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Managing Your Monthly Nut eBook

Managing Your Monthly Nut

Are you on the right track financially to reach all of your goals?  Have a problem sticking to a budget?  Just want to know how to negotiate your purchases?

“Managing Your Monthly Nut: Budgeting Basics, Pruning Expenses, and Tracking Your Financial Health” covers all of that and then some.


I've successfully grown our own net worth from about $2000 when we graduated in 2005 to about $400,000 as of June 2014.  This eBook covers the basics of how I accomplished that and how you can get your own personal finances on track too!


Available as a PDF and Worksheets through E-Junkie and on the Amazon Kindle for $5!

You Can Do This Too!

Here's sneak peek at the chapter list – all covered in under 10,000 words (quick start guide packed with info…like most of my writing, lol):

  • My Budgeting Background
  • Are You Fiscally Fudged?
  • Quiz Results
  • Diagnose Your Financial Health
  • Spend Less Than You Earn
  • Cutting Expenses
  • Haggling in General
  • Housing
  • Save Money Renting
  • Buying a Home
  • Our Vehicle Negotiations
  • How to Buy a Car – Tips for the Future
  • Cutting Costs on Luxuries like Cable
  • Income Ideas
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Creating Your Budget
  • Sample Budget
  • Emergency Fund
  • Retirement
  • Debt Reduction
  • Diversification
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Action Plan


Managing Your Monthly Nut will be very helpful if you are new to budgeting and managing your finances. The author begins with a fun quiz to help you figure out your financial health ranging from excellent to “fiscally fudged” and moves on to help you diagnose your financial health in 7 categories, going into detail on each. She also shares personal anecdotes which I appreciate, it tells me the author has been there and has the experience to discuss the topic. I especially enjoyed the vehicle negotiation and chuckled when she revealed her first budget. Definitely will recommend!

Starlene Stewart

Crystal wrote a great book that walks you through examining and fixing your finances, without bogging down in painful and ultimately trivial details.  Don't miss the section on negotiating. That's worth the price 10 times over.

– Jason at Live Row, Now

The opening beauty mag-style quiz is incredibly engaging (read: amusing) and got me mentally invested in a subject to which I dread committing brainpower. The author breaks financial subjects down into manageable bits and keeps jargon to a minimum. Every point made is drawn from/backed up by personal anecdotes and an unfettered love of getting the most value out of every situation.

Of all of the good, down-to-earth, for-non-bajillionaire-real-people advice, the Haggling/Negotiating section is the highlight of the book. If you're looking for justification of this purchase, that's it. You'll get a list of good strategies for any negotiation. Buy it! Find out if you're “Fiscally Fudged”!

– Kimberly Klein (Amazon Review)

I love Crystal's book. I am on the right track to managing my monthly nut, but her book gave me me some really great ideas of other ways to cut costs, save, and plan for the future. If you need some help getting starting, this is right place. Crystal outlines where the pitfalls are, and how you can turn your budget around. I like that she encourages us to start small with the saving and work toward some larger. She has really great practical ideas for — so take a read!

– Elizabeth Bernard (Amazon Review)

I loved that it was a short read and to the point. I especially loved the quiz at the beginning. Great book for beginners and a refresher for seasoned budgeters.

– Shondell at Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap

Peppered with personal experience, from Managing Your Monthly Nut you can tell Crystal knows what she's talking about. She's not a fanatic and her advice can easily be incorporated into your daily life. This quick and effective read can help you keep better track of your finances as well as improve your financial situation. Cherry pick the tips you're looking for now like how to haggle or commit the whole thing to memory. Either way you'll be glad you picked it up.

– Jesse Michelsen

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