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Liberty Healthshare vs Medishare

If you're looking for a way to save on healthcare costs, you might want to consider a cost sharing service, such as one that's run by a Christian ministry. Liberty HealthShare and MediShare are a couple of the most popular ones available, and they have been reviewed exceptionally well by clients. However, there are some important differences between these programs that you need to be aware of.

A Basic Overview Of Each Program

In general, Liberty HealthShare is the best program to pick if you are looking to reduce your monthly costs. However, MediShare has no limit on lifetime costs, which can make it a better program for anyone who expects to have high lifetime medical expenses. In addition, some clients strongly prefer the benefits that are offered by MediShare over Liberty HealthShare.

What's The Difference Between Cost-Sharing Plans And Health Insurance?

Cost-sharing plans and health insurance are completely different from a legal perspective, which means that the regulations for them are quite different from one another. You'll contribute a certain amount to the plan, which is just like insurance. However, one key difference is that there are typically some additional terms and conditions when it comes to cost-sharing programs when compared with health insurance. This is typically due to religious restrictions.

In addition, cost-sharing programs do not feature the protections of the affordable care act, such as guaranteed coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. The specific policies of cost-sharing programs is quite variable when it comes to pre-existing health problems. Fortunately, the deductibles and monthly payments for cost-sharing programs tend to be significantly lower than health insurance.

Liberty Healthshare vs Medishare

What You Need To Know About MediShare

In order to use MediShare, you'll need to pay a one-time fee of $50. Not only that, but there also are a few forms that you will need to fill out. These forms are a health history and questionnaire, a statement of faith, and a testimony and commitment form. As with Liberty HealthShare, there are a few lifestyle requirements in order to be eligible for the cost-sharing program. You'll have to meet these requirements before you are eligible for the cost-sharing:

  • You need to agree that everyone has the right to their own interpretations of the Bible.
  • Furthermore, the company strongly believes that everyone's personal freedom originates from God rather than being granted by governmental authorities.
  • You affirm that you will help others in need when you are able to do so.
  • Liberty HealthShare believes that you must avoid lifestyle choices that are likely to be harmful to your health.
  • Liberty HealthShare feels strongly that everyone should be allowed to make decisions regarding their own healthcare.

How Much Does It Cost?

In order to get started with MediShare, you'll need to pay a $120 fee during the first month, which all MediShare members will be required to pay. In addition, there will be a two dollar fee initially upon starting your membership.

What Are The Deductibles For MediShare?

The deductibles depend on the size and type of your household, and there are several policy options available. These are the options that you can choose from:

  • $1,000 (available to people who are between 18-29 years old and unmarried)
  • $1,750
  • $3,000
  • $4,250
  • $5,500
  • $8,000
  • $10,500

How Do You Know What Type Of Plan To Pick?

Determining what type of plan you should pick depends on your unique needs. The mostimportant thing to be aware of is how much you're likely to spend on healthcare during a typical year. Also, it's important to factor in what you can expect to pay in the future.

In addition, you need to consider your age. Seniors are generally advised to use a cost-sharing program that doesn't feature a lifetime cap. Also, it's essential to consider your insurance status. If you do not have insurance or have low-quality coverage, you'll want a cost share program with a lower deductible.

Does MediShare Offer Incentives For Living A Healthy Lifestyle?

Healthy living incentives can be a powerful motivator to ensure that your lifestyle is as healthy as possible. In fact, MediShare offers a 20% reduction in your required monthly contribution if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to qualify for it, your BMI will need to be between 17.5 and 25, you'll need to have a blood pressure of less than 121/81, and your abdominal circumference needs to be below 38″ for males and 35″ for females.

Liberty Healthshare vs Medishare

Does MediShare Offer A Health Partner Program?

MediShare does offer a health partner program, which can be a great way to help you maintain healthy habits! This is available to individuals who are struggling with a serious illness, and MediShare may require that you become enrolled in the health partner program if you are struggling with a serious health issue. If necessary, you will need to pay slightly more if you're enrolled in the health partner program.

