

LendingTree Debt Consolidation Loan ReviewsAlthough loans can provide you with many benefits, debt can get out of control quickly if you are not careful, and it's often too late to take action by the time that people notice the problem. If you are having trouble keeping your monthly bills under control, you are probably considering the benefits of LendingTree's debt consolidation loans. When choosing a lender, some consumers fail to read reviews so that they can make an informed decision, and those people often go down the wrong path as a result.

If you want to minimize your stress, take some time to learn what LendingTree can do to help, and you will be glad that you did. With a little effort, you will gain a clear picture of how to proceed, and you will select the option that makes the most sense.

LendingTree Facts

LendingTree Debt Consolidation Loan ReviewsWhen you get a standard loan, you go to the bank to get started, and a loan officer will review the information on your application before making a decision. Unless you apply for loans at several banks, you won't always get the best deal. The good news is that LendingTree makes it easy for you to get an amazing loan for any occasion.

Rather than lending you the money, LendingTree will show your application to several finance companies, and they will compete for your loan. Without much effort, you will see what banks can provide you with the best terms, and you won't need to waste any time.

Customer Service

The solution that you choose for your debt consolidation needs can have a significant impact on your future, so you must always choose a finance company that cares about you and is willing to help you along the way. Some businesses that offer loans online have limited support, and getting help when you need it is not always an easy task. LendingTree, however, has a number that you can call when you have questions and concerns, and you will always know that you are in good hands.

Possible Downsides

No matter how fantastic, all companies have downsides that need to be taken into consideration if you want to reach your desired outcome, and LendingTree is no exception to that rule. The first issue that people notice is that you need to have a credit rating that is above average. Otherwise, you will not be able to borrow money from the LendingTree network, so checking your credit score before you apply is a good idea.

The other downside is that your loan will be transferred to the lender you select, and after you get the loan, LendingTree will no longer be involved in the process. If you opt to enlist the services of LendingTree, ensure that you educate yourself about the lender that you choose, and you won't need to encounter any unpleasant surprises in the future. Even though some downsides are present, those who have a decent credit score will usually have a pleasant experience with LendingTree and the providers that are in the network.

LendingTree Review

A review of LendingTree features shows how it can help you look for best lending options through the use of technology. It also shows how the company works and what is in store for you when you use the services of the LendingTree. It has a very distinct approach consumer lending that has proven to be beneficial for consumers in search of a loan.

  • Best for: Everone who looks for the ample lending options. LendingTree partners with more than 1,500 lenders to give you as many choices as possible when you are looking for a loan.
  • Types of Loans: LendingTree provides wide variety of loans to choose from, for any of your lending needs, including mortgages, car loans, personal loans, business loans, credit cards, and student loans.
  • Loan amount: The amount of each loan differs based on the offers of the partner lenders since LendingTree ties up with third-party lenders. Basically, loan amount ranges from $1,000 to $100,000.
  • Interest rates: Loans from LendingTree have different interest rates depending on the lender, as the loan doesn’t come from LendingTree.

How Does LendingTree Work?

First of all, it is important to mention that LendingTree is not the actual money lender. Rather, LendingTree acts as a connection between numerous lenders and the customers or clients. In other words, we can say that LendingTree is a dealer, going through all the lending markets for you to look for the best solutions for your needs.

Kinds of Loans

Just like most of the lending markets, the services of the LendingTree are wide in scope and range, offering the best lending solutions which best suit the consumers’ needs.


LendingTree mortgage solutions is comprised of the largest and most trusted lenders in the industry. Together with different kinds of mortgages, from the standard to adjustable rate, and anything that goes in between. A remarkably visible and useful calculator is also available on their website for easy calculations and to help you identify how much you can provide for the mortgage.

Moreover, the refinance and mortgage section of the LendingTree posted on their website is really remarkable and is also a stress reliever as it relieves stress related to mortgage shopping. Researching for loan products and lenders has been made a lot easier because the needed information is already available from their well-timed and concise platform.

Finally, LendingTree also gives consumers who are planning to avail of the service, a roster of various lenders to choose from. Just like the other mortgage products, the lender’s rating and reviews can be viewed, same with the current LendingTree interest rates combined in one of the mortgage calculators available, or turn it into online application.

Car Loans

The LendingTree’s car loan offerings are just like the offers of those found in their mortgage section. With various loan types and payment durations from many lenders to choose from, shopping for an auto loan can be very competitive, handy and easy to access.

