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How I Make Money Blogging eBook

How I Make Money Blogging

“How did you do it?”

I have been asked that question hundreds of times.


I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS) at the end of February 2010 and grew it into a site that has made more than $75,000 as of the end of June 2014.

I also used 2011 to start several other sites, buy six additional sites to co-own, and I found other ways to make money online. I went from making a salary of $35,500 a year in a cubicle from 2005-2011 to working for myself from home by July 2011!

Since then, I have brought in $3,000 – $23,000 a month from my online endeavors!!!

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You Can Make Money Too!!!

And I am not a super hero. You can make money blogging too. This eBook explains in more than 10,000 words how I built BFS so quickly and how you can grow a site from the ground up too. Here are the main points covered:

  • My Background with Blogging
  • Picking a Name, Host, and Blogging Platform
  • Main Parts of a Blog
  • Building Up Your Blog
  • Making Connections
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Plugins
  • Rankings
  • Types of Ads
  • Ad Rates
  • Handling Offers
  • Tracking your Ads (Free Excel Sheet Example to get you started!)
  • Other Ways to Make Money Blogging
  • Action Plan to Get You Started Right Now

I Will Help

Do you want to make money online?

Have you been overwhelmed with info or just need an organized way to meet your goal?

Does extra money sound great to you?

I will help. This eBook covers everything mentioned above and if you have any additional questions, you can email me anytime at budgetingfunstuff *at* gmail *dot* com.

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Please check out the feedback received for How I Make Money Blogging so far. I will be adding to this section as it comes in, thanks!

Reading “HIMMB” is like a long, fruitful session with an Internet consultant. The difference is that a consultant might give you only part of the picture in order to guarantee a follow-up appointment. The author, Crystal Stemberger,

holds nothing back – and the reader benefits.

Donna Freedman at Get Rich Slowly

This is the guide for starting a profitable blog. If you're new to the blogging world, or just non-technical, Crystal takes you by the hand and shows you how to launch and promote your new blog.

From there–and this is the part that makes the earth shake–she peels open the curtains on her dealings with advertisers. She explains the different ad types and the metrics that advertisers use to evaluate sites.

Then–this will make you want to wander outside for a cigarette after–she tells you what to charge for the ads.

That's huge. That page alone is worth the price of admission. It took me more than a year to develop my ad rates, and she's handing it out with her book. On this topic above all others, Crystal is the expert. She is making a living managing advertiser relations for hundreds of bloggers. There is literally no one with a broader experience in advertiser/blogger negotiations.

I know I sound like I'm gushing, but I wish I would have had this book when I got started. Unfortunately, Crystal had the gall to wait until she was successful before writing a guide about how to copy her. Since this site predates hers by 3 months, I was out of luck.

If you are thinking about blogging, pick this up, just for the how-to guides.

If you are already blogging, get this and learn how to streamline and secure your blog.

If you're already rocking the world, but need some help turning a profit, this is still the way to go.

– Jason at Live Real, Now (and yes, the cigarette comment made me actually laugh out loud…thank you Jason!)

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at Crystal's new eBook, How I Make Money Blogging, and I was beyond excited. I'd heard about Crystal's success due to her notoriety around the personal finance blogosphere, so I was sure I'd find advice from someone who knew exactly how to successfully monetize a blog. I have to say – she did not disappoint. The book was chock-full of valuable information that clearly outlined a blueprint for blogging success – it even came with an action plan I could implement on my own blog! I highly recommend that new and veteran bloggers alike pick up their copy ASAP.

– Nell at Housewife Empire

Crystal started off as an enthusiastic reader that would leave comments on my blog that were longer than my own articles. At first she had no clue what blogging is all about. Now she's quit her job, made more money than she ever imagined, spends more time with her husband, and is living the life that SHE wants. How could you not take advice from someone like this? The price of this eBook is just a small cover charge into the mind of an overachieving entrepreneur that has surpassed her contemporaries that had started years before her. If you want to make money blogging right now, you need to take this chance. What do you have to lose?

– Martin Dasko, long-time blogger at Studenomics

Crystal provides great detail in a friendly way on how to make money blogging, from start to finish. She even provides a checklist to help you get started or progress with your current blog. There are plenty of jargon filled guides out there written by so called gurus, many of which provide no proof of their own success. Crystal gives proof of her success and exactly how she did it including a plan of how you can do it too. This guide is invaluable to anyone looking to make money online.

– Jesse Michelsen at Manteresting

If you are looking for a systematic approach to building a profitable blog, you are in the right place. Crystal explains every aspect of creating a successful, community driven website that is poised to make money.

My favorite section of the book is where Crystal openly talks about one of the less publicized areas of blogging: how to deal with advertisers. She reveals her negotiating secrets and a breakdown of industry rates which will make a big difference in your bottom line when negotiating. Using this knowledge alone will easily cover several times the cost of the book in just your first deal.

– Geoff
Find The Best Car Price: Teaching people to buy cars the smart way
Don’t Do It Yourself: Helping online entrepreneurs grow their business or blog

I've had the pleasure of meeting Crystal and she is the real deal. She has created several blogging businesses from scratch and her success is inspiring. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that she's never too busy to help other bloggers and this book is proof of that.

Julie at The Family CEO

I bought the book and the advertising section is well worth the price.

Brent Pittman at On Target Coaching

I landed my first ad deal thanks to some tips from your book! Just thought you’d like to know!

Lance at Money Life and More

Just bought the book a few hours ago and devoured it already! Congrats on launching an informative, no geek speak book on a topic that seems insurmountable when you're starting out. You are an inspiration and hope one day that my GDI partner Julie and I will be as successful at this as you have been!

Leslie at Gals Dig It

My husband and I recently started our blog.  We had posted a few articles and photographs but really had no direction for what we needed to do next.  However, we bought HIMMB this week end and immediately went to work, using Crystal's step-by-step instructions.  We have already learned so much because, thankfully, her book is user-friendly!  We would wholeheartedly suggest this book as a must-read, especially for newbie bloggers!

Shelli Elledge

Follow Along

Please follow along fellow bloggers as they use this eBook to grow their own sites. I will post links here as their updates come in so you can truly see this eBook in action!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am positive that you will like this eBook. BUT, if I am wrong, I do offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. This is a true, no questions asked guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied, I will refund all of your money. Period.

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Kindle Version

This eBook is also available on the Kindle for $9.99 but doesn't include pictures or the sample worksheet to keep up with your ad sales.  All of the same writing though!


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