Does MediShare Offer A Medicare Supplemental Cost-Sharing Program?

MediShare does offer a cost-sharing program that's designed for people who are already insured by Medicare. This supplemental cost-sharing program is much more affordable than their plan that's designed to cover uninsured patients. The plan is called Senior Assist, and the cost varies based on age. Senior Assist is available regardless of pre-existing conditions, and you won't be charged more if you have a pre-existing health issue. Here are their prices:

  • $70 per month for seniors who are between 65 and 70
  • $85 per month for seniors who are between 71 and 75
  • $95 per month for seniors who are 76 and older

What You Need To Know About Liberty HealthShare

In order to use MediShare, there are some requirements that you will need to meet. You can't use the plans if you use tobacco. Also, if you abuse prescription drugs, alcohol, or illicit substances, you cannot be part of Liberty HealthShare. In addition, it's a Christian cost-sharing program, which means that you need to live in a manner that's consistent with biblical values.

Furthermore, you need to be involved in regular worship and/or pray regularly, which is important to make sure of before you consider applying for this cost-sharing program. The program requires that you agree to several required beliefs, which consist of these:

  • You need to affirm that you believe God exists in the form of three distinct individuals, which are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • You also affirm that you believe the Bible has been given to man without any form of error.
  • You'll also need to affirm that you believe in Jesus Christ and that he was born from the Virgin Mary.
  • You must believe that after Jesus died on the cross, he resurrected and returned to heaven.
  • You must also believe that the Holy Spirit makes it possible for non-believers to be reborn and assists believers of God in living an ethical and moral life.
  • You'll also need to affirm that you believe that mankind was created by God, but you'll also acknowledge that the sin of mankind alienated him from God. You'll need to believe that the only way for mankind to change this is through faith, which the death and resurrection of Christ allowed us all to do.

What Are The Deductibles For Liberty HealthShare?

There are three different options that you can choose from for Liberty HealthShare plans. These are the three choices of plans in terms of the deductible amount:

  • $1,000
  • $1,750
  • $2,250

Liberty Healthshare vs Medishare

What Deductible Option Should You Pick?

There are many factors that go into determining what type of deductible plan is right for you. These deductible options allow you to ensure that you're able to pick a plan that's right for your needs. It's important to make sure you read reviews of the specific type of plan that you're considering, which will allow you to make sure that you can choose the best plan for you.

Does Liberty HealthShare Offer A Health Partner Program?

There is a health partner program for Liberty HealthShare, which is considered to be quite effective for promoting a healthy lifestyle. If you have a pre-existing condition, you'll be enrolled in a program called Health Trac.

Health Trac will assign you a personal health coach, and this program is particularly beneficial for people who are struggling with tobacco use, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other common health issues. However, there is an $80 fee to be enrolled in this program, which you will no longer have to pay after you meet your goals.

Which Program Is Best For You?

The answer to this question varies significantly from one individual to another. Not only does it vary due to personal preferences, but it also depends on your own unique needs as a patient. Many individuals who have long-term medical problems strongly prefer MediShare due to the lack of lifetime limits on cost-sharing benefits, which also makes it the preferred health cost-sharing program for senior citizens. Here are a few of the most important factors that you should consider when choosing between MediShare and Liberty HealthShare:

  • Overall, Liberty HealthShare is ideal for seniors that are not currently able to get Medicare, but MediShare is the better option if you are a senior who qualifies for it.
  • MediShare is best for individuals who are struggling with financial issues. That's because they offer a reduction in cost for financial hardship, which will keep you on the plan if you are unable to pay monthly dues for 3 months out of a 12 month period.
  • Overall, Liberty HealthShare is a better plan for people who are mothers or adopting. That's because there's no limits on maternity-related coverage.
  • Liberty HealthShare does not include any sort of co-pays, but MediShare has a 35 dollar doctor visit co-pay and a co-pay of 200 dollars for visiting the emergency room.
  • Liberty HealthShare does not have a penalty for those who leave the PPO network, which makes it a better choice for people who travel a lot!
  • MediShare covers prescription drugs for four months, but Liberty HealthShare only covers them for four days.
  • Unfortunately, MediShare doesn't cover routine appointments, which can make your healthcare expenses somewhat higher.
  • Liberty HealthShare is best for people who visit a chiropractor. That's because there's no requirement for covered healthcare providers to be a physician, and Liberty HealthShare also covers occupational and physical therapy.


