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Darwin's Finance posted an article last week about how they recently sold their house.  The article was focused on a few lessons learned and bits of advice for others that might be selling.

I would definitely recommend it as it had some good tips that I think anybody currently selling, about to sell, or consider selling should keep in mind.

One thing that struck me, though, was when he started talking about ‘Quick Fixing' up some of the ‘Eyesores' by doing simple things like re-painting scuffed up spots, adding mulch, and replacing a worn out light fixture that had been driving his wife crazy for a few years.

It got me thinking that a good approach for people who aren't planning on selling their home is to, every so often, pretend like they are.

So, my advice to you today is to take a look around every few months, ask yourself what is one thing that you would do if you were selling your house tomorrow that wouldn't cost a lot of money, and focus on improving it.

Maybe it's repainting a hallway, replacing a dated chandelier, removing a worn out area rug, or fixing those squeaky doors that don't close right.

Give your home a look from the perspective of what would a potential buyer look for or see as problem areas, and concentrate on improving these things.

Utilizing this strategy will:

  • Keep your home looking fresh.  Let's think about this: We focus so much energy on impressing the potential buyers that spend 15 minutes in your house, but what about impressing yourselves? You know, the ones that live there all the time!
  • Be quick.  Don't focus on major repairs but on things that can be done quickly.
  • Be fairly inexpensive since many of the quick fix things can be done on the cheap

It seems that if you keep up on things this way, you can get some fairly good bang for the buck.  Plus, if you do get to that point where you are actually ready to sell, hopefully you'll have less quick fix things to do when that time comes!