Making Our Craigslist Selling List

Have you used Craigslist for buying and selling?  We have used it occasionally, but I think it’s time to consider stepping it up a notch.  As I look around the house, I realize that we have a lot to sell.  It’s time to make our Craigslist selling list.

Early Returns

We have a garage full of kids riding toys that we have no use for.  Tricycles, smaller bikes, and scooters for young tots were great.  But they’re not needed anymore as our kids are way too big.

I’m of the opinion that toys are meant to be played with and to bring kids joy.  These things aren’t happening with toys that sit collecting cobwebs.

There were eleven such items in the garage.  I noted their condition.  I went online to look at what the items would cost new.  In most cases, I settled on a price around half of what it would be new.  And, I listed ten of them.

Within a week and a half, four of the items sold.  We sold a boys bike, a balance bike, a tricycle, and a Cozy Coupe.  Nobody haggled on the price, so I think the method I used was fair.

As for the other six items, I’ve got two ideas.  I may lower the price.  I also may use Facebook Marketplace, which I guess is pretty popular for kids toys and such.

Either way, it’s nice to have even four items gone and some money to take its place.

Expanding Our Reach

In the past, I haven’t used Craigslist to do much selling.  And, when I did it was for about the most complicated items you could sell.  Cars.  I’ve sold several cars over the years.  While the transactions always ended up well, it wasn’t easy.  You had a lot of crackpots or easily spotted scammers.  There were a lot of lowball offers.

I guess I assumed that’s how it was for just about everything.

But these toys went so quickly and the sales were so easy that it gave me hope.

I started looking around and realized that we have a lot of things around the house that are serving no purpose.  These seem like they would make great Craigslist items.

A First Glance At Our Craigslist Selling List

Just off the top off my head, I can think of a whole slew of items we’d like to sell.  Here’s a few:

  • An old couch and chair just sitting in the basement.  It’s nothing fancy but could probably fetch $50.
  • An exercise bike that works but that I just don’t care to use.  I would guess I could get $75 or so.
  • A brake controller that I used to tow our RV in our previous vehicle.  These are at least $100 new so I would think at least $50 could be had.
  • A little plastic slide in the backyard that was great when the kids were two but now looks ridiculous when they try to play with it.

And those are just the items I can think of.

My goal is to walk around the house and look through each room and write down any items I can think of.

To keep my sanity, I would not list every item all at once.  But keeping 5-10 items listed at all times seems manageable, doesn’t it?

I also need to decide on a strategy of what to do if something doesn’t sell.  Do I offer it for free?  Do I take it to Salvation Army? These are things I need to have a plan for.

I think Craigslist or the similar sites can be great for us to clear out some of the clutter that we have.  I’m hoping to get moving on this now that I’ve had some early success.

Readers, do you regularly use Craigslist or a similar site to sell items that you don’t need?  Any tips or tricks for me or other readers?  Please let me know in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “Making Our Craigslist Selling List”

  1. Mr. Adventure Rich and I furnished much of our new home and acquired many odds and ends (lawn mower, weed whip, etc) via Craigslist. I think the biggest tip I have from the buyer side is to have detailed descriptions and pictures. This really helps to entice and encourage potential buyers to take a second look. Also, being responsive helps as well. We would inquire about an item and if it took 4-5 days for a response, oftentimes we had moved on or found something else to fit our need.

  2. Three years ago, when we last moved, I sold a TON of stuff on Craiglist. Since then the few items I wanted to sell I put on Facebook… and they sold within a day! We even sold my wife’s car through Facebook! It’s definitely an option for people to check out. It’s free and easy so no risk.

    • Thanks for the info. My wife has been pushing me to use Facebook more. She says it’s a little more trustworthy since there’s a profile with a name and face behind it, which can translate well for people looking to sell family type stuff.

  3. Do buyers come to your house to purchase/pick up the items? That is the only thing holding me back from selling on CL-I don’t want creepers to know where I live!

  4. Great idea to offload unneeded possessions on Craigslist. Life is too full of stuff. Sometimes we just need to get rid of all the clutter. Thanks for the article.

  5. I purchased a washer and dryer for my son from Craig’s List, when he moved into his house. It worked out well: the sellers were “upgrading” from the same models of Kenmore that I had, imagining they were doing something good by purchasing low-E (we call that “low efficiency” around my house…). The appliances they were selling still had plenty of wear on them and my son got good use from them.

    On the other hand…I’m way too cowardly to deal with CL on my own. Too many friends have had genuinely flakey experiences. Without a grown man at my side, there is no way on G-d’s Green Earth I would either sell or buy from Craig’s List.

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