General Medishare Questions

This section covers general questions about Medishare.

What is Medishare health insurance?

Medishare isn’t health insurance. It’s a non-profit program that seeks to allow like minded individuals to help pay each other’s medical bills.

How many members does Medishare have?

The latest information available is from 2017 when Medi-share had more than 300,000 members.

How does Medishare insurance work?

Medishare isn’t insurance. You will pay your doctor’s bill upfront and then you get reimbursed through the Medishare network.

What is the status of Medishare?

Medishare is still around and accepting new applications.

How is Medishare different than insurance?

Medishare is different from insurance because you don’t have any guaranteed coverage. Instead, you can get up to 50% of your costs reimbursed through the Medishare Network.

What is the specified health criteria for healthy incentive for Medishare?

The health criteria discount lets you save up to 20% on your share for living a healthy lifestyle. Medishare can provide more information on the requirements.

Medishare Costs and Fees

We’ll answer the most common questions about Medishare Costs and Fees in this section.

How much does Medishare cost?

The share amount you pay depends on how many people will be participating. There are lots of calculators online to see what your share will cost.

What is the average cost of a Medishare health plan?

There’s no published information on how much the average cost of a Medishare plan is. The cost changes based on the number of participants and your health needs.

How Medishare monthly payment works?

Medishare’s monthly payment goes towards helping yourself and others pay their healthcare bills.

What is the Health Partnership Fee in Medishare?

The health partnership program is a way for members to reduce their costs by living a healthy lifestyle.

Medishare blood work: what are the ranges?

According to Medishare guidelines, well patient care like routine lab tests aren’t eligible for sharing.

How much does Medishare go up?

The amount that Medishare goes up depends on what happens to the members. There’s no set increase.

Medishare Coverage and Providers

This section covers the most popular questions about Medishare’s Coverage and Providers

What does Medishare not cover?

Medishare doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, well-patient exams, and a host of other conditions like Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, and more.

Why is Medishare not available in Montana?

Medishare isn’t available in Montana because of state laws that regulate health insurance providers and health care service networks.

What services are not covered during pregnancy with Medishare?

None if you weren’t part of Medishare before you were pregnant. You also must have an AHP of $3,000 or higher and have shared from the month of conception through the month of delivery to get up to $125,000 in coverage.

What states were Medishare plans suspended?

There is no complete list of the states where Medishare plans were suspended.

How to find a doctor who accepts Medishare?

You can use Medishare’s website to see what doctors in your area accept the program.

How to find OB-GYNs who accept Medishare near me?

You can use the find a doctor tool on Medishare’s website to see what OB-GYNs accept Medishare near you.

What kind of bills will Medishare pay?

Medishare will reimburse you for bills that meet their qualifications. These can change based on member’s willingness to pay for bills.

How to find Medishare?

You can find Medishare by going online to their website and seeing if you live in a state where they operate.

How do I submit bills to Medishare?

You can submit bills to Medishare through your account online. You must be able to log in as the head of the household for this to work.

Why doesn't Medishare cover mental health care?

Medishare doesn’t cover mental health care because it isn’t required to. Medishare is not insurance and so can pick and choose what it covers.

Is there a limit to what Medishare covers?

Yes, there are definite limits on Medishare coverage. You can’t get coverage for pre-existing conditions, mental health care, or any other service the members do not ant to pay for.

What about preexisting conditions with Medishare?

You can’t get coverage for preexisting conditions with Medishare. There is a long list of conditions that are considered to be preexisting.

If you are a senior with Medishare, how much do you have to pay before bills paid 100%?