LendingTree works to simplify researching different car loans by putting all of the information from different lenders in one place. Moreover, they use your information to pre-screen loan offers, which saves you time. After all, no one wants to spend their energy researching loans and then finding out they don’t qualify for those loans. Other services of LendingTree include loans for new cars, second hand cars and loan refinance for your current automobile.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are the most common form of consumer loans, and LendingTree offers a variety of products that would suit their needs. The credit card section on their platform sorts all the different card options according to your credit score This leads to time reduction as well as minimize the effort usually one spends in search of the best credit card that suits your need.

While LendingTree works with the most popular names in the industry, it also gives an access to many regional and niche banks to help those who are having a hard time accessing credit or are finding for more local solution. Whichever might be your choice, they got they same loyalty programs and perks which have become identical with modern credit cards. All these are available through LendingTree. Their platform is also very convenient to use that makes searching for particular perks very easy and handy.

Personal, Business and Student Loans

There are certainly other kinds of loans aside from mortgages, car loans and credit cards which might be the most common forms of loans. As a matter of fact, LendingTree also provides their same wide-ranging services for student, business and personal loans.

These different types of loans are all offered by specialized lenders, which sometimes tend to make take a lot of time in finding solution. With the use of LendingTree, the process is simplified to avoid redundancy, while providing you the best and most effective experience possible. Since the LendingTree does the dirty job for you, all you have to do is browse through their selection of prescreened lenders. As a result, a lot of time is saved and you get to select the best company that would suit your needs making all the process very easy as a whole.

Interest Rates

It is understandable that the interest rates available will be very competitive and upon the dictates of the market because LendingTree acts as a mediator between the lender markets and the consumers. All debt consolidation rates or specials that are available when working directly with the lenders are also available through LendingTree, there will be just variations to choose from.

The most competitive interest rates for any type of loan, including the best debt consolidation loan that you might need, can be found by the consumers throughout their platform. In addition, you can also access the varying real-time interest rates as dictated by the market because LendingTree rates filter through changing and quick interface. Hence, continuous checking on interest rates for the loan products that you wish to have on their website is required.

Customer Service

For a LendingTree customer, a 24-hour access to their very comprehensive platform which provides the answers to their most frequent queries. LendingTree also prospers because of their award-winning customer service, not to mention their excellent roster of loan products.

For more in-depth service, you may simply choose to work directly with its customer service agents. LendingTree’s customer support is available via toll-free call or email six days a week from morning to extended evening hours. Their highly skilled support staff are all well-versed with the company’s policies, and they will answer all your queries regarding different loan options, an existing loan or any related matter.

What Makes LendingTree Stand Out?

Of all the companies who are into this business, LendingTree stands out because its services are well-rounded, competitive and suitable for the consumers’ needs. The company makes use of a great mix of product offerings, research, transparency, excellent customer service and a straightforward platform. There is hardly any other company that excels in all these areas – combined.

LendingTree is known for its trustworthy, practical, as well as beneficial financial products for customers who need personal or debt consolidation loans. Read about how to get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit.

How to Decide if LendingTree is for You?

Average people normally don’t spend enough time considering all their options when it comes to loans. Because they need the money now, and they want to get the process over and done with as soon as possible, they gloss over details and fine print and not end up with the right lending company. LendingTree, for their part, provides individuals, families and businesses access to the right financial products. For people who are just starting out, LendingTree also offers car loans, student loans, as well as credit cards.

Individuals who are looking to settle down can also turn to LendingTree for their first home or another car. The company offers various lending solutions, including niche loans and helps customers gain access to lenders which carry specialized products.

So, it would be a good thing to sit down from a representative of LendingTree and discuss your various concerns and needs. From there, they can make suggestions on what product works for you. You will also need to be forthright with the amount you can afford to pay every month or payment period. Like other lending institutions, LendingTree values a borrower’s ability to make repayments on time and for the full amount agreed upon.

Final Thoughts

When debt is piling up, finding a solution as quickly as possible is vital if you don't want to fall behind on your bills. Read more on how to consolidate debt. The need for an immediate solution often forces people to choose a loan from a bank that does not offer the best terms or interest rates, but anyone can combat that problem by turning to LendingTree.

When lenders compete for your business, getting a reasonable deal becomes a simple and easy process. But people who don't do their research on the potential lenders could run into trouble down the road, and investing a little effort in understanding the terms can go a long way when it comes to safeguarding your budget.

Claire Matthews

Claire Matthews

Financial Advisor, MoneyBeagle

Claire is a noted financial writer and author of hundreds of articles about personal and business finance. Before getting her MBA, she graduated with a BS in Economics. Her coursework focused on the different ways that debt, debt structure, and debt restructuring affect micro and macro-economic issues.

Upon graduation, she took a job at an investment bank that worked with municipal and county governments to help them reorganize and structure their debt so they could continue to provide essential city services.

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