Make Sure Your Groupon Doesn’t Expire

Groupon and other deal-of-the-day sites have been the biggest craze on the Internet over the past year.  I have purchased deals from multiple sites including Groupon, Living Social, CBS Deals, and Entertainment.

We purchase on average, one per month.  Tops.

My parents actually purchase more than that.  They are retired and use Groupons both as a way to save money, but also as a way to try new things.  They enjoy eating out, so if they see a restaurant that they’ve heard of but never dined at, they will often take a chance and purchase the deal.  More often than not, they’re happy with their decision, but one of the things they ran into is keeping track of them.

Because they purchase more coupons, they have more to keep track of.  As we all know, it’s all to easy to forget about something.  With most deal-of-the-day sites (that I’ve heard of anyways) an expired coupon doesn’t mean you lose everything, but you essentially only get to redeem what you paid, losing out on the ‘savings’ portion.

To prevent that from happening, my dad spent some time organizing his coupons.  He printed each of them out, regardless if they were planning on using them immediately or not.  He then organized them by expiration date, putting the one that expires first in the front.

The stack of coupons then went into a folder (a clear one, too, which helps prevent the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problem).  He checks it regularly, plus if they’re ever in the mood to go out to eat and don’t know where to go, they can look at the coupons that expire first, which can often make the decision simple.

It took my dad probably less than an hour to set this up, and now all he has to do is check the coupons regularly, and remember to print out any new ones he buys.  Doing these quick and easy steps will help ensure that he maximizes his deal-of-the-day purchases.

What systems do you use to make sure that you don’t forget to get your ‘free’ money?

7 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Groupon Doesn’t Expire”

  1. This is great, because I just kicked myself for letting a Vista Print Groupon go to waste just last week. It was only $5 so it was not a huge heartache, but I was still very annoyed. I like the reminder system!

  2. YES! I've had more than one Groupon expire. That showed me I obviously should not buy a Groupon just because "it's a great deal."

  3. Great point beagle. I'm in a small area so we dont even have groupon, but I frequently let regular coupons expire.

  4. I am terrible about this, so my way of handling it is not to buy a Groupon (or Living Social, etc) deal unless I already know when I'm going to use it.
    I've bought deals for going on a riverboat tour that I knew we'd use when my mother came to visit. I buy the deals for the Ren Faire because I know we're going to the Faire.
    I'm often tempted by massage deals or restaurant deals, but if I don't know when I'll use it, I don't buy it.

  5. In our rural area, Groupon is not for us. But coupons, yes. It is easy to let them expire if you don't keep them organized which just takes time and patience. Good post.

  6. Groupons are like the anti-economy booster. If you want the economy to improve, don't buy Groupons. If, on the other hand, you enjoy being in a recession, then by all means Groupon away…

    just my .02

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