The amount you need to pay before your bills are 100% paid by Medishare depends on how much you’ve shared and your family’s household income.

What is the Medishare lifetime limit?

The Medishare lifetime limit is the maximum amount of financial reimbursement and coverage you can get through the program.

When does Medishare deductible resets?

Your Medishare fees and deductibles reset on your anniversary month every year.

Why doesn't Medishare cover psychiatric counseling?

Medishare doesn’t cover psychiatric counseling because they aren’t required to, as they are not an insurance company. Members have not voted to cover this kind of health care.

Medishare Account Questions

We’ll answer your questions about Medishare Accounts in this section.

Who controls a Medishare account?

The person labeled as the head of the household controls the Medishare account.

What is my Medishare exemption certificate number?

Your Medishare exemption certificate number no longer applies as the individual health care mandate was overturned by congress.

Where do I find the Medishare exemption certificate number?

You no longer need an exception number as the individual mandate for health insurance was removed by congress.

How to login to Medishare as head of household?

You can log in to Medishare as head of the household with the head of the household’s account information.

How to pay your share account in Medishare?

You can pay your share account in Medishare by logging in to your account online and looking for the My Share Account option.

How do I quit Medishare?

Your membership will be canceled if you don’t deposit your monthly share for two consecutive months.

Other Medishare Questions

This section contains Medishare questions that don’t fit into our other categories. Check here if you can’t find your answer elsewhere.

Medishare vs Samaritan ministries: which one is better?

That depends on your situation. You should check the list of covered conditions and see how many providers accept each program where you live to decide.

Which is better CHM or Medishare?

The best way to determine which program is better is to see how many doctors accept each program in your area.

How to change waist measurement for Medishare?

You’ll need to contact Medishare support to get answers for this question.

How to describe Medishare in TurboTax?

That depends on several factors. You’ll need to talk to a certified tax preparer to see how to describe Medishare on your taxes.

How does Medishare work with AHP?

Your AHP is like a deductible. You are responsible for the full cost of your AHP before you get any benefits.

How does Medishare check if you really smoke?

Medishare doesn’t disclose if or how they verify smoker status in their materials.

General Liberty Healthshare Questions

This section covers general questions people have about Liberty Healthshare.

How many members does Liberty Healthshare have?

Liberty Healthshare says that it has 239.000 members as of June 2019.

How does Liberty Healthshare work?

Liberty Healthshare works by allowing members to share healthcare costs with each other. Each family or member pays a share every month, along with an amount of money equivalent to a deductible before they get benefits.

Who has more members: Samaritan Ministries or Liberty Healthshare?

Samaritan and Liberty have approximately the same number of members.

What to do after approval for Liberty Healthshare?

After you get approved for Liberty Healthshare you’ll create your account and start paying your share.

How long to process application in Liberty Healthshare?

Liberty Healthshare doesn’t publish any information on how long it takes to process an application.

What is an example of how Liberty Healthshare works?

If you go to the doctor for a broken arm and have paid your deductible and your share, then your costs will be covered by the sharing network.

What kind of insurance is Liberty Healthshare?

Liberty Healthshare isn’t insurance. Your coverage isn’t guaranteed, and they don’t meet the requirements placed on insurance companies for coverage.

Liberty Healthshare Costs and Fees

We’ll answer the most popular questions about Liberty Healthshare costs and fees in this section.

Is Liberty Healthshare cheaper when you sign up as a company?

It’s possible. However, it depends on several factors. You’ll need to contact Liberty Healthshare for more information on your specific costs.

How do I prove I have met my annual household expense has been met Liberty Healthshare?

Submission of receipts and working with doctors that are part of Liberty Healthshare’s network will provide the documentation that you need.

What is the tax form I need to fill out?

You no longer need to fill out a tax form, as the individual mandate for health insurance is no longer in effect.

How does Liberty Healthshare figure what to pay to hospitals doctors etc. once ASA is paid?

Liberty Healthshare doesn’t disclose its discounts or payment procedures for doctors.

