Listen To Your Wife

My wife and I are both pretty stubborn people.  If she says she’s right about something, I’ll often argue with her about it.  A couple of examples recently have shown that maybe it’s time to keep my mouth shut:

  • North Face – It seemed that for Christmas, my wife would inevitably buy me a new coat.  One year she got me a new leather coat, another year she got me a new dress coat, then a new fall coat, and one year a new winter coat.  This was 2007 or 2008.  She said I should get a North Face coat, but I resisted, scoffing at the idea that any coat should be as expensive as they were.  I promised her “These coats are way too expensive.  In a couple of years from now they’ll be like Members Only coats and nobody will be wearing them”.  A couple of years later passed, the cheaper coats I asked for (and got) having worn out (and never really keeping me cold), I had a new coat on my Christmas list.  This time I went for the North Face.  Which I should have just done back in 2008!  I love it. (UPDATE: I have had even better experiences with North Face in the months since!)
  • The pen – A while back I saw a charge on our debit card statement from Staples or some other office supply store for around $15.  I asked what it was for and my wife told me that she got herself a new pen.  I asked “OK, great, but where’s the other $14.50 of stuff?”  There wasn’t.  I was incredulous that she spent that on a pen and let her know at every opportunity that I didn’t approve.  Fast forward a few months later and I was working in the office and started using this pen.  “Wow, this pen is really awesome, where did you get it?”  You know the rest.  A few months later I got, as a gift, my very own $15 pen.  I didn’t say a single word about the price and it’s now the only pen that I use.

Men, next time your wife thinks she knows what’s best, listen.  Giving into my stubborn nature, I have found that mine knows exactly what’s best for me.  Which is just one reason I love her so much 🙂

20 thoughts on “Listen To Your Wife”

  1. I go for quality vs quantity as well. We are a north face family for the adults. They have te most amazing warranty. So what’s this $15 pen. Now I am curious.

    • Very true. I have been out of the office for a few weeks and just got back today and realized how much I missed my pen!

  2. My wife is usually right too. The 2 items you discussed would probably be something I would do vs. my wife. I always buy quality items, but at discount.

    • That’s a good strategy. I wish I could buy quality every time but sometimes the up front cost is prohibitive. Definitely can be a catch-22

  3. Pens are free in the company supply closet!!
    Just kidding, of course. 🙂

    But yeah.. Listen to your wife. She knows her stuff.

    • Good point about the sentimental value. I know if I lost that pen (something I often do with regular pens) I would be upset, probably not just for the cost but for the fact that it was a gift I treasure.

    • Hahaha, well my wife will also tell you that I love to argue with her, so I’ll have to give the same treatment and say ‘No, you’re not!’

    • Very true. My wife knows what’s best when it comes to many things in the house. She leaves the electronics and outside stuff to me.

  4. Haha you must not have read that section of the husband manual. I stopped questioning my wife and I have been happier ever since. I will wear my clothes until they are in shreds…needless to say my wife doesnt like that look on me. Now a days when something gets holes, I try to get in one last wear because I know next time it goes down to the wash….the washing machine will eat it and it will never find its way back to my closet….Needless to say my clothes arent as holey and she thinks i look good…double bonus…and 2 kids later!

    • My wife constantly disapproves of stuff I wear. I pretty much put something on, go out and expect to get told what to put on instead. Kind of a pain but I do admittedly look better when she has her say-so 🙂

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