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I was reading She Is The Man Now over at Financially Consumed and thought about the history my husband and I have with our money.  I have made more some years and he has made more some years.  I don't think either of us ever felt bad about making less.  I know my husband is ecstatic that I make more now that I am self-employed since that means that we are taking home more income now than we ever have before.

Our Income History

When we first got married in 2005,  I made more  than Mr. BFS even though I only had a $26,500 annual salary because he didn't land a teaching position right away.  But he did find a position as an 8th grade science teacher in 2006 and my $30,000-$35,000 income was much less than his $42,000-$43,000 from 2006-2009.  Then he stepped into a new school district as a librarian in 2009 and added to the gap by making $47,500.  I was and am so happy for him.  He actually likes his job and I love watching our savings grow.

Our Current Income

Now it looks like I am making more again in 2011.  I have brought in more than $5000 a month in June, July, and August.  Overall, my blogging income from January-August 2011 has been $28,000.  I made about $15,000 in my day job this year as well.   My husband's salary is still around $47,500 plus he is a sports official as a hobby job, which bring in another $2000-$3000 a year.  As long as I make $1500 or more a month from here on out, I will be out-earning Mr. BFS.

Our Take on Income Differences

Does my husband mind?  Nope.  He loves it.  He brags about it to close family and friends.  For example, his grandparents asked us how we were doing and he started going on and on about me blogging full time and using my marketing degree to start an online advertising business.  He then spouted off what I had banked so far this month and he and his grandpa started talking about savings, lol.  In short, our money is our money and we are just happy to have more of it than before.

Does that mean I'm not proud?  No, I am very happy.  I am glad that I am finally earning more than $35,000 a year.  But not because of my husband's income.  I was frustrated with myself simply since I knew I could do better but was being too lazy to really try.  Then I found blogging.  It just fit.

On a big side note, please don't think I am saying we are perfect. For those wondering how to make easy money please know this wasn't that easy.  We have issues just like everyone else.  For example, my husband doesn't care if I make more than him, but he has admitted that if I ever get a doctorate, he would want one too.  So he is competitive when it comes to education, lol, just not cold, hard cash.  😉

My point of this whole post was to say that my husband and I don't see any issues at all with a guy staying home with his kids.  We don't see a problem with a woman staying home with her kids either.  I don't think it's about sex.  I think it's about doing what's best for you and yours.  Do whatever feels right and works.  That just makes life easier.

What do you think?  Is there anything wrong with a wife out-earning a husband or the other way around?