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One of the bigger ways that more people have come around to over the past couple of years is purchasing store brand items instead of the national brand items.  In many cases, the store brand items are just as good as the national brand, and it's also been shown that many times, they're the exact same product just in different packaging.

One item that we purchase regularly are yogurt cups.  Both my wife and I eat at least one yogurt cup per day, so we tend to purchase quite a few.  Our local store, Meijer, usually carried three brands that we varied between:

  • Yoplait – Very good in taste and there were often coupons which made it a very good deal.
  • Dannon – Our least favorite taste so we would usually only buy this when the sales were too good to pass up.
  • Meijer (store) brand – Was pretty good price and they also gave you two extra ounces (8 oz total) versus the national brands.  The taste was OK, maybe a tad preferrable to Dannon but nowhere near Yoplait.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, everything changed.

My wife noted that Meijer had shrunk their containers to the same six ounce size as the national brands.  I immediately rolled my eyes thinking that they were effectively raising their prices by shrinking the packaging size.  Still, since they were basically matching the size of the national brand, I couldn't begrudge them too much, and that I wouldn't miss the extra couple of ounces anyways.

I figured that the purchase habits would be about the same, but then my wife got some and we both noticed that….

The taste had gotten better.  A lot better, in fact.

The Meijer brand containers now have yogurt that I think is tastier than even Yoplait.  I've let my wife know that unless Yoplait is on sale and can be purchased cheaper, to just get me the Meijer brand as often as possible.

It's that good to me.

So, even though they did effectively raise the price by lowering their packaging size, they also seemed to have improved their flavor.  Was the trade off worth it?


Anybody that has Meijer stores near them (I think it's mainly Michigan and Illinois) and happens to like yogurt, I would highly recommend that you give their smaller sized but improved tasting yogurt a try!