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Our neighborhood recently launched a new web site for the neighborhood, to inform residents about neighborhood happenings, improvements, news, and anything else worthy.

They have a couple of cool features.  One is an area where you recommend (or warn about) contractors that have performed work that you'd like to spread the word about.  Since so many of these places depend on word of mouth for their business, I like the idea.  It's like a mini (and free) version of Angie's List.

The other area that they have is for classifieds.  You can post things for sale or services offered.  One neighbor on the next street over is fairly handy, and has posted a couple of ads about things he can do.  It got me to thinking and I decided to post an ad of my own.

I've always been somewhat of a techie.  For a number of years, my job was hands on setting up computers, networks, printers, desktops, servers, and the like and I've always been known by my friends as someone they can turn to for advice or help.  While I've gotten more into the project and strategic management in my career, and while my own computers aren't by any means new, I still consider myself fairly adept at being able to handle some of the basics.

So, I put a short ad out there offering basic computer services, things like virus removal, upgrades, wireless network setup, and the like.  We'll see how it goes, but I found it encouraging that the person that manages the website wrote back and said that, in addition to acknowledging the ad, she needed some work done. So, I already have my first ‘customer' lined up!

Even a few hours a month would be nice to have a couple of extra bucks come our way.  My wife asked ‘What would you do with the money?' Honestly, I didn't have an answer, because I wanted to first see if anybody would even be interested, so I didn't want to spend money I wasn't sure would even be earned.

Stay tuned!