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We were big fans of the Amazon Mom program when it first came out.  When it first debuted, you got 30% off diapers and free shipping, plus a year of Prime benefits.

It was pure awesome.

I kind of figured that it might be too good to be true, and sure enough, it was.  They cut the discount from 30% to 20%, then they rolled out the kicker: To get that, you had to pay $79 in Amazon Prime membership.  If you didn't subscribe to Prime, you got a measly 5%.

We went back and forth on whether to subscribe or not.  It was really nice getting anything we ordered in two days, and the diaper discounts were nice.

In the end, we decided against the membership.  At first, there was a withdrawal period.  Instead of just having diapers show up at our door, we had to go get them.  Instead of having anything we need in two days, we had to either wait for it (and sometimes scramble to hit the $25 minimum on Free Super Saver shipping) or go get it ourselves.

In the end, though, we've managed just fine.

My wife always seems to find diaper deals at either Target or Meijer, where they'll have an in-store coupon that they will allow you to combine with a manufacturers coupon, plus sometimes they'll do a deal where if you buy a couple of packs, you get a gift card that you can use on your next order.  We might be paying slightly more for diapers than we would have with Amazon, but when you factor the additional $79 that Amazon would have wanted, I think we're at least breaking even.

It also helps that our little boy is potty trained which as cut his diaper consumption down quite a bit (he still gets a diaper during nap and overnight).

And, if buying stuff got a little less convenient, well that's OK too.  It probably saves us money on buying stuff that we might not otherwise buy.

It was a nervous couple of weeks when Amazon first announced that they were effectively curbing the Amazon Mom program for us, but after we settled in, we realized that we are doing just fine.

At some point, Prime might be worth it if we look for the streaming movies and TV shows it gets you, but with summer coming up, camping trips planned, and a 10-month old that looks ready to walk within the next few weeks, well let's just say that we have plenty to keep us entertained!

Any parents out there affected by the Amazon Mom changes earlier this year?  How did you handle it and what changes has it meant for you?