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My wife and I are both pretty stubborn people.  If she says she's right about something, I'll often argue with her about it.  A couple of examples recently have shown that maybe it's time to keep my mouth shut:

  • North Face – It seemed that for Christmas, my wife would inevitably buy me a new coat.  One year she got me a new leather coat, another year she got me a new dress coat, then a new fall coat, and one year a new winter coat.  This was 2007 or 2008.  She said I should get a North Face coat, but I resisted, scoffing at the idea that any coat should be as expensive as they were.  I promised her “These coats are way too expensive.  In a couple of years from now they'll be like Members Only coats and nobody will be wearing them”.  A couple of years later passed, the cheaper coats I asked for (and got) having worn out (and never really keeping me cold), I had a new coat on my Christmas list.  This time I went for the North Face.  Which I should have just done back in 2008!  I love it. (UPDATE: I have had even better experiences with North Face in the months since!)
  • The pen – A while back I saw a charge on our debit card statement from Staples or some other office supply store for around $15.  I asked what it was for and my wife told me that she got herself a new pen.  I asked “OK, great, but where's the other $14.50 of stuff?”  There wasn't.  I was incredulous that she spent that on a pen and let her know at every opportunity that I didn't approve.  Fast forward a few months later and I was working in the office and started using this pen.  “Wow, this pen is really awesome, where did you get it?”  You know the rest.  A few months later I got, as a gift, my very own $15 pen.  I didn't say a single word about the price and it's now the only pen that I use.

Men, next time your wife thinks she knows what's best, listen.  Giving into my stubborn nature, I have found that mine knows exactly what's best for me.  Which is just one reason I love her so much 🙂