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library frugal

The following is a post from my wife, Katie.

You would think that as an elementary school teacher with an English minor and a house and classroom full of books that I would frequent the public library as often as possible.

Well, up until a week or so ago, I had never been the proud owner of a library card. However, I can now proudly boast to anyone who will listen that I have a library card and I LOVE it!

Here’s why:

1. It is frugal living to the max.
2. It is environmentally friendly.
3. Book, books and more books.


Frugal Living to the Max

First, my husband and I work diligently to live on less than we earn. We have spent so much time and energy on paying off debts and living frugally. We have worked together to compile a list of ways that we save money, including budget saving meal plans.

The public library is unequivocally frugal living to the max. The membership is free, it lasts for two years and is our family’s new favorite thing.

After our first visit, our seven year old daughter was simply in awe of it all. We left that first day with five books and three DVD movies. She wanted to know how much it had just cost us, as she is concerned with these things. I happily informed her that the cost was nothing, including our prized library card.

She was giddy with this information and was planning her next visit as we walked to the parking lot.

The library also offers up entertaining activities and programs for children that get us out of the house and cost us nothing. They also have options for adults too. Their website and online services allow for usage from the comfort of home as well.

It's Environmentally Friendly

Green is the new black, and I find it very important to teach my children to be environmentally conscious, as well as frugal. Use of the public library is an excellent way to teach both of these lessons. We don’t have to buy books to enjoy them, using up precious natural resources and our precious cash flow.

We can now borrow books at no cost to our family and return them for others to reuse.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Books, Books, and More Books

Here’s the great thing – our family LOVES books. In fact, our house is overflowing with them.

Now we can check out some wonderful books and return them when we are finished. Less clutter leaves to more simple living! The library also provides a vast array of DVD’s, video games and music CD’s as well. The opportunities for free entertainment for our family, right down to our two year old, are endless!

Who needs an expensive e-reader and the costs associated with the constant downloading of books, when you can just use your local library to meet all your reading needs? Not this family.

We are looking forward to years of visits and hours of free entertainment!