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We're in month three of tracking my exercise and fitness progress for 2015, and after a full quarter of the year (can you believe it), I am very happy with the progress.  Here is my quarter-way-through check in on my 2015 exercise journal.

My Goals

I wanted to concentrate strictly on running for the first few months of the year so that I could concentrate on getting into the routine of it, improving my results, and seeing changes in my body fat and weight numbers.

I set goals to run between 55-60 miles over the course of the month, break the 10:00 per mile pace in over two-thirds of my workouts, lose two pounds to get to 157, and get to 17% body fat according to my scale.  In addition, I wanted to start working towards integrating other things into my fitness routine.

Here are the overall stats with last month’s stats in (parentheses):

Number of Runs: 16 (14)
Total Miles: 61.77 (56.05)
Overall Time: 10 hours, 54 minutes, and 31 seconds (10:13:58)
Total Calories Burned: 8,104 (7,417)
Pace While Running: 9m49s per mile (10m13s)
Number of Runs Under 10:00 per mile pace: 15 (94%)
Number of Non-Running Workouts: 1

Running Notesmb-2015-01-treadmill

I really concentrated this month on improving my pace, and as a result I more than exceeded my goal of breaking the 10 minute mile, where now it's something I expect to do every time.  I missed it one time (early in the month), and on the opposite end, my best run saw a pace of 9:27.

Weight Loss / Body Fat Check In

I started off the year at 165 pounds and 19% body fat (according to our bathroom scale), and I am now at 156.5 pounds and 17% body fat, coming in line with my monthly goals, and finishing toward meeting the target of around 155 pounds, and somewhere in the 15-16% body fat range.

This month was helped by the fact that I ‘gave up' all ‘treats' for Lent.  I love candy, chocolate, ice cream, and other junk food, and I decided to give it up.  It actually was not as hard as I thought it would be, but I think the fact that I was coupling it with an exercise routine really allowed me to keep focus so that I wouldn't be undoing my results from running.

Non-Running Activities

My wife works out at the same gym. Because of our schedules and with the kids, we really don't get to work out at the same time.  But, we talk to each other about our workouts, and one thing that she's pushed me to do is to start doing more than just running.  I'd always wanted to do this, but really wanted to concentrate on getting my weight to where I wanted.  Now that I'm pretty much there, I'm going to start working on exercise.

My typical week at the gym was basically to go four times, all running.   My plan now is to increase my number of times to five, and do three workouts where I run and two workouts where I do weights.  Because 3-4 of my workouts are done in the morning before work, I'm somewhat constrained by time so that I generally have to focus on one or another.

I did one test routine and it will be the loose template of what I'd like to do.  I generally prefer weight machines.  Our gym has the machines laid out in a fashion where from front to back.  This way you work out your muscles in what I've seen is a fairly standard workout.  It starts with triceps, moves to biceps, shoulders, back, and chest.  Then you hit legs and finish with abs.  I can definitely see myself tweaking things and maybe adding in a couple of curls with free weights, and such, but I look forward to these routines.  I have no desire to ‘get big' or anything like that, I think it's just a great way to add muscle and overall round out my fitness and health.

April Goals 

  1. I plan on dropping my number of runs down to 12, and will set a mileage goal of 44-48 miles.
  2. I'd like to continue to improve my pace, and would like to shave ten seconds off my pace to get to 9:39 per mile.
  3. I want to do 6-8 workouts with weights, abs, and other areas that are not focused on cardio.
  4. I'd like to make sure that I don't fall back into bad habits once Lent ends.  I hope that I can enjoy the occasional treat, but make sure that it's not part of my everyday consumption.
  5. I'd like to maintain my current weight (156.5 lbs) and keep or improve upon my body fat percentage, though I expect any changes to be minor.  At this point, I expect the goals will transition to maintaining healthy numbers versus drastic improvements.  And I'm just fine with that!

Wish me luck!

Readers, how are your fitness goals going so far? Do you think Spring and Summer will help you get in a better routine?