What is the cost to insure a single person on Liberty Healthshare?

The cost to cover a single person depends on multiple factors. You’ll need to contact Liberty for more information on your case.

If you are on medication, how much extra does Liberty Healthshare charge?

The extra amount that Liberty charges if you’re on medication depends on what the medication is, how much it costs, and other factors.

Liberty Healthshare Coverage and Providers

This section covers the most common questions about Liberty Healthshare Coverage and Providers.

How does prescription coverage work on Liberty Healthshare?

HealthShareRX is Liberty Healthshare’s prescription drugs program. It allows members to share the cost of covered prescription drugs.

How to claim Liberty Healthshare?

You can submit medical bills online for sharing through your member portal.

What does my Liberty Healthshare cover?

Liberty Healthshare covers any condition that members have voted to cover. You’ll need to contact them to get a complete list of covered conditions.

What Drs accept Liberty Healthshare?

You can find a list of doctors that accept Liberty Healthshare through the search tool on their site.

What does Liberty Healthshare consider abuse of alcohol?

Liberty Healthshare doesn’t define what they consider to be abuse of alcohol.

What is Liberty Healthshare’s definition of obesity?

Liberty Healthshare doesn’t publicly define what they consider to be obese.

How long till coverage with Liberty Healthshare?

Your coverage with Liberty starts as soon as you’ve met your deductible for all qualified doctor bills.

What if bills are not approved?

If bills are not approved, you will be responsible for the full cost.

What is a preexisting condition for Liberty Healthshare?

Liberty Healthshare has a list of conditions they consider pre-existing. Coverage for these conditions is possible but not guaranteed.

How many states does Liberty Healthshare work in?

Liberty Healthshare doesn’t disclose what states they do and don’t work in within any of their publicly available information.

Liberty Healthshare Account Questions

We’ll answer questions about your Liberty Healthshare Account in this section.

How do you terminate your Liberty Healthshare plan?

You can terminate your Liberty Healthshare plan by not paying your share for two months or by calling to cancel your membership.

How to submit bills to Liberty Healthshare?

You can submit bills online through your Liberty Healthshare account.

How do I get out of Liberty Healthshare?

You can get out of Liberty Healthshare by not paying your share or by calling to cancel your membership.

How to keep track of reimbursements?

Reimbursements are tracked through your online account.

How do I get reimbursed from Liberty Healthshare?

You can get reimbursed from Liberty Healthshare by submitting a qualified medical bill through your online portal.

How do I submit hospital charges to Liberty Healthshare?

You can submit hospital charges to Liberty Healthshare by going online and uploading the information via your account login.

What income qualifies for Liberty Healthshare?

Liberty Healthshare accepts different levels of income, depending on other factors. You’ll need to talk to them for more information.

How do I pay with credit card Liberty Healthshare?

Liberty Healthshare will accept credit card payments on your share through your online login and account.

My Liberty Healthshare sharebox isn’t working, what can I do?

You should contact Liberty Healthshare by phone at 855-585-4237 for support issues with your sharebox.

Other Liberty Healthshare Questions

This section answers questions that don’t fit into our other categories. Check here if you can’t find your question elsewhere.

How to list Liberty Healthshare under ACA?

You no longer need to list anything under the ACA as the individual mandate for health insurance was repealed by congress.

How does Liberty Healthshare compare to Samaritans?

Liberty and Samaritans share a similar structure and operating principal. You share the costs of other member’s health care.

What does AUA mean for Liberty Healthshare?

AUA is Liberty’s version of a deductible. You must pay off your AUA before you get benefits.

What if you move?

If you move to a state that Liberty doesn’t operate in then you will no longer be able to be a member of the healthshare program.

What is the tax form needed to show proof of coverage for Liberty Healthshare?

You don’t need any tax forms to show proof of coverage anymore. The individual mandate was repealed by congress.

Which is better Liberty Healthshare or Medishare?

That depends on your situation. You should see what doctors in your area accept each program to decide which is best for you.